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  1. Oh no!!! Get better fast and keep your thumb dry!!
  2. I love limoncello but hardly ever have any even though I have some on hand. I keep mine in the freezer next to the vodka. It is an after dinner drink drunk in very small amounts. Here are some pictures of my limoncello glasses: The green one is newer and the blue one is from Venice and the last one is from an antique store in San Luis Obispo, CA. The two etched ones are probably not really limoncello glasses but cordial glasses. The blue one only holds half an ounce.
  3. @VictOriann that video is hilarious! Thank you!
  4. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich and I loved the picture of your new addition. She is beautiful, almost looks part Siamese. When I was young I loved Siamese cats and had several before having Tabby’s and the one Calico. Are you going to name her? Thank you for your list Roy and pictures. I didn’t know Ken Jennings was going to host Jeopardy but am not surprised. My DH went to Costco and just called me to say that they are out of toilet paper and paper towels. Oh boy, here we go again. Not sure what is on the menu today, right now thinking a
  5. This happens to me a lot! Frustrating. Mostly happens when I am using my phone.
  6. Forgot to mention that my DH loves to go for Sunday drives (me not so much) and is on one right now. He likes to go southeast of town and takes his time enjoying a coke or two along the way and usually gets home right before lunch. Today he is going to the grocery store to pick up bread for our mussels. Yum.
  7. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. I love Grilled Cheese sandwiches but don’t like adding anything else except maybe a slice of tomato and I’m sort of picky about the amount of cheese, 3 slices of cheese at least. (What can I say I just absolutely love cheese.). However, we are having mussels today. DH requested them. We are usually able to get frozen mussels that are quite good and not expensive. I was 8 when JFK was killed and was in school. Someone, either the teacher or principal, made an announcement and we were all sent home fr
  8. @ger_77 I just watched the video you posted yesterday of Glen Campbell singing Amazing Grace and playing the bagpipes. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting!
  9. Good morning everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your lists Roy. We definitely need future teachers as I have heard we are having a teacher shortage. Every day is a beautiful day. And it should be children’s day every day also. I am not making the meal suggestion but will probably make fried chicken strips out of some chicken I set in the fridge yesterday. I also got my turkey out of the freezer and into the fridge this morning. I have been debating if I should even make a turkey since it will just be the two of us but decided it just wouldn’t be the same if I did
  10. Good evening everyone! I was on earlier but got interrupted before I posted. Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. I have been really down about Thanksgiving. My Mom won’t be able to come because her retirement center would require quarantine and testing afterward. Probably will be the same for Christmas. It is really hard knowing you can’t be with loved ones. @Horizon chaser 1957 I hope your toe heals fast. You are truly a horizon chaser!!! You chased those willows down! @bennybear I have made the two hour buns and they really are nice, h
  11. Good morning all! Checking in early before I get ready to take Blue to the vet for his “pedicure” this morning. That dog has prettier toes than I do. Thank you for the Daily Rich. Thank you for your list Roy. @DeeniEncinitas your painting is beautiful. I assume Shawn is your daughter and I am sure she will love your gift. @summer slope Praying your daughter stays Covid free. And to everyone else diagnosed with Covid I am sending prayers and hope for healing. Tucson has one of the vaccine trials for Moderna. The local news anchor is in the trial and has reported on his experience. I
  12. Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. Loved the picture of your little helper. We had a calico years ago and named her Callie. Thank you for your lists Roy. Loved your pictures of your meal and sunrise. The quote today is so me. However I can’t postpone cleaning the fridge much longer because I need to make space for Thanksgiving. We bought a new fridge in June which I absolutely love but there is so much more space that food just seems to disappear into the deepest recesses. The meal suggestion sounds good but I think we will have salmon tacos tonight. I h
  13. Such great news! I love “The Crown”. I also love Netflix. If you love food there is so much to watch. One of my favorites is “Somebody Feed Phil”. He is so gregarious and his happiness is so infectious.
  14. Thank you for explaining this. This is exactly what talking with my mother is like, two different conversations. Unfortunately I have a high pitched voice and have a hard time changing my tone to “re-say” things to her. It’s even more difficult over the phone. I finally convinced her to get her hearing aides checked and a new hearing test but the results were disappointing. Nothing else can be done except a cochlear implant and she is totally against that at her age (91).
  15. Good evening everyone! Thank you for the Daily Rich. All the reports of family or friends diagnosed with Covid are distressing. Praying for everyone. The numbers are up everywhere and I am also concerned about the upcoming holidays. People just don’t think that it will happen to them. I was in the grocery store the other day and a lady only 5 feet from me was coughing with her mask off. My husband wants us to have our kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving but I have been trying to discourage him. I definitely know that I will not have my 91 year old Mom over at the same time. I might
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