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  1. 15 minutes ago, Snit13 said:

    How about those of us who are 80+ and ready to sail the oceans blue, still.

    I hope you are back on board and with the whole range of ages!! 


    I have no cruises scheduled, but I'm a positive person and can't wait to cruise again.


    All the best to you. 🌊 🚢

  2. 18 minutes ago, HBE4 said:

    How was walking the new TZ Bridge (the name I prefer to use😉)  Was it crowded? Its on my list of things to do but  figured I'd wait awhile. 


    I posted this pic not too long ago, taken from Rockefeller State Park in  Sleepy Hollow. I discovered a section I never knew about - Rockwood. Great views.

    We really enjoyed the TZ (😀) walk, although it was of course a hot day. Luckily, we started in the morning. It is 3.5 miles each way. 


    It was busy. As you may know, the walkers are on one side and the bikers right next to them with just a painted line in between. It really should have been made a bit wider in our opinion. But, it is great to have. If you can go on a weekday, that might be better. And wait for a cooler day. 


    Thanks for the tip on Sleepy Hollow / Rockwood. 

  3. 13 hours ago, HBE4 said:

    Same here.. I've already found  a few state parks within easy driving distance that I never knew existed. 

    We had the same experience. We have some state parks 30 minutes from our house that we had no clue about and discovered during the last few months.  We also walked over the Tappan Zee (Mario Cuomo) Bridge in NY yesterday. There is a new walk and bike "path" that  recently opened up. 


    For those discussing national parks, last summer we visited Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. Also stayed a few days in Jackson Hole.  Loved it. (We actually started in Salt Lake City and drove up from there).

    Particularly loved Jackson Hole and Grand Teton. 


    We have been enjoying the Long Island NY beaches (nothing new there for us!) a bit lately and hope to head south sometime soon to visit some other US locales and beaches. 


    Enjoy, everyone. Make the most of whatever you can do. 🏖️🌲🚗

  4. I have been to Martinique multiple times on cruises and never had to show a passport (same with Antigua). 


    The only island I ever needed one for (again, while on a cruise) was when we took an excursion to St. Bart's. Had to take it with us and present upon entry to St. Bart's. 


    That has been my experience. Things can always change. 



  5. 8 hours ago, cruisequeen4ever said:

    I don’t know if your wife is into puzzles, but I ordered a Bahamas island/cruise themed puzzle from Dowdle Art, and I’m framing it when I finish. I can at least enjoy staring at fake Caribbean water!


    I can relate to this one. I have never done so many jigsaw puzzles in my life as during the last few months. Glad you found one that was somewhat cruise-related. 🧩🛳️

  6. This whole thing is funny. A woman I know extremely well is almost 65 and runs 30 miles a week. 


    I think she will be fine on a cruise and the cruise line will happily accept her money. 




    May I also say God Bless America (and the rest of the world) and here is to the end of the pandemic and happy times ahead! May we all cruise together in peace. See you on a ship sometime, somehow! 



  7. 2 hours ago, podgeandrodge said:

    Funny, on Escape now, and didnt notice smoke going through a busy casino. As an ex smoker I thought I would have noticed (still like the smell haha). Maybe there are just less smokersnthese days.


    I'm surprised. It was awful on our Nov 3 Escape cruise and seeped to open areas outside the casino. We actually mentioned it in our post-cruise survey as it was probably the worst we ever experienced. 

  8. 1 hour ago, BirdTravels said:

    It is basically left overs from the main buffet a deck below. 


    For us (just off Escape about 6 days ago) it was quite nice and complimentary, as noted. It included freshly made omelettes. Many did not seem aware of it. 



  9. Actually, on our November 3rd Escape cruise from NYC, we heard a woman comment that the parking was full by the time they got to the pier (I don't know the time they arrived).  I would think if you are arriving in the morning you should be fine, but I'm guessing. We arrived before 10am.  Perhaps others can report how late they arrived and still got pier parking with multiple ships departing. 

  10. We were in Bermuda a few days ago. We had a lot of rain (but it was not cold outside temperature-wise).  On our one sunny day, plenty of people were in the water. I think you will be OK for snorkeling based on what I observed.  (Probably more of a personal preference .... if you only like summer-like hot days for snorkeling, then no.)

  11. 40 minutes ago, njhorseman said:


    You will have used 10 of the 15 tickets in the booklet, plus two tokens, over the course of the two days. Total cost of two tokens and the ticket booklet will be $46.50, much less than two 2 day transportation passes at $31.50 each for a total of $63, or 12 individual ride $4.50 tokens which would have cost $54. As a bonus,  the tickets don't expire, so you can keep the five unused tickets for use on a future trip to Bermuda.

    njhorseman, thanks for all the helpful info you have been posting. I have been to Bermuda before, but can not remember whether there are free "transfers" between some buses? Does that exist? 

  12. 32 minutes ago, salty dingo said:

    Arrived at 9 am day one, full day two, back on board 2:30 day three.

    Hi, 9am is tons better than 5pm which is when we are arriving (same cruise - 7 days from NYC on Escape).  So we are arriving 8 hours later. 


    We are clearly going to live with it, but disappointing. 


    Thanks to all who responded. 

  13. 6 minutes ago, njhorseman said:

    The last  cruises of the year, which sail after the traditional October end of the cruise season  are not on the same schedule. In season cruises arrive early Wednesday morning and leave mid Friday afternoon. Perhaps not three "full"days, but close enough.

    In any case we are going but not sure I find 46 hours close enough to 3 full days. :classic_wink:



  14. 1 minute ago, graphicguy said:

    One of my favorite cruises....Bermuda.  Buy a 2-day bus pass and use NCL’s water taxi.  

    You are going to love it!

    Thanks, graphicguy. We have been there multiple times and will enjoy, but something is "off" .... normally should arrive much earlier. 


    Happy cruising. 

  15. I find it interesting that NCL advertises 7 day Bermuda cruises out of NYC as having "3 full days in Bermuda" (radio ads in NYC area)  ..... we are on one in November and it arrives in Bermuda at 5pm one day and leaves Bermuda 3pm two days later (less than 48 hours). 


    We will enjoy ourselves anyway but it is certainly not 3 full days. 

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