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  1. Many years ago I had a great PVP, who eventually left. Then I had a crappy one and did everything myself. The crappy one got furloughed during the COVID pandemic, and I have been assigned an awesome PVP. He knows a lot about cruising, booking the right room, etc. so I am happy to have him in my corner.
  2. I have had several massages and one facial since April. There are new measures in place and the provider wears a mask. To each her own, but I will wear a mask, keep a social distance when possible, and go on with my life, including spa treatments.
  3. I generally decide by what ship I want to sail, then compare the offers. My best deals are usually on the Elite or Premier Special Editions. While the casino is busier, I have always been able to play when I wanted. And there is no need to sacrifice your cruise for casino drawings. Just play when you want, and if you miss a couple of drawings, no big deal. If you do the Australia cruise, I would recommend the Elite. You will treated very well.
  4. I booked the 20Variable302 offer today. Was able to snag a grand suite on the Allure in August '21 for under $1400 (upgraded from free balcony, which would have been a boardwalk balcony). I also rebooked our free JS on the Mariner - moved everything from September to January. They are still holding firm on Feb. 28 sailing date for a rebooked comp cruise (not the annual one). We shall see if we are sailing by then.
  5. At the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa, there is still drinking and smoking. As long as you are seated, you can take off your mask to drink, eat or smoke.
  6. NCL CEO said four weeks to staff, and they wouldn’t be staffing all the ships at once. It has taken me some time to get here, but I can see now that it will be nothing short of miraculous for cruising from the US to restart this year. At least the COVID numbers in Florida are starting to trend down.
  7. I count myself blessed to have sailed on all of them.
  8. I would do it again at that price. The lunch is fabulous, it is less crowded, and very comfortable. Heck, we didn't even go in the pool but still had a great time.
  9. With a young child, I would pick the Western itinerary. These ports are easy and kid friendly.
  10. Thanks for the review. But the pics of Nassau made me really miss cruising. I love that port!
  11. I have gotten the $600 OBC on both of my cancelled comp cruises. I had my PVP handle it. But I did have other offers I could move everything to. Hope it works out for you, OP.
  12. There is always the possibility of a bad cruise, but there is no way I would hate very moment of it. I would at least get some enjoyment from spending time with my husband and taking in the water views from my balcony. I am fully aware cruising will look much different than it did on my February cruise, but I am open to change. Masks, ok. Social distancing, ok. Washing my hands, ok. For all the downsides, there will be upsides. No more 45 minute muster drills being crowded with others. Fewer cruisers so easier access to some activities. Shows being smaller scale but performed more often. Less crowding in the dining venues. If you are the type of person who can go with the flow, I say book the free cruise. If not, I agree with you - those first few cruises are probably not for you.
  13. Disagree with this when Carnival is offering a free balcony and other goodies. You just pay taxes and fees, which are fully refundable at any time. So why not book, and if it gets cancelled, you get $600 in OBC added to your free room.
  14. If Carnival cancels, you can get a 100% refund. If it sails, are you willing to go? If not, I would cancel now. Better to lose a deposit than a full cruise fare.
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