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  1. Agree, that weather is crazy. Where's the rain? Oh I forgot...it's here in New York!
  2. That looks delicious! Though they should at least put it in a fancy dish instead of the aluminum trays...
  3. Don't stop on my account! The SS boards have been wonderful these past months, with so many live-from threads and I've enjoyed all of them. Great to see so many of my cc friends having great visits to beautiful ports of call.
  4. That fits with our last two trips there. We saw the last stages of the construction when we were there in May 2018. There were a few areas fenced off just near the Romer, with some work going on. We didn't have time to explore too much of it last month when we visited, but what we saw seemed to be completed.
  5. Taormina is gorgeous; thanks for taking us back! I think I bought a kilogram bag of salted capers there for about 5 euros. One of my favorite souvenirs - they lasted me a few years.
  6. Bob, we have two expedition cruises next. A circumnavigation of Iceland in August, and then Antarctica with South Georgia in January, both on Silver Cloud expedition. In between we are doing a land trip from Lisbon to Madrid this November. Kind of like a Douro River cruise, except by car, and independent. Robin's idea is great! I could see retiring in Languedoc, but I think Chris prefers elsewhere.
  7. M, where did you find that picture of me from yesterday morning? In my defense, it was a busy weekend. But I did have time to grill some chicken. And on Sunday we went into the pool for the first time this year. Got some decent sleep last night and feeling a little better today. A couple more nights like that and I might be OK. Taking Friday off so that's something to look forward to.
  8. An excellent report from start to finish, Bob. Thanks for taking us along with you. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the recap of the Rhone trip because it brought back so many good memories. A shame that you couldn't make it to the truffle farm. If they went to the same farm as we did, the guy was hilarious and his stories and demeanor really made the tour a hoot. Did you mention whether your next cruise is booked yet? And where?
  9. Haha, actually not. I often take only 2 pairs of shoes. This cruise we'll add the boots. Chris usually takes one pair more than I do. It may be a challenge to add the boots and go all carry-on but we'll give it a shot.
  10. Ugh, not the kind of call I'd want to get with 10 days to go. Sorry to hear that!
  11. I'm on call...so I will have to wait until next weekend! Oh well. It pays for cruises so sometimes it's a fair tradeoff.
  12. Love your stories! I too am disappointed...when I reach the end of your post and it's over. What delightful prose! Now I am eagerly awaiting the pictures.
  13. It's OK DW. I can just turn the laptop upside down. All good!
  14. What an interesting itinerary! We have not spent much time in this part of Germany, but we did enjoy 3 days in Berlin on our own in May 2017. Chris was there in the late '80s, before the wall came down, so it was fascinating for her to see it again without any of that. We had Potsdam and Charlottenburg Palace on our to-do list, but ran out of time to get there. I hope you post some pictures to whet our appetite for next time, because Chris still has her list and they aren't checked off, so we will definitely need to go back! And enjoy your post-time in Brussels, another place we did in a long weekend. Seems to be a theme with us. Have lots of their nice beer along with moules et frites. Have a great trip, and hope all goes smoothly for you. We will wait as patiently as we can for your report.
  15. Notamermaid, thank you, that's very kind considering that it was just a cell phone shot. I hope this is the right one. We enjoyed Frankfurt very much, both times. It's different from other cities. But plenty of charm, and the river is beautiful. Our first visit was for a long weekend last May. Lots of good food, Apfelwein, and museums. We had an overnight layover at FRA last month on our way home from Ukraine, so we went into town for the evening for dinner and sightseeing. Worth the time and the S-bahn ticket, for sure.
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