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  1. This is the best footage I've seen of the Brilliant Lady so far. The only noticeable changes I can see are ones we already know about. The removal of the overhanging decks mid ship and near the aft. Of course the lifeboats are closer to the ship. I actually think these changes make the ship look more sleek. Everything else looks the same. The pool looks to be the enlarged version that is on the Resilient Lady, and the artwork on top of the outdoor stairs on deck 16 look like animal sculptures or something. Maybe eagle eyed viewers will spot something else? As for what's on the inside, who knows. I imagine it will be mostly unchanged, but fingers crossed for a Rockstar lounge where the Den is on the other ships.🙂
  2. Yes! The loungers are always covered in soot anyways. Probably why they switched them from white/red to solid red. The only time I see people using them is when they are standing on them to look out.
  3. And just like that the Seriously and Brilliant Suites have been released. I called to upgrade and the agent said that there were "plenty" available.😃
  4. Woke up this morning to book a Seriously or Brilliant Suite on the 7 day LA voyage and the site shows them as all sold out! All three categories of Cheeky and Sweet-afts were available as were all of the mega categories. It still shows this on the website almost 20 hours later. What gives? Could they really have all been booked that fast, even though all the other suites categories are still available? Wondering if I should wait to book...🤔
  5. Is It? It's the 8th largest city in the US.
  6. Where are you seeing the 2026 dates? I can only through the end of 2025. I am ready to book when the dates are released. I don't want to be on the first few months of voyages though as I think it will be a cultural shock to the crew switching from Japan cruises to California cruises, and it might take them a while to work the kinks out.
  7. The date would imply that this is a repositioning cruise for the start of the Alaska season.
  8. Wow, talk about a walk of shame in Key West! (19:11)
  9. You can select your cabin if you call Virgin to book, or book through a travel agent.
  10. Here's a vid of 16027. As mentioned above, it's an extra wide Deluxe Grand Suite without the walk-in closet. I considered this room for the extra space and not being below the pool deck.;
  11. A step in the right direction (when they actually use LNG), but it still does not result in "clean air"
  12. I am not a smoker, but I'm always impressed with how strongly some people react to others being allowed to smoke in some outdoors areas on cruise ships. Do you realize that you're on a floating power plant that burns fossil fuels, and the smoke stack is right above your head? Ever notice all the soot on the aft of the ship? It's not from cigarettes. If health and air quality is a major concern, cruising is not a good choice. For more on cruise ship air quality: https://www.usnews.com/news/national-news/articles/2019-01-24/air-quality-on-cruise-ships-worse-than-in-beijing-study
  13. According to this CC article it took 42 days. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/celebrity-cruises-completes-major-refit-of-celebrity-silhouette
  14. With what looks to be 3 Pinnacle class ships in the Caribbean, I'm guessing HAL is going to go hard on the short itineraries to attract new cruisers. It could work, or there could end up being a lot of discounts closer to the sailing date.
  15. Also, instead of sailing straight to Singapore for the dry dock, Navigator first stopped in South Korea. Anyone know why? Seems like a lot of non revenue sailing for a dry dock.
  16. Why so? I haven't been on any Quantum class ships yet.
  17. Maybe someone mistakenly put the padded loungers in the Sea View Terrace (which looks really nice btw) instead of the Sanctuary? Hey this is PCL, it could happen🤣
  18. It may be hard to get reservations once you are on board. You could try to add the "Splash of Romance" package for $200 which comes with priority boarding. It might be sold out at this point. https://www.virginvoyages.com/cruise-deals/splash-of-romance
  19. They really asked you to delete your post!??? Hahahah MSC is so old school sometimes
  20. I'm wondering what exactly is going on with the Bellissima? It has cruises scheduled through October 2024. According to the LA schedule it will start sailing there in October 2025. Where will it be for an entire year?
  21. Quantum has a what looks to be a 3 week dry dock in October in Singapore. It will be interesting to see if they make any changes like removing Chinese language signage and the noodle bar, now that it's sailing from the US year-round
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