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  1. I'm not booking one of the new Carnival (ex P&O) cruises until I've heard from JH on whether it'll be a Carnival product or not. From what I have heard it will not be and still up charges for everything. However if I hear they do bring the Carnival product, I'll book on Encounter. Buy two, get two free will be a thing going bye byes along with P&O. And prices will go up for sure.
  2. Nah 26th Oct. I have to wait ages just for a 3 nighter.
  3. I'm so desperate I booked my first ever 3 nighter. Never done anything less than 7 nights before.
  4. Last week I booked an INTERIOR cabin on DECK 5 for a Comedy Cruise on Pacific Encounter and can you believe that I ticked the box "no to upgrade". Knowing my luck I'd get "upgraded" to one of those cabins that they've stuck those awful bunk beds in. When it was Star Princess they were Twin Cabins, but when P&O took ownership they stuck in bunk beds to some cabins. So I'd prefer a Deck 5 Inside cabin than one of those. Eewwwww.
  5. JH has been telling all his followers for months now, that a new updated VIFP Program is in its way and details will be released by the end of the year.
  6. @arxcards, friend in common. Hmmm I wonder who this is.
  7. I would also be Diamond on my Carnival VIFP status if my P&O Cruises counted towards Carnival. But I do not think this will happen. I'm Elite on Princess and I reckon the P&O Cruises days will just stop accruing to Captain Circle from the March takeover of Encounter and Adventure and start on Carnival. Come on JH make some bloody announcement. I keep stalking his page every night and everytime someone asks about P&O he keeps saying soon. Oh and @arxcards, I'm not one of those P&O Cruisers who hate Carnival with a passion, I LOVE CARNIVAL.
  8. This used to be the case. But now there are no caps on kids on either P&O or Carnival. Travel outside of school holidays.
  9. I'm my opinion, if they truly are wanting to still run these two ships in the same way as P&O currently do, they SHOULD NOT rename them to CARNIVAL. They just can't, if they want to continue up charging for things. Don't call them, Carnival Encounter / Adventure. My idea is keep the name PACIFIC or even use AUSSIE. AUSSIE ENCOUNTER AUSSIE ADVENTURE Then they could continue to charge for everything as they do today. Then an American on the ship wouldn't get upset being asked to pay for their traditional boarding day lunchtime burger.
  10. If you search YT said person just posted a video update with information coming directly from a Carnival representative. I'm going to watch JH page tonight.
  11. I'm probably not allowed to say. But it was just someone in the travel industry saying "Carnival Representatives". Whatever that means. I'll keep watching tonight to see what JH has to say about this. Could you imagine the uproar, a USA guest flues over here expecting a Carnival product and being asked to pay for their traditional boarding day burger? Or at breakfast eggs benedict? Or their late night pizza.
  12. This just in on FB - everything that you currently pay extra for on P&O, you will still pay extra for when Carnival absorbs P&O. BBBC, burgers, pizzas, shows etc etc.
  13. I have had to turn notifications off on FB, my phone is going off.
  14. Thanks. I've just shared this on FB and will wait for my phone to go nuts today.
  15. Another thing I wonder about is SERENITY (Carnival's free Adults only area). I reckon they could have this where the current Byron Bay Beach Club is.
  16. I have a question about Firenze and Venezia but I don't want to ask it over at the USA group. Do they have onboard and included in the price things like burgers (not necessarily Guys just the grill like on the Luminosa), pizzas, icecream, and Eggs Benedict etc? This could be an indication that they might do the same-ish things on Encounter and Adventure.
  17. Those bloody Yanks can stop rubbing their hands together and get their dirty mitts off our ships. They have enough choice over there, sooooo many ships.
  18. I relation to the whale tail. When they took over from Costa the Luminosa (and overseas Firenze and Venezia), they just slapped on some Carnival colours. I'm guessing they'll do the same at some point.
  19. I wonder if they will disassemble the P&O EDGE FACILITY on Encounter or run it free like Carnival Sky Zone on other ships. That'd be great if they kept it.
  20. I'm shocked. But a little excited. My hope is that they will bring over the whole Carnival product such as included burgers, pizza, icecream, and Eggs Benedict. If anyone reads anything to that effect, please advise.
  21. Where do you look to see these exacting details? I've been watching this and other sailings on Carnival direct, but can't see how many exact cabin are actually available. I almost considered jumping on this sailing, but it's last minute and as I'm Platinum, I've missed my window of choosing my arrival time early. 16 days vs 14 days.
  22. Julie, quick question. Did you personally have to arrange any visas or does the ship sort everything?
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