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  1. Yes even before these changes it was showing on both of us last year and we did actually get the $100 bar tab each last September.
  2. It’s now stated as per person not cabin, so in theory it’s now two coffee per person, $100 bar tab per person and one bag of laundry each too.
  3. I agree, it’s slow off the ship and doesn’t flow through remembering the people selected well but it’s fine. The only time I had a serious issue it was because accounts got duplicated in the back end so was a system issue not an app issue.
  4. But do those free sailings count towards gaining status?
  5. New terms appear to have taken effect today, so yes if we are reading it right then each sailor will now get each benefit so two coffee per sailor per day and one laundry each over the trip.
  6. The terms now state per sailor. from promo 51 https://www.virginvoyages.com/promotional-terms-and-conditions?item=16255f70-0909-47cc-bd13-57d2f152c1d0 All perks are per eligible Sailing Club sailor. Bar Tab, Wi-Fi, laundry service, and coffee charges may appear on the Sailor’s account, but will be waived before a credit card is charged at the end of the voyage. $100 promotional Bar Tab: a Bar Tab credit applied to the folio of the eligible sailor only Unlimited premium Wifi: provided where available Priority Boarding: early boarding time and dedicated queue in Terminal V and where available globally (cabin mate of Sailing Club sailor will be permitted to join when arriving together) Dedicated Sailing Club Sailor Services Support: pre-voyage dedicated phone option for Sailing Club members. Onboard Sailing Club representative at the Sailor Services desk Cocktail Event: invitation to 1 x Sailing Club cocktail reception per voyage (cabin mate of Sailing Club sailor will be permitted to join) Laundry service: - Blue Extras: includes one bag — express service is not included and laundry service is unavailable on the voyage's final day - Deep Blue Extras: includes two pressed items, one specialty-cleaned item, and one bag — express service is not included and laundry service is unavailable on the voyage's final day Specialty Coffee Credit: - Blue Extras: One specialty coffee from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day. Alcoholic coffee cocktails not included. - Deep Blue Extras: Two speciality coffees from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day. Alcoholic coffee cocktails not included.
  7. Yes I’ve read about 485c, but not had the invite (yet). I agree this can’t be the finished product as it does still seem a lot more generous than other lines, but I think VV are still acknowledging that those of us who have done four or more are slightly in the minority so the DBE will be more restricted than before.
  8. I was still expecting them to resurrect the token/spend based scheme, whereas this is just giving half the benefits to those on their third/fourth sailing and all the benefits to those on the fifth or further. Selfishly I would have liked a further tier for those who have sailed 7+ times or similar.
  9. The only thing that costs money and can be booked ahead of time is excursions. Restaurant reservations can also be done ahead of time but are of course free. The thermal spa needs to be booked in person at the spa reception but I think some treatments can be done on the app. don’t forget that MNVV still have a $300 discount on the cruise and the loot is a free bonus, so as long as you would have booked sea terrace anyway you still gained that $300 discount even if you don’t spend anything onboard of that credit.
  10. Same as all other VV cruises, latest disembarkation slot is 10.30 and you can leave your luggage in the room until then. You will get announcements from about 10.15 stating you need to leave but you do have until 10.30 to make your way to the gangplank and need to be off by 10.45. can use the gym on last morning but not the pools. Standard rooms have shower gel, shampoo and conditioner attached to the shower wall, plus a bar of soap for the sink. Only suites get body lotion, plus in suites the bottles aren’t attached to the wall.
  11. There is no benefit to pre-paying onboard spend, just allow it to be charged to the card on the last day.
  12. For laundry I get Virgin to do it, the line in the shower or the chair on the balcony is used to dry swimwear, or sometimes to air gym kit.
  13. They put a letter in the room on the day (or day before) they are going to jet wash the balconies stating to remove personal belongings. Don’t think there is any policy either way about putting stuff out on other days. We’ve dried swimwear on the balcony chairs, but I don’t like putting it on the rail just in case it falls!
  14. Yes. Bar tab can be used on any drinks, including bottles.
  15. I think the average age they are marketing at now is 35-55. They know those are the people with some money, who don’t want to be round kids and still are young at heart and will party when they don’t have to worry about looking after kids. Look at the Karma Chameleon video from last year, most of the couples shown are 50+ with some 30+.
  16. The fold out ottoman extends onto the drawer that the bed swings onto, so you can’t have the main bed in sofa mode and the ottoman unfolded at the same time. I think that’s what caused the confusion.
  17. Im assuming the issue is they were using the three person room for three people, as the third bed would need to be packed away to be able to swing the other bed to sofa. We were in a room that could sleep three, but there was just two of us and therefore the third bed remained as an ottoman cube thing, we were still able to get the bed converted to a sofa Also not all XL rooms sleep three, only some have the extra bed and some three person have pull-down instead.
  18. No idea where you read that, the bed is identical in the XL as the standard sea terrace and can be converted on request, we did ask and get it done a few times.
  19. Yes you tap the button on the tablet or app and they will do it for you, they won’t do it without asking.
  20. Try resilient lady, the only show that the other ships have is Miss Behave.
  21. We didn’t get “moved” from lock it in GTY, we were assigned the central sea terrace as our lock it in room the second time. You can get any of the sea terrace rooms allocated for the lock it in, especially if they did manage to sell all the limited view at normal price.
  22. We’ve done it twice, on Resilient Lady from Athens we got assigned limited view sea terrace about three days before but we’re still able to bid and we got a central sea terrace on upgrade bids. On Valiant Lady from Barcelona our room was assigned maybe two weeks before and we were allocated central sea terrace to start with.
  23. The ship arrives at 6am but disembarkation doesn’t start until 7-8am. Once you start moving off the ship it only takes about half hour though.
  24. I thought that one is the obvious thing about VV so didn’t see a need to add it to the list!
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