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  1. Then please just ignore my posts since your are unable to post nicely and intelligently. I do get tired of posters like you reading politics into something. Jjst put me on ignore.. please.
  2. Yes the obc is per cabin booked, based on the number of days of the cancelled cruise.
  3. They assigned me one when I came back to cruising earlier this year. 3 times I tried and after 3 days she never called back when I wanted to book. Then she moved to her house and she said there were problems but that took a month. She never gave me her email, just a phone number. I finally said got it booked and she said she was glad. I thought a odd response, since I was thinking... because you failed to get back to me. She has a nice voice though lol.
  4. Hahahaha, I meant guys burgers, but ok. I love men too. Hahahahaha
  5. There are a lot of doctors here leaving..my last doctor was from canada, oh I'm not leaving he said when I said my last doctor quit, he hates all the paperwork, it's getting to be more and more. By my next visit he too quit. I've now not meet whoever my new doctor is .. medicare has things doctors dont like and probably what's the other one for lower incomes, i forget. Oh Medicaid. I know a lot of doctors not taking new patients.
  6. I'm sure I'll be called a conspiracy theorist again, but heard something interesting that made Australian tv but not usa tv, saw the clips on Australian tv. Testing of red cross blood donations showed positive covid antibodies as far back as early December 2019. Covid was here much earlier than january 2020. I wouldnt say where I saw it, as people will just say oh its political nonsense.. I forget which states had blood tests positive for covid back in December 2019, one was Calif. Seems odd it made Australian tv that it was here by then, but not our tv. It was only a handfull of states true,
  7. I'm feeling bad for all the unpaid work my ta has done, but so glad hes been there to handle it. I'd be lost. And rcl has been little help, lol the last 3 reps I talked to tried to tell me solo cabins didnt exist, the code was a glitch. I dont think they seem well trained at least most answering generic phone calls, so glad of a ta who knows each ship.
  8. As I said I am only booking out of Galveston which is only rcl and carnival, hence my 179 pts on carnival and over 100 on rcl, have done ncl, princess and celebrity. All nice but I have to fly to them. I stopped cruising for a while and came back with a april booking on rcl in 2020, bad time to come back to cruising, but there is a reason most of my cruises have been with carnival... texas/Galveston. I'm not a dude. And wasnt looking for help, I've lost track of the number of cruises I have. When I started carnival 1A had no solo supplement, then 50% though at the tim
  9. Actually it looks so beautiful. Lots of trees. Its snowing tonight in the texas panhandle right now without all the beauty in your picture. It's so beautiful there. We've only had one night this week where it hit 30, no snow, but I'm a hour from Oklahoma... it's always nicer down on the coast in texas by the ocean, though still chilly. Texas has the too hot summers. But still has cold winter. Hawaii was perfect where I lived for 10 years. You live in a beautiful place.
  10. The indoor dining, me no? The shut down of optional surgeries or whatever the term is maybe. ..not me personally, my folks. The kind of things affecting us are the things skipped, undone like the hc parking placard expired, we needed the gp to give a prescription last time to renew, stuff like that we've not gotten done. Tree skier said about he didnt know if texas had restrictions to come here and I said no, but right here, not a lot of fun.,I'd go down to the texas beaches maybe though too cold here now to swim in the ocean. Just can go do tourist things and walk along the beache
  11. Good luck to you. It is slow. I haven't really figured out when regular seniors here might be tbh, though they said texas will get 1.4m doses of the 2 drugs. Texas is very big and that wouldnt cover health people, and they are wishy washy about the rest of us. My parents want it but cant wait in line. My dad getting iffy to get him anywhere, I'll find out tomorrow if he can get into my car and go to hearing aide doctor. He hasn't been feeling well and is 102, but my parents live alone, not in a nursing home, so not as high priority for vaccine. Plus I dont think either can manage much of a wai
  12. Dude!!! Lol I know, I thought it was funny dude. I've had other guys tell me they refer to everyone male or female as dude. I guess you are of that mindset.. I'll just refer to you as that dude from now on lol. Hey dude! Most women wouldnt name themselves after a small bug but whatever. You have already made your pt, I get it. Lolol. You dont approve of how I feel, oh well, get over it. Telling a woman to calm down always has the opposite effect. I'd say dude let's make a deal, I wouldnt tell you how to feel about this and you will quit telling me, but alas
  13. I wanted to hear more about who your husband got pregnant. Are you giving him a divorce? What's happened to the barista.
  14. Elsewhere I had a ta tell me my cruise april 25 out of Galveston has no chance. Hes been in business 25 years and never been wrong. I said I'll keep up the faith and decide in a month or so and hope things are clearer. We sure could use some positive news.
  15. It's what it says if you try to book a cruise carnival is in the process of cancelling but hasn't announced yet. Same as what I said ... feb is no longer blue meaning it can be booked, it's now grayed out. It's a goner.
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