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  1. Almost no announcements on the tannoy, no cruise director, no photographers, no upsells, no drinks packages. Almost all food included, six different full service restaurants, food court (not a buffet), made to order pizza, hand scooped ice cream, Mediterranean mezze and tapas. Small pool but lots of different spaces to find a seat. Every bar is its own thing with different menus and styles, often with live music. No broadway style musicals, but circus or dance performance shows and intimate cabaret.
  2. If you really really want the bottle of Moet and will use the spa it might be worth it, but the Moet is a huge part of the value.
  3. Most of the major shows are listed on the website https://www.virginvoyages.com/cruise-entertainment if there are other things in the lineup that you want more information on post the title and I can tell you what I remember. but once onboard the lineup in the app will show full descriptions when you tap on things.
  4. that’s very strange, once downloaded again you should just log in with your existing VV account details, the same ones you use on the website. The duplicate account issue I’ve had is when the booking is made they kept making a new account instead of linking the booking to my existing one.
  5. Only to call the room attendant for services line water, ice, towels etc.
  6. Generally for the shows that didn’t have reservations before this change apparently there was a seperate rockstar queue so I expect that’s the same, rockstar basically queue jumps to get into the theatre.
  7. The menu is the same as the It’s A Ship Show one was, the dessert is small. In my opinion the best two courses are the appetisers, the roasted vegetable salad and the burrata and tomato.
  8. You’d find dining hard, the main way to book reservations is on the app (or by phone and we chat before cruise, in-person onboard). This does work better on the ship as the app is on the local ship network so works significantly better. The big issue is you’d have no idea if a show you wanted to see was cancelled or the excursion time had changed or a port time changed. There is almost no notifications on VV, so you can pick up a paper times guide but if things change they announce it via app notification. It’s also the main way to check your folio and see what charges you have. So you could probably go workout using it before boarding. If you want to pre-book dining get your travel agent to do it or use chat on the website. But once one the ship you may miss out on fairly useful notifications without it.
  9. There might be some stuff in the Training Camp workout space next to it, maybe look for a video on YouTube that shows that space? Or find out who the Balancer in the Happenings Cast is on your trip and reach out to them on Instagram to ask. VV Insider has lists of the current Happenings Cast for each ship, or there are also generic Instagram accounts for the cast on each ship.
  10. The wine tasting and chocolate making classes do have a charge usually $25-45. Things like the Asian night market will be free, it’s just additional food in the Galley. Seven Seas Sippers you pay for the cocktails.
  11. I’m the opposite on Razzle Dazzle, there were no great dishes on the old printed menu for me, especially appetisers. Only great thing was the butter chicken. On the new menu there are several dishes I enjoy. But by changing the whole menu I think they were trying to get rid of the reputation of it only being vegan food. For The Wake I doubt they would change too much, things like clam chowder would stick around but they need a few new appetisers and desserts.
  12. At last! They just need new dishes for The Wake, Extra Virgin and Pink Agave
  13. Prices are likely to go up not down for a majority of itineraries.
  14. That promo isn’t going anywhere, you’ll still get a bonus with purchased bar tab. What is ending this month is the completely free bar tab with a booking.
  15. They also need to ensure everyone moves down each row and fills every available seat. In the past there was a lot of single seats being left between groups.
  16. Ice cream and soda is a float, think Coke Float or similar.
  17. The only previous free offering was a bridge tour, did they specifically ask for a bridge tour? If they asked for a ship tour then I would expect them to get pointed towards the full tour that has a charge, but asking for just a bridge tour might be different? Also in terms of taking bottles of spirits, when we were rockstar we didn’t ask, just took them!
  18. There is a channel that shows the view from the wake.
  19. I can’t see people lining up for an hour. But even with a reservation I’ve waited 15-20 for doors to open for things before. Especially It’s a Ship Show.
  20. From the terminal to the airport last September there was a flat rate taxi fee, but I don’t recall how much it was. Can book taxi on the FreeNow app or just get one from the rank.
  21. I noticed that too, I think on busy sailings recently there has been many times people complain they didn’t see any shows as they were all fully booked, therefore they’ve now removed booking for many of the Red Room shows. The dinner shows are low capacity so makes sense they needing booking.
  22. Have you booked the right cabin category? Basically only sea terrace and rockstar get it. “Eligible Cabins, Bar Tab: Only the XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Ltd View Sea Terrace and cabins in the Rockstar Quarters Meta Category are eligible for the Bar Tab in the “Wave 2024” Offer. The Bar Tab does not apply to the following cabins: The Insider, Sea View, all Lock It In Rate cabins, and Mega Rockstar Quarters.”
  23. I wasn’t looking for the pool party myself but found plenty of spaces elsewhere, the Dock bar on deck 7 has a completely different vibe compared to the main pool and the Athletic Club space at the back of deck 16 is slightly quieter than the pool even if it’s a similar genre of music.
  24. whereas the music did feel correct at the pool for me, like you say like a Vegas or Miami pool party.
  25. In most of the bars and common areas you’ll find generic pop music most of the time, same as any other bar or cafe would play really. The Dock bar tends to be a bit more instrumental. The pool area will have dance music or beach club style dance mixes, with a live DJ most afternoon. There will be two or three live music acts onboard. Typically a solo busker style artist will play in the Dock outdoor bar or the central atrium roundabout. Then a full band plays On The Rocks bar each night. The genre varies depending on the band booked but can be blues, rock, country or soul.
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