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  1. The limitation on wine may depend on a few factors that aren't immediately obvious. 1. Your luggage is supposedly restricted to 50 pounds on the charter flight from Santiago to Ushuaia. Though you can carry wine on DOMESTIC flights within Chile, I don't think you can for international flights. So a couple of bottles in your suitcase might be too much weight, depending on how much else you pack. 2. I have no idea whether Argentine customs has a limit on bringing in wine. I THINK not, based on our experience last January. We drove over the Andes after 2 days of wine tasting in Chile, with probably 8 bottles of Chilean wine. IIRC, our tour guide said it would be a non-issue for us as Americans to do that, but she as a Chilean was subject to stricter limits. I didn't ask further and it was a non-issue. In fact it was quite funny at the border crossing. The customs agent who inspected us was a young lady, so we let our male driver do the talking. She looked at the wine in the trunk and asked where we were going. Mendoza, we said. Well, why are you bringing all that cheap wine? Are you having a "pre-party" before you drink the good stuff? And then we were through. 😁 We aren't going to bother buying wine this time, I don't think. Too much hassle to lug it to Ushuaia and back. If we had time to stay in Santiago afterwards, it would be a different story.
  2. Is she related to the family that owns Burg Hohenzollern? That is a beautiful castle, perched on a hilltop outside of Haigerloch. We drove by once on a very busy day a few years ago but didn't have time to stop. We started in Baden-Baden, then drove by Burg Hohenzollern, then visited Schloss Lichtenstein, Blaubeuren, then Ulm to climb the Münster, followed by a visit to Schloss Harburg, before driving to Würzburg for the night.
  3. Great news, Lois! Well, all except the "back to work tomorrow" nonsense... Whose idea is that? 🤣 We are trying to catch up on our sleep but so far, not very successful. Not much of a break on Sunday before working this week. Hopefully by this weekend we will be back to normal. The roads were crummy again this morning but hopefully they will be better for the ride home tonight. It's been mostly sunny so hopefully the roads have cleared. Still looking at a ton of Portugal pictures. I'm 2/3 through labeling them and Chris is picking favorites. Then I'll post an album online.
  4. Good luck tomorrow with your follow-up, Lois. Today we had to brave the nasty weather in order to go in to work. It wasn't too bad, as all of the schools were closed and all non-essential NY State employees were told to stay home as well. We had fairly empty roads and even though my snow tires are a little past their prime, they worked well enough. Now sipping a delicious bottle of Portuguese red which we brought home from the trip, after a nice quiet dinner (alone, without all of the noisy kids), and doing a little Cyber Monday shopping. The view outside has changed a little bit since the picture I posted yesterday. That snow drift up against the sunroom is nuts! Glad I'm not going out into this weather again...until tomorrow!
  5. A few pics from the weekend. Two of the youngest nieces having a good time, undoubtedly planning something that was no good. The storm started around 3PM. We were cozy inside, so no worries. Lucky that the landscaper was by yesterday to finish the fall clean up. Time for a roaring fire! And a little Christmas music. Now the tree is finished! After all that work, I think we deserve a splash of wine in the hot tub. Or a bottle. We will see.
  6. Hi coolers - we survived the weekend relatively intact and sent everyone home a few hours ago. They had to get an early start because of the impending storm. We braved the grocery store madness a little while ago, and now we are hunkered down awaiting the storm in a few hours. The weekend was loud, chaotic, and insane but we had a really fun time and enjoyed seeing everyone. We ate lots of good stuff and the meals came together nicely. Some leftovers but not too many, which is good. I have never washed so many dishes in my life - and that's despite the fact that we made the kids eat off disposable plates! So, maybe we will do it again in a few years... The little kids are quite a bunch of characters, and for the most part they enjoyed playing with their cousins while we adults all hung out and enjoyed each other's company. We put up a Christmas tree but didn't have time to decorate it. In retrospect that's probably better, because the thought of six kids running around with Christmas ornaments is a bit scary. We got the lights up though so now we can finish decorating at our leisure. In between lounging in the hot tub, and sipping wine, of course! Luckily we remembered to take a nice group shot before everyone left this morning. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone. Lois, hope that you continue to mend.
  7. Lois, from what you're describing, that sounds like a normal recovery. I hope it continues to get better every day and that in a few days you're not even giving it a second thought! Happy TG all. Now is the calm before the storm. The first wave of visitors is about 3 hours away... Time to enjoy some peace and quiet, except we will probably jump on the treadmill instead to burn a few calories in advance of the stuffing!
  8. Excellent news Lois! Rest up and recover quickly! Thanks for letting all of your friends here know that you are well.
  9. F/K/A Silver Discoverer. Glad it wasn't more serious. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21984-la-belle-des-oceans-runs-into-trouble-in-asia.html
  10. Yes! The Sisi Museum was fascinating. What a character she must have been! We first heard about her on a 2012 Med cruise, when we visited Corfu and drove to the Achilleon Palace. We learned that some Austrian Empress names Sisi built it. Hmm, who is she, and why did she build a palace on Corfu? We had no idea. Then we visited Vienna the next year and learned more about her. Light bulb. Her autopsy report was on display at the museum, written in French. Did you try to read it?
  11. Lois, hope everything is smooth sailing and that you are soon home, relaxing for the rest of the week/weekend!
  12. We shared a halbe meter bratwurst a few years ago, at the Ganzhornfest in Neckarsulm.
  13. Wow, I just realized that we saw your ship on August 14th, docked in Hafnarfjordur! We were spending the day there after ending our Silver Cloud cruise, circumnavigation of Iceland as well. That would have been the voyage prior to yours, I guess? Agree - what a beautiful ship. Here is a picture to make you miss it even more. 😄
  14. Lois, we in the medical fields use "procedure" to refer to pretty much anything. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's minor, or not surgery. Regardless, we will be thinking about you on Wednesday and sending positive vibes. Will be eagerly awaiting word from you that all has gone well. Have been shopping and stocking up for the visitors next weekend. Will have a full house. My brother and his wife and their two girls (the ones who used to live in Denmark, now back here in DC) arrive Thursday afternoon. We will have a nice evening meal for "real" TG Day. I have a pork roast which I'll roast in a herb crust. Friday, my Canadian sister and her beau, and my other brother's wife will arrive with 4 more kids. Yikes. Pizza and burgers will be on the menu. The madhouse begins. Saturday we will have a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I have a turkey and a nice ham to serve. Have also been working this weekend, luckily not too terribly busy so far. So I have had to help Chris with the house cleaning. Oh well. Would have been easier to hide out at work! 😉 Had time to make some seared scallops over farro and arugula salad for tonight's dinner. The lemon-garlic dressing for the dish was made with a lemon that we grew ourselves! The citrus trees are doing really well under the new grow lights that I put in this year. Lots more lemons ripening, and one of the orange trees is starting to flower. Should make the winter a little more pleasant. Happy TG to all who are celebrating.
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