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  1. Masks? Mandatory here in Dallas. Idk about the whole state. Border towns with legal crossings seem to be the new problem of no hospital beds and sending people home to die. Maybe around Larado. Too bad they dont have some temp test or something if you cross into the us at the borders for workers who go back and forth. Though dallas is far from out of the woods., heard today there hasn't been a trial by jury here since shut down in march and wouldnt be any for the rest of the year. Idk how widespread the mandatory mask rule is .. I mostly follow dallas.
  2. Are there any obstructed view balcony on your ship? What ship? Idk your level of loyalty will make any difference. Once you get assigned a cabin if there is a better location same category you can ask to change cabins.
  3. You should advise your friend and not hope that he loses Advise him of what? He delights in sending me every bit of bad cruise news he sees. I heard rcl was up today on news that they stuck a deal I think with american Express where some of the restrictions were lifted. ... lol whatever restrictions were in place they didnt say. I'm just holding. Not advising anyone about stocks. My magic ball isn't giving out much info, says "maybe".
  4. I just heard on stock channel there is a 20% short position on carnival. They didnt mention other lines. I have a friend who shorted ccl. I hope he losses.
  5. I used to work for braniff airlines. Dont know if you are old enough to remember them. We ran the computers for 5 different airlines out of braniff computer room. Yes, always merges and changes in any industry.
  6. Reading about gammacore. Some device for migraine head aches. FDAA has given it authorization for helping with air breathing problems associated with covid and can be used at home. Just hold it up to your neck for 2 minutes. Trials going on now for more permanent FDA authorization. Opens air pathways. .. not a vaccine or cure, but yet another treatment to help.
  7. Idk but that's why I didnt rebook canc august cruise. All they look at is the number of days of the current canc cruise. Since you applied it to a shorter cruise, idk if you can win this war. Terms state the obc is based on the current cruise that was cancelled. Idk if you can get them to give you more obc based on 2 cruises ago canc, but worth a shot. Give them a call. Mine clearly says based on CURRENT canc cruise.
  8. On local news last night they talked about a study they needed more volunteers. I'm considering it, but was busy today. Dont know how many saw the segment and volunteered. It was for injections of something ... not covid, something that would produce antibodies to covid. Since they werent injecting covid I'd consider volunteering. Forget how many injections. Paid $120 per injection. See if you could build up enough antibodies to keep from getting it. I'd like to be immune to covid.
  9. I thought it was already required as a stop. My perfect bahamas day cruise had a stop in Nassau.
  10. I would too. For instance if I wanted a solo cabin which a few ship like adventure and another had, jewel I think had out of Galveston...can only seen them on a certain big box site.,rcl agent told me they were a glitch and dont exist and even crown and anchor said none, said she worked there 5 years. I told her check the deck plans, which deck and where they were. Agents at rcl arent particularly well trained from my experiences. But they can be seen on another site I cant name. Check some other sites as suggested or call.
  11. I'm not a gambler but my last cruise I think was elite, whatever the top one is that you have to do other ones to qualify for. My roomie couldn't find open slot machines. People were getting up in the middle of the night to gamble. They had these crazy drawings like every 3 hours seemed like around the clock and a lot won prizes but you had to be in the casino ever 3 or 4 hours in person. To me to get in their gambling quotas they missed the cruise itself. I personally enjoy sitting out by a pool with a book and I eat slow and if I was trying to qualify I wouldnt have seen any shows or the past guest party. They had prizes i saw like new tablets, new keyboards, lots of big stuff sticking out of their bags during disembarking and a lady told me she won 3 nice prizes already during the cruise. If I knew ahead of time I would have picked another date. Another example. Gamblers cruise a lot so there were a crazy amount who were diamond and platinum all trying to board early. Like over 700 to 800. Filled up the little room for early boarding and another huge room and were working and a 3rd room when we finally started to board. Lol it's hardly a perk to board early with 700 or 800 others. We had a port that was a tender port. Those who booked excursions with carnival first, then all those with priority. Crazy. You had to be a dedicated gambler imo to do the top cruise that has all the big prizes. I know you just asked for gamblers to respond. I responded because I'm beginning to feel like carnival was turning into casino cruises and getting too crazy. Handling almost 1000 priority crazy. There is a special line at guest services. Was as long or longer than regular. This was a December cruise at the end of the year after everyone qualified to go.
  12. For some odd reason my ta says carnival is refunding $37 on my canc oct cruise. Problem is I was cancelling that card. I still dont have refunds from canc august cruise. Seems to be taking up to 5 months to issue refunds, and now I'm stuck waiting on $37 he couldn't transfer to new sept 2021 booking. He has no idea why, he specializes in rcl.
  13. That's sort of what I was reading though some said give them bottom 2 decks in case someone gets sick. Give them some space. 2 decks. But again, would take some planning ahead and leaving those decks open unless they just do like the ship changes... and start moving people. I've read endless speculation until I'm to the pt ... who knows... coco cat would be fine with me. I've been to all the ports before. I just want to cruise, dont care much about ports. I'd even stay on the ship if it just docks. Just wanna know. (Like everyone else).
  14. I already am booked dec 2021 and march 2022 (b2b). Would be hard to lift and shift feb 2021 to 2022 and squeeze in between already booked dates. It's the not knowing. So I'm sitting on my hands but starting to worry about my b2b feb 2021, next booked
  15. Carnival alluded to the shorter cruises, then said sept would open with 3 ports and 8 ships. Contradicting the opening with shorter cruises idea. I'm having a hard time believing they have any plan in place to open lol. And this is rcl and ccl. Seems like the plans are ideas on the fly, and will change with whatever cdc comes out with. I'm still firmly in the wait and see after having both my b2b changed ships, one with 0 notification. I dont think rcl knows or has a plan is my theory. Sitting on my hands waiting for the next shoe to drop.
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