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  1. POOF.... You're a Mojito
  2. Only the strong (or smart) survive.....🐟
  3. Sorry, can't recall the brand and model, but I do remember when the Noordam was new, the mattress was listed in the catalog as being for sale. Also remember that those who purchased them commented that the quality of the ones delivered was inferior to the ones on the ship.
  4. Thank you! He's been a pet for a long time.
  5. I am not one to buy anything in the first model year, be it a car, computer, or boat. The first few years of a new product are sure to have "bugs" and I would rather let someone else work out those problems. The first year or two when cruising returns will be the first model year of the new cruise experience. I'll let someone else test the waters first, and when the bugs are worked out, I may return.
  6. Most likely good news for those who sell R/V's and rent camps in the woods.
  7. Very Nice. It has an almost metallic look to the finish. Is that oil based paint?
  8. Just a quick "Thank You" to all those posters who responded to my question. It was fun to see all the different things everyone's doing to keep busy. Stay safe, and stay healthy. It ain't over yet..........
  9. So why was it not a deposit as the heading says? It's early, maybe I'm missing something?
  10. What a wonderful place to spend an anniversary! I only visited Catalina once, but I'll never forget it. Happy Anniversary Copper and thank you for your service.
  11. Sure the ccl stock will tank again when this news hits. Would selling tomorrow morning count as insider trading?
  12. Haven't read Path yet but I did read and enjoyed Burning Cold. Hope you like it too!
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