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  1. This is new, but last year they had “taste of the Galley” in early evening (4pm to 7pm or similar) where each counter had small to medium bites. Asian market might be similar I expect.
  2. Per person who has qualified. So if only one person in the room has the benefits it must be applied to them for it to be no charge. Cabin mates who have not qualified for the extras can go to the drinks party but can’t get coffee etc. unless they tap using the others band.
  3. Very few places will offer rare burgers unless they make their own minced beef.
  4. I heard the opposite in a review, someone was angry that he spent ages meeting “regular” people by the pool but never came into the rooftop to see the rockstars!
  5. We are currently on the transatlantic so maybe some people are more chilled as there is so much sea day time. We did order the special burger from a server once and they chased it up for us as it took ~15 minutes but I think that was mainly a wait for fries. One night the dinner special was a baked potato bar and I think there was a long line as everyone wants very specific toppings. I grabbed the sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice instead and it was great.
  6. We are on Scarlet right now and ordering by raising the flag for a server and by going up to counters has worked very well. Generally we ordered with a server at breakfast (to get pancakes) but went to counters at lunch to find the specials. Only Galley issue we had was at 2.30am after Scarlet night when they ran out of hash browns, then served them still frozen and the ordering went to complete chaos.
  7. Yay! Hope you found it a fun show/party. And don’t lick your friends face
  8. They will be on deck 8 due to the lifeboats being further in for the Panama Canal. So most will be limited view.
  9. I’ve had an accidental nap, didn’t mean to fall asleep but the hammock is that comfy.
  10. As it’s a standing show if you are a little late it’s fine, but test kitchen should be possible in 90 minutes.
  11. No kids, plenty of parties. More fringe/festival style entertainment. Great food.
  12. It’s on again Thursday. I highly recommend it. The first few minutes might seem weird, but it’s a fun show that can make me laugh, party and cry then laugh again. It is floor standing only, but grab a drink and join in.
  13. There is also Untitled Danceshowpartything and Duel Reality.
  14. Unfortunately Miss Behave is not on Scarlet Lady only Valiant and Resilient. Scarlet has Ships in the Night.
  15. The popsicles are free and typically fruit flavours. The $29 on the menu is a glass of champagne.
  16. Although for a 6pm show in The Manor this evening we arrived 25 minutes before and doors had already opened with a decent number of seats still available.
  17. As Rockstar there is priority if you arrive before doors open you go straight to the front of the line, so for most Red Room shows that means arriving 35 minutes before as doors open at 30minutes and for The Manor doors generally open 15 minutes before. Arrive before they open and there is a roped off section of queue just for Rockstars.
  18. As it never stops outside of the Schengen area of the EU they have to charge VAT the whole time. That’s one reason the Greek Isle cruises stop in Turkey, then no VAT once in international waters.
  19. They used to serve cold brew but that stopped about two years ago.
  20. Usually there is slight themes to them like Heartbeat, Studio 72 etc. But again the one the other night that was just listed as club night is unusual because it’s the transatlantic.
  21. This is unique to the transatlantic, on most other itineraries the Manor will be open every night (unless in port overnight). Whereas on a 14 night trip they know people won’t have the stamina to stay out every night. Heartbeat is on tonight which is one of my favourite club nights!
  22. Third menu is coming in July this year for food month and will then become permanent. Not clear yet whether a menu will be removed.
  23. Although I do think with the no reservations for shows they are getting every single seat filled, whereas before the Red Room often had a lot of empty seats despite the app saying it was “sold out”.
  24. Sea is definitely more rocky this evening
  25. Bit rocky today but not terrible
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