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  1. What a sad story (and pretty much my worst nightmare.) Maybe they will find the wayward passport tucked into a random slot in a bag. I sure hope so.
  2. @jollyjones You've certainly given us a great teaser! Looking forward to your adventure onboard.
  3. Looking forward to learning all about your trip. I hope you have a good flight.
  4. For the distilled water I email: specialservices@silversea.com You may not get a response but the water should be in your room when you arrive; if not, just ask your butler and it will be provided quickly. As for baggage tags: I believe final info is emailed about 15 days before the cruise but I've never checked if baggage tags are included. I get them at the pier or from from the SS rep for the transfer.
  5. I did a simple google search and found this....
  6. LOL I've rationed books too: Delayed starts or forcing myself not to sit up all night to finish a good thing. I'll have to explore that Gideon Oliver series. Thanks.
  7. I've read all the Harry Bosch stuff. If you like that you may enjoy books by Tana French -- all her books are set in Ireland. I've most enjoyed her first three: In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place. While the books are listed as a series each stands on it's own; generally, a secondary character from one book become the focus of the next book.
  8. Phew! I've found this while you're still on page one! 😜 Looking forward to following your adventure. Enjoy!
  9. Stunning photos! A safari has always been on my list; looks like I'll need to take a break from cruising to make this happen sooner.
  10. Bon Voyage ! You had a long journey getting there, so glad you're finally sailing πŸ˜ƒ
  11. I can't say for Muse; however, I was on the Dawn just a couple weeks ago and the menus were also very limited. It was disappointing.
  12. It depends on the cruise. If there are not many "in transit" SS won't bother offering a tour. This happened to me in Athens last year. I had a private tour arranged (which I could have cancelled) so went with that once SS confirmed they weren't offering anything -- which didn't happen until mid-point of the first cruise.
  13. @BBGrace273 Rereading your post it occurs to me, you may have been trying to find Lois's live from thread not just Catlover54's review; therefore, I have am posting that link below. I hope this helps.
  14. @Lois R was simply trying to tell you where to find the link -- it's the first post, on the first page of this thread. I've posted it below for you. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=708560
  15. Silversea stopped offering that 10% discount two years ago.
  16. I wasn't onboard so I don't know what Azamara might have arranged. They often have a ship in Sydney for NYE and I've seen similar videos in the past so I just did a google search for the video. You may want to ask on the main Azamara board if someone has done that cruise and can share specifics.
  17. You can definitely see the fireworks from Azamara's position at White Bay. The video below is from NYE 2023; I have seen others years back with similar views.
  18. I'm looking forward to following along. I prefer small ships yet 200 passengers seems awfully small to me, so I eagerly await your impressions.
  19. You should receive an email to set up the ride about 30 days before your cruise. There is an opportunity for special instructions, plus, on the day of, you should get a text (and email) with the driver’s name and number.
  20. And a pic of Nova from the Dawn. It was a lovely day in Bequia.
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