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  1. After spending a full hand-bumping cruise with Captain Serena, I was sitting and chatting with her in the coffee connection the morning of debarkation. When leaving, I put up my fist. Instead of offering hers, she gave me a great big bear hug. I just love this lady. Terri
  2. Regent will let you take a credit for one or both flights. We have taken their credit for a domestic portion when it made sense, and used their flight internationally.
  3. DeepFreeze63, thank you so much for the hotel recommendation. We will be in Barcelona next year for a day or two after a cruise. We have been there many times and already seen the interior of Sagrada Familia. It is a very special place.
  4. i just purchased two collapsible water bottles from Hydaway. They will easily fit in my purse while traveling and plan on using them for excursions.
  5. The starting times will not show up until it is time to book them (in my experience). Even then, the actual time of your excursion may change once you are on board. This happens when they add more of a particular excursion. Your best best is to plan, and then be flexible.
  6. We are almost as sad to see this trip end as you must be. Thank you for such a wonderful journey. Terri
  7. I love the picture of TB and the steak bone. That is the best part of the steak. I've never had the nerve to gnaw on it in public, but plan on it the next time I'm in P7. Please tell her thanks (and hi) from me.
  8. We will be doing this itinerary next year on the Explorer. Can't you ever get your cruises coordinated with ours???? Have a great trip, and I am looking forward to your escapades along the way.
  9. We always take 3M hooks on cruises. In the closet, they can give an extra place for jackets, etc. In the room, we put a small bag to hold passages, maps and anything else we can think of. The hooks are strong and come off easily without leaving any marks.
  10. Thank you TC. I checked the 3 sites out, and will definitely look at what is offered before booking our next voyages.
  11. Travel at, I have never heard of an “Artful Traveler” cruise. What are they, and how do you identify a cruise as being one? Terri
  12. We were so fortunate to finally see the cherry blossoms in bloom yesterday. I apologize that I haven’t yet figured out how to post the pictures. But it was truly magical to be standing under dozens of trees being blanketed in pink. Something I will never forget.
  13. We are flying out this morning from LAX into Haneda. We are currently sitting in the new AA Flagship lounge in LA. It is a vast improvement over their old lounges. Floor to ceiling windows looking out on Bradley Intl, charging at all of the seats, and a full breakfast buffet. I wish everyone safe travels and we will see you Saturday. Terri
  14. Wish you were going Z, but we'll take care of John and Karen. I'm really excited to see them again......and you know how we love our cosmos!!! We did our own flights and used AA miles (got lucky). But we will be flying into Haneda instead of Narita. Looking forward to a shorter trip to our hotel. Terri
  15. Rich, we are loving your pictures. They're bringing back so many memories of our trip a couple of years ago. Jeju was one of my favorite stops. It was so different than I expected. Thanks for taking us on this trip with you. Terri
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