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  1. Carlisle, and The Boatyard are fine and dandy for first time visitors to Barbados. I was at the Boatyard in 2002, been back to this destination half a dozen times since and never went back to either. Barbados is an awesome island to much other stuff to do and to many other nice beaches, two of which a previous poster has mentioned are awesome, with very few humans. Or OR you can Google Calypso Girl Barbados email Nick or Val and forget about it.😎😉
  2. Great video, loved the igloo backpack cooler. Never even heard of Galleon Beach looks awesome!! Thanks
  3. It certainly doesn't look like it, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. A few selected cruises MAY be a go but now going into the first of October and everything always getting pushed back 1/2/3/21 just doesn't look good. SUCKS!!! Hate for all of us especially the Princess family.
  4. Thank you very much for this info., as you can tell I am a bit slow finding these posts. I just have a few questions in reference to food and drink availability at Trunk Bay. The food truck you mentioned they offered burgers, hot dogs, deli sandwiches, street tacos and stuff like that?? Does the National Park Service or a private vendor sell something a little stiffer than a Coke Classic? They used to sell beer at the snack bar, I was on St. Thomas at the end of November 18, they wouldn't take us to St. John it wasn't ready yet for visitors I didn't get to go Trunk Bay opened up about 6 weeks after I was there. Do they have somewhere I can buy a beer or a DRINK drink? Food truck sounds great sounds like they're making good progress, planning a trip back to STJ and Trunk Bay for next year if Princess will take me. Thanks for the help Todd
  5. Price on that tour I think was $145.00 through Princess a little pricey it was worth twice that. Crew, food and drinks all top shelf. Swam to the beach on STJ from the cat. the beaches were all park service land there was no one there but us. I'm sure NCL offers something similar you don't have to worry about missing anything, just having a great day, might be the way you want to go. It's a winner. No worries. Have fun Todd
  6. Leaving Redhook at noon will put you on Trunk at 12:45pm earliest. In all due respect it really is cutting it close, on your return at that time of day I would catch the 4pm ferry not 5pm ferry from Cruz Bay to Redhook. So your looking at about 3 hours or so if that on Trunk Bay. My personal policy if I can't spend 5 hours straight up on Trunk Bay I stay on STT and hit a beach. If you want to go to Trunk see what options the ship offers. I did a lobster champagne Cat. Tour from STT to St. John that was fabulous when I was on the Emerald Princess back in 2008. We didn't go to Trunk we went to a private beach on STJ that was AWESOME. I would check and see what tours the ship offers to STJ take a Cat. from Charlotte Amalie to the north east side of STJ. Good luck!!
  7. Sorry for the late post, here's my 2-cents on collecting sea shells on St. Kitts. I'm not really sure I would do that. I've been to several of the real beaches on St. Kitts, yes the obvious Cockelshell beach is a wide beach with shells but you have to walk out there in heavy surf much of the time to find a nice shell. Between getting swept away in open ocean and winding up either with a huge fine or in a St. Kittian jail. Forget the sea 🐚! I would be much more concerned with the tide on the south east side of the island where all the beaches are that have sea shells. I've seen them it's in no way worth walking out there and picking up a shell. Don't fall for it, that is a different kind of ocean, fall for it they'll never even start to look for you. You won't even get a wave goodbye. I'd pass on the sea shell adventure.
  8. I've never been to Jost Van Dyke(yet!) have friends who've been there, they never shut up about the place. I'm definitely going to have to spend a day there. Trunk Bay don't worry you'll end up there one way or another, same experience as Jalousie or Jost Van Dyke you never want to leave.
  9. James Bond Grey Goose Skyfall Martini Shaken not stirred. With 2 Olive boats at either Crooners, Adagio, Explorers, or the Wheelhouse Bar on any Princess Cruise Ship. Best ticket on the"high" sea😁😉.
  10. Same thing with Trunk Bay you can't go just 2 or 3 times once you spend the day at Jalousie or Trunk all you can think about is how and when you're going back. 😁
  11. You'll be back, two or three times to Jalousie and the Pitons all that does is make you want to go more.😉😎
  12. My UnderArmour white backpack, carry's everything no problemo, a couple of beach towels from the ship, big bottle of water, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and everything else. It's White doesn't draw heat in the sun, my chapstick doesn't melt, and what ever is in my bag stays cool. Only way to go, looks awesome too. Has a dry pack for my wet clothing. Plenty of clips for bottle openers corkscrews and other party utensils. I keep a stack of large plastic cups also, they always come in handy. Very light even with a full bottle of Goose when I'm making my own drinks on one of the island this one being Belize. Hope that helps Todd
  13. Yes, $50 for chair rental that's why I laid out on my towel!! Yep that first 5-10 feet into the ocean at Jalousie......OUCH!! After your in the water though swimming between the Pitons it's one of the most extraordinary environments on Earth. It's why we keep going back and back and back.😎
  14. Yes!! Boy those rattan or straw beach chairs were scary, for someone my size sitting in one would be nothing more than a hospital trip back to Castries. I laid out on my beach towels, the little tree down the beach on the LEFT walking towards Gross Piton that's about the only shade on Jalousie, you couldn't get near it that east end of the beach it's always crowded down there. Looking forward to going back next year if they'll let me. 😉 Sorry about the revolving ballet. Water between the Pitons was very calm great swimming and still refreshing as hot as it was. With that being said not many people in the water except for a handful of us. It was great. Spencer never ran out of anything to drink, either did Cosol always ice cold everything, it was nice. No problems, I'm looking forward to going back like I said, if they'll let me. Night night Todd
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