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  1. Yes, you are way too slow! May was so many bottles ago, stumbles. We will be looking for our third Hendrick's of the summer shortly. You know, just to complement the Nolet's.
  2. I have not (yet). Our go-to traditional London dry gin is Brokers. It goes well with Indian tonic but even better with aromatic tonic. Add a cinnamon stick or a few whole cloves and it's amazing. We really love Magellan as a different flavor profile entirely, with Elderflower tonic. We have also been enjoying Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice with Mediterranean tonic. That one is enhanced by a sprig of thyme or rosemary. Will have to grab a bottle of Nolet's though. I finally got some light tonic water and want to try that combination. We thought that the delicate flavors would go well with a tonic that doesn't overwhelm. Looks like we need a lot of gin. Oh well.
  3. I am critically low on gin. Making a run for it tomorrow after work. There's only a half bottle of Magellan left!
  4. Thanks all. We are back at work today, tired but otherwise holding up OK. The funeral was yesterday so hopefully getting back to normal over the next few days. The cemetery is maybe 15 minutes from my grandparents' old farm property where I lived as a youngster, until we moved to Central NY in 1976. So we took a few minutes to drive by the property on the way home. Very little is recognizable at this point - the last time I was there was maybe 30 years ago. The road used to be a dirt road but now it's paved. There are houses in some of our old farm fields, so obviously some subdivision has taken place. Not sure if the main property is still even a farm. Progress, I guess. Lots of rain overnight and into this morning but seemingly a lull now. The full force of the storm seems to be still a few hours off to the south of us, so this afternoon/evening might get "fun." Glad we are not outside in the cemetery today, however!
  5. The shirt, or the ship? My shirts seem to shrink, not stretch, after prolonged exposure to a Silversea vessel.
  6. Thanks to all of you who have sent your condolences. Much appreciated. We did another 7h round trip yesterday which was an inordinate amount of driving for the week. Fortunately the car held up, unlike Monday. And we were able to take care of the necessary business with the funeral home yesterday as well. So not much today other than picking up the new car later this morning. WWFT you mentioned the Euro delivery program. That was such a wonderful experience. We did it twice, in 2014 with Chris's S7 and the next year with my S6. We packed more stuff into a week than I could have imagined. We had been holding off on the RS5 in hopes of them resuming that program but alas, with the Coronavirus it was not to be. There is talk that they may resume in 2022, but our dealer said that historically there has not been enough interest (or volume) to make it worthwhile and they may just permanently scrap it. What a shame. Chris with her S7 along Lake Lauerz: My S6 at the Corniche de Lavaux, overlooking Lac Léman: Highly recommend DIY trips through this region. Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are such fun.
  7. M, that is an easy one. Or I have a mind for such things... It took me about five seconds, and then I googled it just to be sure that I wasn't the only one who heard that particular meaning in those words. Lots going on here. More in a few days after things settle. Will be lying low for a bit. Chris's Dad passed today after a long illness and we have been busy going back and forth to Pennsylvania for the past few weeks. Had serious engine trouble with one of the Audis on Monday while coming home from our last visit, including a few stalls at highway speeds which were not fun to deal with on the Thruway. It's getting traded in posthaste on a new one; not taking another chance of that happening again. Closed that deal today by trading in two cars for a new RS5 Sportback. Now back to Pennsylvania tomorrow to make arrangements.
  8. Yeah, we've pretty much given up traveling again for this year. It's so discouraging.
  9. We just did this January 15d Cloud trip to S. Georgia, Elephant Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula earlier this year. We also did Antarctica in December 2009 on Silver Explorer (straight 11d Ush/Ush with 5+ days there). The time in Antarctica proper with the 15d trip is a bit less than optimal, but tolerable to us since (1) we got to see South Georgia, and (2) we have done Antarctica before. We didn't feel like we missed stuff the second time, though we would have been perfectly happy to spend more time. Comparing the 15d to the 18d itinerary with an extra day on the Peninsula - if you've never been there, take the 18d, and see as much of Antarctica as you can. If you have been, then take South Georgia and Elephant Island, which are amazing places in their own right, and skip the extra day.
  10. Yikes. Chris would burn down the house. She hates snakes. I merely dislike them... A few weeks ago I had to pull a dead garter snake out of the pool filter basket, though. Gave me the willies. Poor little guy. But nothing like a live copperhead. I picked the first tomatoes from the planter bed two days ago and they ripened nicely on the windowsill. Today they were ready! Today I finally picked the first eggplant! I roasted the eggplant chunks, added them to the tomatoes, along with some basil. Made a delicious salad. Beautiful night here, low 80s with low humidity and a gentle breeze. Went for a walk after dinner. Will try to see the comet again tonight if the conditions cooperate.
  11. Dinner looks delish, clo. We have been inside TJs exactly once since the pandemic started. They have been limiting the number of people inside at any one time, so there is always a huge line to get in during non-work hours. Once we drove by and the line was only about 10 people long so we jumped on and waited. Most days the line stretches around two sides of the building, so we don't bother. We have been going to Aldi instead.
  12. Rouen is a really cool place to visit in its own right. We loved our stop there on Silver Wind two years ago. But it's in Normandy, not Brittany, so may be of less interest to the OP. I am glad we visited MSM 10 years ago, when you could still drive your car over the causeway and self-park in the lots outside the walls. Parts of the parking lot would flood at high tide and every day they would mark a boundary based on that day's tide tables. You'd better not park outside of...if you didn't want your car to float away! Second your comments about Honfleur, even though we were among those "day trippers" who piled in and crowded the place. There is a hill to climb on the outskirts of town for a beautiful overview, and no crowds there.
  13. It was really simple to make (we have done this recipe before). The salsa verde calls for a shallot but we didn't have one this time, so the onion stood in. The pork chops don't need any marinating time at all; just brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then grill. LOL. Chris tries to follow me around and clean up my messes while I'm cooking. Though sometimes I make her cook the side dishes and I clean up after myself. We are a good team, like you two are.
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