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  1. Fantastic info, laverendrye! Your guidance is spot on, from everything I've experienced in this area. Admittedly much less than you... I so want to go back to Alsace some day, and spend a week or more on the wine trail. I have, from my very brief time there, found it to be a great combination of France and Germany.
  2. Great pictures, dbbsteve. It brings back some (sad) memories of getting kicked off the ship last September. 😥
  3. You might email Cruise Critic directly and have them reach out to the SS person in charge of M&Ms. If that fails, or doesn't work fast enough, I hope that some of you meet up on your own and have a get together.
  4. She will find this thread, I am sure. 😉 PS I do not have our excursion list yet for the August cruise. It's more than 90 days out so not too worried yet. I will get antsy about it if it's not out in a few weeks, because we're away later in May and I want to see what's offered before then!
  5. Sorry, your question semed general so I didn't know that you wanted this specific information. The stairs are not bad at all. More like a gangway than a ladder, for sure. We just did this last September and I remember nothing difficult about it at all. It's a step or two down from the dock into the tender. There are standard tender seats and a step or two up to the pier when you get out. There are crew around. If your carry-on overnight bag is "small" then I doubt you should have a problem.
  6. Local tenders. No need to keep too much hand luggage. It's a really quick trip! We have embarked here twice, and disembarked once. Last time, we walked from disembarkation to our hotel (Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square). About 5 minutes away, with a suitcase each. Could not be easier! Like Wes, we really like this location.
  7. Notamermaid, thanks for the information about Blumeninsel. It looks like something else that we must add to our list. We have actually been to Konstanz, but we were on the side closest to the river, rather than the side with the bridge to Mainau Island. We climbed the cathedral spire (surprisingly...) and visited the Archaeology Musuem. We didn't have time for much else, as we had already driven all the way from Lindau Insel, and we had to return to our hotel there. It was a long day, but the Bodensee is beautiful and worth a longer visit.
  8. Thanks for this report on a most interesting itinerary! Have been to a few of these places, and I've actually seen Ludwigsburg before. We got there too late to go in, so we just saw the gardens from the outside. Now I know that we will have to return some day. The Landesmuseum in Trier is definitely something. We spent a few hours and could have spent more. They had a pretty gruesome exhibit on the Thirty Years War when were were there (Sept 2015). Welcome home and get some rest!
  9. Wild storm shots! We drove up those mountains a few years ago, and got totally fogged in at the top. Eerie. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  10. More common than you'd think. When we crossed from Chile to Argentina in January, we got an entry stamp and when exiting at the BA airport a week later, the immigration agents had a good laugh. The entry stamp was dated March, not January. They pointed it out to us, made a chuckling reference to "Back to The Future," and stamped us out.
  11. Where was your event exactly? I don't know KWV, but I see that your menu served all Laborie wines. We visited the winery in 2016, beautiful grounds and a great restaurant too. We were stuffed for hours afterwards. Needless to say, I am jealous of your continued great times on this cruise! This is the view while wine tasting, on the back porch at Laborie Winery: Or is this one better? 😄 Now I feel thirsty!
  12. Dani and John, thanks for giving me a chance to relive this fun trip! I haven't seen this blog in a few years and it was nice to revisit all the fun things that we did here. Hope you both have great cruises! Iceland is one of our favorite destinations. John, if you visit Orkney on your own you can probably do most of what we did, or maybe even more. The Orkney Explorer Pass was a pretty good deal and one that I'd still recommend. Just make sure that you reserve a time to visit Maes Howe, well in advance, if you're interested. But, it is quite likely that the ship will arrange something equally good for you, so it's a tough call. I generally do not make my own arrangements when I'm doing an expedition cruise. Akureyri is a tougher call. I might make an exception and head out on my own there. We will be there again in August on Silver Cloud so I better decide soon...but like you, I can't decide until I see what the ship is offering for tours, and that isn't available yet. We have done Akureyri independently twice (first time in 2008, before I started blogging) so we hit all the first-tier sites that day. That's why we did other stuff that was less well-known in 2014. Enjoy your trip, whatever you decide!
  13. Just catching up with the news reports of a devastating fire at Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. Looks like the spire and most of the roof have collapsed and they are desperately trying to prevent even more damage. Tragic.
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