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  1. Yes. The experience and what you see on each are very different. It may be the same route but being able to stop along the way on the road trip offers an entirely different experience. Plus on the road trip you can go much further into the Yukon. You have time to do both if you have a nice long port day.
  2. How about doing both? The train only goes to the Summit right now so just a two hour round trip. If you have a long day in Skagway which is usually the case you still have plenty of time to do the drive into the Yukon. You will get the best of both worlds! We were in Skagway in May and rented from Avis. They open really early. You could pick up your car, park it, do the train trip and then do the road trip after.
  3. I think you can legitimately be critical of a product without being “disloyal”. We truly enjoyed our cruise in the Royal in May but I am so sympathetic to people who have had horrible experiences on the Crown. They have every right to be disappointed in Princess. I don’t blame them for being upset. We had a very bad experience with Princess a few years back and at that moment I swore I would never give them another penny. So we continued to try other lines, but eventually we came back to Princess because in general it has proven to be the best fit for us. It isn’t perfect but we still generally enjoy our cruises. That doesn’t mean blind loyalty, however, and we have also very much enjoyed our cruises on RCI, NCL, HAL and Carnival and will continue to branch out when price or itinerary are optimal.
  4. Our kids have traveled with us on cruises since they were little. They are adults now. We always picked up after them and were considerate. This seems like a bit of an unfair and judgmental comment regarding families on cruises. Most parents we have met on our cruises are very considerate and engaged and no more cause for concern from a room steward then any other passenger. Not sure what you are implying with this observation. Plus, the steward receives additional gratuities for each person in the room, including children, so a room with four people is much more lucrative and likely not that much more work. Perhaps a cabin steward with many children in his or her section would be thrilled as they will be receiving higher compensation.
  5. I personally love turn down service. I don't go on a cruise to feel like I'm at home. Part of what you are choosing in a cruise vacation is a certain level of pampering and coming back to your room in the evening to find your bed nicely turned down and room and bathroom freshened is part of the pleasure of the experience. I don't need it to feel special - I just enjoy that extra level of service which I have come to expect as part of the cruising experience. Also, we often travel with family and use the pull down bunk or fold out couch. Those are things that require a certain level of service - putting them up and pulling them out each morning and evening. On our last cruise on the Royal in May, our Steward let us know the first day that turndown service was optional and asked if we wanted it - we confirmed that we did. It may not be for everyone, and if you don't need or want it, by all means skip it. But there is nothing wrong with those who enjoy it still receiving it if it is offered. And yes, I miss the chocolates too.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone had any recent experience with this, especially given the airline challenges right now. We almost missed our flight to Vancouver onour recent cruise in May - I won't go into the long story. But we were able to make it and all was well. However, we assumed at the time that had we missed, Princess would have allowed us to board a couple of days late in Juneau. We did see some people coming on that day through Sabatinis. But, on the other hand, with current testing requirements before boarding we weren't sure if we would have been allowed to join late at another port, even though we had proof of negative tests. Fortunately, we didn't have to find out, but as I read all the airline horror stories, I was just curious if anyone knew what the policy was or if this has happened to anyone recently.
  7. Does anyone have any personal experience in bringing a drone along on your cruise? We have an upcoming cruise on the Bliss and my daughter’s boyfriend would like to bring his drone to do some filming in the ports. Definitely would not be using it on the ship of course and he would be happy to have them hold it at guest services between ports if that’s required. Any advice is appreciated!
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