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  1. If you have avios with British airways I think the redemption prices are good value from Madrid to San Juan. I've booked a flight using this route before and had to pay for some avios to top it but it still worked out over half the cash price.. Sailing from San Juan next April and will be doing the same again.
  2. You should be able to unless someone has any information otherwise? Whenever I've purchased one and gone to schedule the voyage the full inventory of voyages are available
  3. Definitely the case for me compared to the other 3 I've done, all of those were in Europe, which is why I put the question out there. We enjoyed the food overall and adjusted to things but had an instance of having the flag up for 20 minutes with no one coming to the table and extremely busy moments around specials. It could be down to difference in our timings maybe but this also happened to be the first cruise when ordering at the counter was encouraged. On previous ones it wasn't a thing at all so I don't know if this affected how busy it seemed at times. Next voyaging in the Caribbean with them so will see how it is then 😄
  4. Whatever explanation there is for travel agents putting down deposits on a huge amount of suites I think it is unfair and is good of you to raise that. Why can't it just be the case that agents have access to what is available at the time like everyone else?
  5. I wish it was possible to go he whole way to the front of the ship on deck 7, it's quite an interesting design on the current ships.. They won't do this but they could make improvements still to the pool area I think.
  6. On 4 virgin voyages so far it's the busiest and craziest I've seen the galley I have to say
  7. There's still value to be had in my opinion amongst these itineraries - Cali to Canada is a good price for 8 nights I think. Virgin are succeeding if they're getting people this excited about booking these new batch of voyages.
  8. Intrigued by this burger also, never saw it on 17 nights on resilient lady just gone but want to try!
  9. They absolutely do include both. Also worth pointing out that we've been getting 2 free drinks per day from Grounds Club so not just coffees but also hot chocolate etc
  10. You seem to be going slower so thinking is a chance we'll bump in to you soon, not literally hopefully
  11. I think we're getting close behind on resilient lady based on that view 😂
  12. That's interesting as well thank you I'm sailing Caribbean with virgin soon so will be interested to compare, could be down to this particular crowd and timings. On the current voyage there's been a lot of chaos moments with ordering, was a special at the burger place yesterday everyone seemed to want and it was mayhem with management getting involved to deal with orders!
  13. Interesting thanks, we've been struggling a bit with getting anyone to take an order using the flag method on Resilient which has been strange. Is the busiest I've ever seen the galley though on any virgin voyage so far..
  14. Hi We've been on the repositioning cruise from Cape town the last couple of weeks and have found that you now go up to each station in the galley to order. Personally I have found this to get really busy at peak times and a bit chaotic and thought the previous way of table ordering was better. Interested to know is this something that has changed across the other ships too?
  15. Also hoping to do that one and Panama Canal but concerned what the prices are gonna come out like for these!
  16. Will definitely be doing the Panama canal and very excited to hear it's going from new York to Quebec as well!
  17. Significantly better than the other lines in my opinion. The variety and quality of food is amazing even down to the room service offering. The included WiFi, app and tablet to control the room are also all great features. It's refreshing as well not to have the thought of tipping and the staff are so friendly and helpful at all times. It's great if you like to be laid back and fun and want to do what you want, when you want and where and the destinations they go to are continuing to improve. I'm not the only one who views it as their number 1 cruise line now.
  18. Extremely easy and relaxing to fall asleep in!
  19. On resilient lady at the moment and doing a 9 sea day stretch and a virgin ship is a great place to be in my opinion if you're doing lots of sea days. There's loads to do and the food is all amazing and it makes it even better that everything is included for a long journey. Is baking hot on our itinerary at the moment past Africa so don't know how it is on transatlantic but the outdoor areas are cool to hang around at.
  20. Will be heading over for one of those if this is true!
  21. Very interesting reading through details of your transatlantic, I'm on Resilient Lady currently on what is a very similar sailing to yours heading north from Cape Town. I'm also very much enjoying the food and relaxation!
  22. Using it as we speak on resilient lady
  23. Have sailed October in those areas and had nice weather some days but also some unsettled and stormy weather so would definitely prepare for that worst case scenario.
  24. Found out upgraded from limited view sea terrace to cheeky corner suite day before sailing. First clue was card being charged obviously then app changed to rockstar then got an email a bit later.
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