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  1. Thanks, Patti. 🙂 I'm tending to not take big/long cruises but still have several cruises booked. Often cruised with my sister, Nancy, but she passed away a year ago. 😓
  2. Ships have lightning rods which means that they rarely experience a direct lightning hit. It’s pretty unusual. Last I read, the Sapphire was still anchored waiting for the navigation and communication systems to be restored. They cannot sail or approach a port without navigation or communication.
  3. Thank you all for the very kind words and thoughts. I’m alive and well... just busy and not spending as much time on CC. I’m now President of a women’s service organization which has kept me on my toes. So many of you give such great answers to questions that I don’t feel the need to add to them. I prefer to provide additional information where I can. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year. I’m off on the Sky in about three weeks with a group of friends. 🙂 As for Toto, she’s well, too. One of the reasons she left cruising (besides being hounded on that last cruise) was to spend more time with her husband and family, and to care for their farm and rental properties. He’s had some issues related to aging (which happens to us all) that’s made cruising and being with people more difficult.
  4. No shorts unless he’s a toddler. The kids he meets on the ship will be in long pants. He can wear jeans if he wants as long as they’re not torn/ripped.
  5. Pretty obvious to me:
  6. Good question. In my experience over the last couple of years and several cruises: maybe. On some cruises, no cup. On others, yes. This is what I got on the Royal last April/May.
  7. It’s not just about replacing the library with space to make money. Go anywhere on any ship and the vast majority of passengers are using a reader (Kindle, Nook, IPad, etc.) rather than a hard-covered book. Fewer and fewer people are reading paperback or hard cover books. It takes a lot of books to create a library as you have to offer a wide variety. I used to pack lots of books but now I just carry my Kindle around with me, whether at home or on a ship. It’s so easy (and free) to download e-books from the library.
  8. When I was on the Royal last May, my next door neighbor parked his scooter in the hallway every day and night. I reported it and he was warned. He kept leaving it so I went down to the Passenger Services Desk with a photo and said, “Take care of this.” They then left it in the elevator lobby. Ugly. This is how it was left all the time. The steward carts couldn’t get by, wheelchairs and other scooters couldn’t get by.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyed my port day in Buzan. I found it very interesting and would do it again.
  10. The beverage package is offered to make money, not save passengers money. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. For some, it’s worth it. For many, it isn’t. Yes, it includes bottled water and coffee but there are less expensive ways to get those plus the water on the ship is as pure or purer than most bottled water.
  11. As I remember, it includes a continental breakfast, mimosa or Bloody Mary, and other goodies. When I did it Glacier Bay day, it included luncheon order and delivery. Haven’t done it in the Canal in several years but I believe it has special hours starting quite early. Perhaps someone who has done it recently has more current information.
  12. In the past, it’s been full day only on Canal day at $60/po. No half-days.
  13. FYI, it’s based on Cruise Credits, not number of cruises no matter what the Princess brochure says. Same for the Captain’s Circle program. I assume they do it to simplify the explanation but technically, it’s incorrect. For most, the number of cruise credits is the same as the number of cruises. However, solos (who pay double) get two cruise credits for each cruise as does each passenger booked in a full suite. Book a full suite as a solo and you get three cruise credits.
  14. I’ve received several upsell offers. They’ve all been far more than I wanted to pay except one short cruise last year when I was cruising with my daughter. Received an upsell offer yesterday for my Sky cruise in January from a balcony to a mini-suite for “only” $398 for a 7-day cruise. Nope, nope, nope. I can book the Sanctuary for the whole cruise for a heck of a lot less. Told my TA that if the offered a down-sell to an inside for a free cruise or humongous OBC, don’t even ask... grab it. 🙂
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