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  1. We were in the aft wrap around also. Enjoy!
  2. How exciting! Have a lovely cruise and I hope you can post off and on. Bon Voyage!
  3. We were in a Neptune Suite 4 weeks ago on the NA and had turn down service without asking. The stewards were always asking us if we needed anything additional. We sail in 17 days in a Vista Suite on a different ship so we shall see if anything changes.
  4. Thanks to Jacqui I now have my correct email in my signature so if Linda @lindaler and Jane @lazey1 could email me there (instead of the one I previously posted) that would be great and we can all meet in 17 days!
  5. It didn't used to be a problem, at times I would be logged into 3 devices. But I discovered this afternoon while working on a different issue when I had my phone open looking at a thread and my PC open looking at another that it wouldn't work.
  6. I also have been having problems for about 3 weeks now. I also have tried many many different things to solve the problem. But I discovered something new this afternoon. Make sure you are only logged into CC on one device.
  7. For those of you who are having weird strange issues posting, like @Vict0riann and @mamaofami, I just discovered something and it might help you. Make sure you are only logged into one device at a time. I just discovered this when working on both my iPhone and IPad at the same time trying to fix the email issue. Hope this helps!
  8. I know, darn it. I give up for now. So, if @lindalerand @lazey1could email me at incrociatore at aol dot com I'd appreciate it. The 4 of us are all on the October 10 cruise and I'd like to get together (and not the entire roll call). I'll just check that alternate email for this reason. Please put CC in the subject line. Thanks all!
  9. No but I do have an alternate email that I could use. I'll keep trying. I really do appreciate the Daily family allowing me to test here.
  10. Jacqui @kazu Thank you! this is a test to see if it works.
  11. Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. And Roy, as always, thank you for taking care of the Care and Celebratory lists. Somehow the morning got away from me and I just got done reading the Daily for today. It's dreary, overcast, and there have been sporadic sprinkles, so that might be the reason I feel extra lazy today. I'll pass on the meal suggestion today, although I really love mushrooms. I don't have to guess too much what Craig wants anymore because of his diet. All he wants is a salad and some salmon. Good thing Safeway has a huge box of mixed greens for $5 and I have a boatload of salmon in the freezer. Maxine @AncientWanderer, so glad you are home and rested up for October 10th! I'll email you soon. Sorry Daily family for posting this here but I don't want to post this on our roll call. Jacqui @kazu can you tell/show me how to post my email without it showing? My email is my actual full name so don't want it out there for all to see. Graham @grapau27 so happy you are home from the eye surgery and that all went well! Have a great day everyone!
  12. True, but I have opted out for those email notifications for myself and only do that for certain threads I'm following so just saying..... 🙏 I'm really praying he is okay.
  13. I think @dobiemomwas meaning something more personal, like an email or phone number. He will only get your notification if he logs onto CC.
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