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  1. Do I get to do that too? Go and cry and whine to the moderators and get my posts and others pulled because I don't like them? What a JOKE!!
  2. Love too know how Blue Water is getting his and my posts pulled from the boards. That's the second or third time this has happened. I not only don't appreciate it, it's improper and wrong. Respectfully Todd
  3. OMG!! Ms411 you are hilarious!! "she got run over by a car" that's the best one ever, and you all think I'm bad. Looking forward to the explanation too. Thanks for a great thread!!
  4. Thank you very much for the update. Orient is one of my favorites as well, Great vendors over there and looking forward to going back. Thanks again Todd
  5. Goff's Caye through Resorts for a Day. Excellent excursion great day on Belize. Have fun!!
  6. That's sounds awesome, thanks for the info especially for those of us who are trying to find something new to do on Antigua. Great idea.
  7. Thanks for the review, sounds like a great time. What's that buggy cost pp? Thanks Todd
  8. Best Beach bar in Aruba is the beach bar at Amsterdam Manor on Eagle Beach. Best vibe, best views, best food, best drinks, best atmosphere, best everything on Aruba. Look it up you'll figure it out. Amsterdam Manor Beach Bar. Have fun, and try the grilled chicken panini sandwich with goat cheese, it's wonderful. Later Todd
  9. Yummy another great suggestion, Thanks Port Royal I still love you. Todd
  10. Oh brother here we go again. Same ol song and dance. Shake it off homes.
  11. Thank you Ms411! Fascinating isn't it, that wasn't even close.
  12. Small collapsible cooler is a must, it's the only way to go especially on Antigua. BYOB on Antigua or go broke. Saves major cash. Great suggestion!!
  13. Iguana Joes Caribbean Grill right across the street from the pier. To your right. Great food excellent service, perfect location, great nightlife. View is awesome. You can check out their menu online, food is wonderful. Have fun!!
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