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  1. We had a zoom cocktail hour on Saturday with our cruise group. Pennsylvania, Toronto, and Brisbane Australia came together with us here in Albany for a drink. Was fun!
  2. Nope, turns out we didn't need that. But not a bad idea! I gave Chris a glass or two of wine for courage, then handed her the scissors. Between my combing and holding, and her cutting, we did a pretty decent job, I think. Still looks ok the morning after. If not, I can always wear one of those goofy blue hats! Back at it for the next week. Have a great one, all!
  3. Thanks, ural guy. We work at a pretty small hospital and so far we have what we need. Still, pretty scary stuff. The cases I've seen aren't the flu. When this goes bad, it is vicious. I'm not afraid of catching the flu. I don't want any part of this. November is on one of the new Ponant explorers, assuming that all goes according to plan. Singapore to Darwin. Regarding the original question here - April still looks scary and we will be picking up the pieces well into May. I'm hoping that the pandemic settles down by June and that things get back to some semblance of normal by late summer, or maybe September. I'm not optimistic that it will happen sooner, though it sure would be great.if it did.
  4. That is awesome! Except Chris packs less that I do. Perhaps because her clothes are less bulky than mine. I'll go with that. Partly correct - Stumbles would have a sled of his own, too! That you do. 🙂 No way will you settle for just that rollaboard!
  5. I hope you get to go...as we've discussed earlier, it is a great place to visit! One wave will be bad enough. Let's hope there isn't a second! This uncertainty is definitely weighing on us too. Though we both have work to distract us, we love trip planning and we just had to cancel our June trip (China, not happening...) which is a real letdown. We have a November cruise planned and hopefully that will still happen. Maybe by the end of summer we will be able to come up with an alternative itinerary to replace June.
  6. Yeah, not like it's the drive-in or something... 🤣
  7. Yup, and many different punchlines. I remember hearing it in the early '80s with Reagan as the butt of the joke. Still, it has aged well. 😉 ... better than many other things from the '80s!
  8. Unknown. The filtering quality of cloth masks is a big unknown and probably highly variable based on the weave, thickness, type of material, etc. Too many variables to sort through - not all cloth masks are the same, so no blanket statements on whether this could improve any further or not. When you wear a surgical mask, the air you breathe is a combination of air passing through the mask, and unfiltered air leaking around the sides. Both are better than breathing directly from the contaminated environment - the partially filtered air for obvious reasons, but the leaked air is better too for less obvious reasons. When the air leaks around the sides of the mask and you breathe it in, the air has no problem following that circuitous path. Droplets are heavy particles, and can't follow that path, so they drop out of the airflow stream and you don't breathe them in. They stick to the mask and to your face, though, so keep washing! Aerosols CAN say in that twisted airstream - that's why an N95 mask has to be fitted, so there's no air leak, and all of the inhaled air passes through the filtration system of the mask. If you think of a river, carrying glacial runoff, as it meanders around a corner - the heavier rocks (droplets) drop out of the stream at the sharp turns, but the finer silts (aerosols) turn the corner with the river and stay in suspension. My (untested) guess is that adding a coffee filter as an inner layer would make the mask harder to breathe through, and would shift more airflow to the sides of the mask. It would still protect against droplets, for the reasons above, because of turbulent airflow. I don't think it would be particularly better, unless your mask was made of such porous cloth that the filtration properties were very poor. But I haven't used a coffee filter in years...we have an espresso machine. 😉 ☕ Sipping some right now before we go out for a walk and try to catch the bright morning sunshine. Happy weekend all!
  9. Stumbles, I last got a haircut in December, a week or two before the cruise...
  10. Good one, M. Have seen that floating around Facebook. I love the animal memes. On the subject of hair... Who is brave enough to try cutting their own? I am starting to resemble a mad scientist. In a few more weeks it will either be a man bun, or a desperate attempt at using scissors while looing in the mirror. I keep asking Chris to try trimming my mane back, and she will have no part of that idea. Maybe I will have to ask again after a few glasses of wine... 🤣 🍷 Off this weekend, then ready to dive back into it. Back in the ICU for another week, starting Monday.
  11. Seems to be working better now on my android phone (S10+). Threads are updating with the latest posts. Hope it continues to work! Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Forums mobile app
  12. Maybe it will muffle the volume of the 7AM serenade? One can only hope! 😷
  13. My 2 cents on masks. Wearing masks vs not is an example of an old medical saying, "Perfect is the enemy of good." Old surgeons always warned us youngsters to not try to be perfect when sewing up things, because in doing so you'd often get too fancy and end up making a mess. Meaning related to the coronavirus situation: doing something that's better than nothing, is almost certain to be better than doing nothing at all, while waiting for a perfect solution to materialize. Covid-19 can apparently spread by both droplet and aerosol. The surgical mask only prevents most droplets. Aerosols are smaller particles and can get around the loose-fitting edges of a surgical mask. Luckily, the highest risk of aerosolization seems to be during hospital procedures, and less so out in the community. So, a surgical mask is going to be less effective than an N-95. But does that mean it's useless? Of course not. Accurate numbers are hard to come by but I've heard 95-98% with surgical masks and 98-99% with N95s. So the pessimist looks at 1-2% failure with N95 and 2-5% failure with surgical masks and says the latter is only 50% as effective, so surgical masks are terrible, useless, etc.. Statistically true but the conclusion is misleading. If everyone wore a surgical mask, transmission would drop. Not to zero, but rates would be lower than if nobody wore one. Even a homemade mask probably does something, but we don't really know how much. A hospital can't accept and endorse a homemade mask of unknown quality, but you are free to use one. There are two aspects to consider. One, containing any infected persons, and two, not getting yourself exposed by breathing in droplets. A surgical mask over the nose and mouth of everyone, helps with both. Some, not all. Still, it has to be better than nothing. Why wasn't it recommended sooner? I don't know. But the philosophy above, I suspect, played a role. Also, health care workers who have much higher levels of exposure need masks more than people with minimal exposure; perhaps the delay was an attempt to prevent hoarding? And also, I suspect that there was some fear that if people thought that face masks were super effective, they wouldn't cooperate with social distancing. Both seem to be necessary. Social distancing is best, and wear a mask when you can't. I wear one around the hospital. The best advice I've heard about responsible behavior during the epidemic? Stop focusing on avoiding the infection. Instead, assume you are contagious, and act in a manner that minimizes the risk of spreading the virus from yourself to others. So I wear a mask to keep my residents and nurses safe. Stay well everyone.
  14. Thanks Charles4515. Hopefully it will get fixed. It seemed to go haywire once I made a post from my computer. I use both and go back and forth a lot. Seemed to confuse the app.
  15. Nice to have the app back but for now, the bugs still render it not usable for me (Android version). The biggest problem is that the threads don't update after a while. On install, they appear up to date, but after a while (few hours to perhaps one day) the "participated" threads don't update any more. They are currently showing stuff that's current as of 3 days ago, when I last reinstalled the app. The little wheel keeps spinning like it *trying* to update, but it never does. Screenshot added. See how the topmost thread has a 3 day old reply? I've posted plenty more since then and it won't update. So I'd love to have the app back, when it's functioning properly. Don't want to keep uninstalling/reinstalling just to force the thread list to update.
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