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  1. With everything I’ve had going on this year, I completely forgot about this.
  2. Just got home from my second Uniworld cruise on Monday. This was in Bordeaux and we spent a lot of time docked in Bordeaux which was unexpected. There were two biking excursions planned with one through the vineyards. Bikes were always available at the ports if you wanted them. I also cruised Viva and would say that my cruise was a less active one there. I don’t recall a bike excursion and don’t think there were bikes. Regardless, the cruises are all what you make of them. There are informal ways to find activities that suit your needs. The crowd on board can be more sedate, as it was on Viva, or more rambunctious as it was on both my Uniworld trips. However, no one was, as far as I know, singled out because they didn’t drink. Our just completed trip had a far number of solo passengers (we had 94 passengers out of a possible 124) and we seemed to congregate in groups. When I took my first one on Viva, I wasn’t sure I’d like river cruising but have come to really enjoy it. Took another ocean cruise this April and I’m pretty sure that I won’t do one again except for Antarctica.
  3. My mother and I both walked around Kirkenes (because our Russian Border tour was cancelled), Bronnoysund, and Stokmarknes.
  4. Uniworld at the stop in Linz offers an excursion to Salzburg. If I recall correctly, it’s a three hour round trip. We declined and did an excursion in Linz.
  5. I got my upgrade on my first Uniworld cruise.
  6. I used it last year for my Danube cruise. Bid for a suite and got it. On another cruise this year and am not bidding up. Didn’t feel like I got the value for the price.
  7. I was watching a video of one on a Bordeaux cruise. Might see one when I do mine in June.
  8. Guess I’m heading down on SEPTA. Cassatt is one of my favorites.
  9. I’m an introvert and have done a solo cruise on Viva where I was the only non-German speaker and a cruise with a cousin on Uniworld. I enjoyed both and was as social as I wanted to be. Of course, it’s easier when most of the other passengers can’t speak to you but I did have a few conversations. My cousin is more social so I was as well but we also had time to ourselves. As far as excursions go, it’s no big deal if you don’t take any and just do your own thing. The ships aren’t large so you’re not really dealing with big crowds. On both cruises, tables for two were easy to come by.
  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was marginal on Uniworld’s food. I felt I had better meals on my Viva cruise than on Uniworld.
  11. Glad I’m not the only one who has that down. There for a while, my father used to ask me regularly “So, what country did you go to this weekend?”
  12. There are a fair number of German place names in the US with the most common one being Berlin
  13. Sprite and ginger ale should also be available as well as both still and sparkling water.
  14. My bags were ever scanned at any time during my cruise. I suppose I could have brought wine. I did bring some food and there was no issue with it. In Bergen, you check in at a terminal, drop your bags, then head upstairs. If you’re too early, there’s a lounge you’ll wait in. If you’re there before cabins are ready, then you can wait in the public areas. We didn’t arrive until later so we were able to go straight to our cabins. Looks like the latest is 15 minutes before departure. Here’s the details about checkin.
  15. My neighborhood does a Holiday House Tour as a fundraiser. I have five trees up. It was a beautiful day for the tour yesterday and I got a lot of compliments on the decorations. Here’s four of them.
  16. 1. I bought my insurance through Generali. Fortunately never needed to use it. 2. North Cape and dog sledding in Tromsø were our favorite excursions. We’d take a pass on the visit to Saltstraumen and the bus tour around Hammerfest. We missed the Atlantic Road excursion which others enjoyed. 3. We went in January and saw the northern lights several times though it was quite cloudy most of the time.
  17. I had a lot of back and forth with customer service before things finally got resolved but it was better than my experience with TAP Air Portugal at the start of the pandemic.
  18. You’ve got some competing interests there. The cruise does go through Geirangerfjord in the Spring and Summer itself but that’s also when the major lines show up too. We did it in January, skipped the Geirangerfjord excursion and never felt like we missed anything. You will sail through fjords throughout the entire trip.
  19. When I had to be rebooked last year due to Polaris not being released, it took over a month to resolve everything. They did eventually reimburse me for flight changes but it was done through a bank transfer. It’s a small office so it might take time for them to get through everything.
  20. Viva Cruises posted one that’s either a category upgrade or a 20% single supplement.
  21. Just looked at the first one. 50% of a specific Grand European sailing Bucharest to Amsterdam. Bootable to the end of the promotion period.
  22. Golubac Fortress…. Stopped there on my Viva cruise after visiting Lepenski Vir. It was blazing hot but the fortress was a sight to behold with a clear blue sky.
  23. My Lidl normally has pasteis de nata in the bakery section on a regular basis.
  24. My Viva cruise last year was on the Thomas Hardy and I really enjoyed the ship. She’s sailing for Riviera this year.
  25. On my cruise it was both. There were a lot of $25 Amazon costumes, including mine, that night.
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