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  1. Wow! The free app (a bit wonky, as you cautioned) DOES work on my iPhone8! THANKS!!
  2. Thanks a million, dear Turtle06 and broberts, for your thoughtful and thorough explanations! As you advised, I checked my account—and saw that I already have “view other signatures” active, but which I now also realize only works on my iPad and iMac. Actually, in the year since the change (about which I contributed my two cents’ worth of suggestions to our hosts and privately whined quite a bit), I myself haven’t needed to check signatures via my iPhone. However, some folks on one of my current roll calls have been desperate to find out how to see the email address in signature lines of private tour organizers—so I just wanted to be helpful, as I have learned so much over the years from the helpful input of countless posters on these boards. I will now share your very helpful info with inquirers on my roll call(s). Appreciatively, Mary-Lou
  3. As a long time CC user who was very happy with the previous interface, I’d like to know (a) WHY signature lines now do not appear at the bottom of roll call posts accessed via iPhone and other digital devices, as noted in roll calls in which private tour organizers say “click on my email in my signature lines,” to which a variety of interested roll call members reply that they cannot see any signature lines—and (b) HOW to find everything able to view them...??? (I have already tried clicking on the poster’s name, which merely takes you to the profile.) Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reminder that they dropped Charlottetown, which was THE main draw for me on that sailing--as we've never had it on previous NE/Canada cruises (and I'm an Anne of Green Gables fan)....
  5. We do love HAL—the ONBOARD staff & crew, accommodation, and itineraries— but sometimes the lack of appropriate communication from the HOME OFFICE is perplexing and disheartening.... The NE & Canada revision is indeed inviting!
  6. Thanks for posting the revised itinerary, CStorm! Was any explanation given for the change?
  7. Thanks so much for responding! Unplanned complications arise, but you’d think a major cruise line would have the business brains (not to mention the common courtesy) to at least post a temporary “place-holder” note explaining that the missing cruises will soon be back in the listings after some adjustments.... And you’d think they’d inform their own phone reps about these disappearances. Glad to hear YOU ultimately got a great deal! 😃 BTW: My husband and I absolutely adored our week in Sydney before embarking our Sydney-Auckland cruise on Christmas Eve 2008. Hope to get back one day.
  8. Agreed! It's indeed confounding why HAL CAN'T figure out how to charge the correct amount per Mariner status on the dinners or packages--because HAL CAN (instantly) offer the correct special discounts on specific sailings (such as a discount for early booking of an EXC)--though it does get credited back to your onboard account.... ⁉️
  9. Does anyone have a clue to this mystery? First, last week the disembarkation port of the 8/19-9/07 CPH-NYC was changed from NYC to Boston. Then, all Zuiderdam cruises--including the above and after, up until her October 7 Quebec CIty-FLL--disappeared.... Charters? Soft-furnishing upgrades? ⁉️ "Curiouser & curiouser...." Thanks, Mary-Lou 😎
  10. THANKS, dear friend! And nearby restroom are always appreciated. 😉 Hugs, Mary-Lou
  11. Hi, dear Ruth! Does this work on the Maasdam? Thanks, Mary-Lou
  12. Thanks so much! Great blog post. 😎 ( I think the problem was there was no link in your earlier URL, so when I copied and pasted it into my browser, it somehow didn’t work.) Appreciatively, Mary-Lou
  13. I forgot to click NOTIFY ME. 😉
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