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  1. I had a feeling it would be around that time frame. Waiting in the Crystal lounge is more comfy than waiting at Miami airport lounge. We have hours long wait...for our flight. Keith, Thank you for your valuable info. kate
  2. We have a late afternoon flight out of Miami in December. On Disembarkation day, what is the latest time Crystal allows guest to get off the ship, on the Serenity? Thank you, Kate
  3. In addition to reasonable prices, Crystal drying cleaning are very good. I bring items from home, have Crystal dry clean and bring them home all cleaned and spiffy. Kate
  4. I have to say that it is eye popping to see long lines at 6pm. I miss the old days of having the same waiter and same table with waiters getting to know our preferences. Oh dear Remi, he is a gem.
  5. We gave Chursomething a try last fall, 2018 and were not impressed at all. We did not like the buffet type for sides, etc. some dishes were very salty, other dishes were ok. However, I later found out as we walked that we were not served all dishes. The guys did their best serving everyone in Chursomething. Dessert, only thing I liked was the bon bon and mini eclairs. We gave a try. At least there are other dining choices for everyone. kate
  6. Like others, I had no issues with Aveda lotion and soaps. But... Etro soap, that gave me horrible skin rash on my hand and dried out my body so much. I now bring my own lotion, soaps and always have brought my own shampoos/conditioner. Your mileage my vary. You can bring your own products and try the Etro while you are on board. If Etro gives you issues, you can use your own products. Kate
  7. When I saw the email from Crystal, it nearly gave me a fit. The letter states, "it must be filled in online and completed" I thought lordie, Crystal want my health info which is strictly between my doctor and me. Obviously, the letter wasn't worded properly. It certainly was a relief to find out, read and check THREE tiny little boxes. That was quick...whew. Back to 100% completed.'' We still love Crystal. Kate
  8. Oooh, I did not realize that on the Serenity in May the USB looking outlets were the actual USB outlets. Perfect!! I carry with me: iPhone iPad hairdryer Camera cochlear implant dryer Cochlear implant remote (need to be charged) Cochlear implant rechargeable battery (backup in case throw away battery holder croaks) i do just fine with with just about everything with the camera and iPhone charged at night before the next days tour. Nothing wrong bringing gadgets. kate
  9. Stickman is absolutely correct. No OBC can be used in Casino or Bingo games. Straight from Crystal website, page 32, the booklet that is sent to all guest along with Cruise Documents about 4-6 before the sailing. http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/d518c33c#/d518c33c/1 Kate
  10. Keith, Please add two more names to: Dec 6 (OCY191206-08) Fort Lauderdale to San Juan Add Frank/Angela next to Kate/Ellen that is already on the Future Cruises on the Serenity. Just this segment only. Please add: May 31 (OCY200531-07) Rome to Venice - Summer Time- (Kate/Ellen) June 7 (OCY200607-07) Venice to Athens - Summer Time - (Kate/Ellen) Thank you for your help. kate
  11. With due respect, Barcelona to London cruise, I just checked the reflections, Marketplace stayed open longer, ie closed later, one day at 2:30pm Saturday at Honfleur. Same at Mallorca, marketplace stayed open until 2:30pm with Trident grill opening early, at 11:30am. In addition, Marketplace was open for breakfast earlier for early tour departures, 6:30am for 7:15 departures. Lastly, there are room service for breakfast for those who want to eat real early. I noticed the line at the grill, perhaps folks just wanted burgers while Marketplace was open for lunch at various times.
  12. We were on the same cruise, Barcelona to London. On the nights we dined in Waterside, we went in around 6:15 - 6:20 ish and were seated in the same area. Around 7 to 7:15pm we saw a huge rush of many people coming and being seated almost all at once. I am not sure what time the op dined, if around 7 to 8pm, the Waterside was quite busy with many tables full. But, every cruise is different. This cruise, most of the TA’s along with regular cruisers came to the Waterside between 7 to 7:15pm for dinner. We would watch DR fill up quickly and waiters scurry to greet the diners. The night Scallops were served, I was also give two little scallops. Most restaurants on land serve 4-6 scallops with vegetables.. Our waiter brought out more scallops for us. I have have to say, food was very good on this cruise. Even better than the last cruise, last fall. Kate
  13. Suzeluvscruz, upon entering the room, the bed, closet and bath are on the left side of the room. I always have had that type of the room. imagine after many cruises, all of the sudden I am being assigned to a room with bed, bath and closet on the right? Chaotic! And Confusing. Kate
  14. What Texas Tille said, I make sure I have a room with everything on the left after walking in, on every cruise for familiarity. Makes unpacking so easy and to find things. As others have said, there are so much storage space and so many hangars to use. kate
  15. Just got off in Dover from the Serenity, I was happy to have straws. Asked for it and got it every time. Quickly, I got used to the straw. This brought back to my childhood days when we had the real paper straw which went limp after a while in water, soda or whatever. Crystal Straw did not go limp on me. Ironically, on Virgin Atlantic coming home, their straw was more of a paper kind. The bottom of the straw was limpy at the end of the flight. Oh, at the ice cream place, Crystal still uses plastic little spoons. Kate
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