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  1. You book onboard as you select a specific lounger or cabana in a specific location. That’s your lounger or cabana for the time you booked. Hours are 8am-5pm if you book for the day; 8am-12:30pm if you book for the morning; 1-5pm if you book for the afternoon. Afternoon tea is served at all loungers at about 3:30pm. You don’t request it. They bring the carts and trays to your lounger or cabana.
  2. Supply and demand. It’s not so much the number of oceanview or balcony cabins remain unsold but whether there’s demand for your category. The lower the category, the better chance of being offered an upsell or upgrade. Book the highest category and your chances are much slimmer. Logic. A few years ago, Princess decided to offer upsells to free up cabins rather than free upgrades. They will try to sell the upsells first before offering upgrades for free. If you are upgraded for free and don’t like your new cabin, you can always call and change to a different cabin as long as it’s the same “new” category or lower. You’re not locked into the upgraded cabin.
  3. Yup. After your next cruise. You have to complete the cruise even if you’re over 150 days before disembarking. You never go up a level during a cruise unless it’s also sold as segments. For instance, if you take a B2B and are at 153 days at the end of the first cruise, you’re at the next level on the 2nd cruise of your B2B. Doesn’t matter how you book it.
  4. Actually, no matter what Princess says, it’s not based on the number of cruises but rather, the number of cruise credits. If you have 15 cruise credits, you will be Elite. For people who sail only double occupancy and never in a full suite, the number of cruises and the number of cruise credits would be the same number. However, solo cruisers pay double and get two cruise credits, passengers booked in a full suite also get two cruise credits each. Solo passengers booked in a full suite get three cruise credits.
  5. You’re correct. Princess embarks and disembarks cruises in Brooklyn (Red Hook.) Manhattan is used for the unusual itineraries where New York is a visiting port, not an embarkation port. Not sure about the Pacific Princess. That ship may embark in Manhattan.
  6. No. You don’t have to attend the 2nd Muster.
  7. I’ve sailed on her five times, including two trans-Atlantics, and have two more booked. I love a lot of things about the Royal. Trying to think of a negative. Nope. My mind is blank.
  8. I’ve booked the Sanctuary for the length of my cruise, even 15-day cruises, many times. I now tend to book inside cabins and the Sanctuary is my “balcony” on steroids. 🙂 Booking has changed. You can now book for a specific morning, afternoon or full day ahead of time. No getting up at the crack of dawn to book for that day. Hours are 8am-5pm. Morning is 8am-12:30pm; afternoon is 1-5pm. Afternoon tea is served at about 3:30pm. When I book for the length of the cruise, I often use it for sailaway.
  9. Doesn’t matter whether you pre-pay gratuities, get “free” gratuities via a promotion, or leave the “auto-tip” on your onboard folio. Your cabin steward and waitstaff still get their share.
  10. I can only give you my experience which was a number of years ago when my brother-in-law got sick on a cruise and wound up in the ICU in Ft. Lauderdale for a month. I stayed in FL to be with and help out my sister. Separate cabins, separate bookings. I had my own Princess insurance. I submitted my claim for “trip interruption” even though we’d completed the cruise under my sister’s claim #. However, my claim was reimbursed to me to the maximum allowed with my policy. In other words, it was one incident #, two claims, two payouts. Check with your TA but I’d also call the insurance company and ask whether they should open a separate claim or submit their claim under your claim #.
  11. Haven’t seen true table side preparation in years; no table side salad prep in many, many years. There will be a special pasta freshly prepared by the table captain in your table’s section one night. Usually a very strong garlic pasta.
  12. You will get whatever Internet minutes are the Elite perk for the combined legs no matter how you book it. If there are more minutes if you consider it two legs, just go to the Internet Cafe and they will add the extra minutes. Example: I booked two 7-day cruises as a B2B last April/May. When I boarded, I was given 250 minutes for a 14-day cruise. I went to the Internet Cafe Manager and he corrected that to 300 minutes, i.e., 150 minutes for each 7-day cruise.
  13. Yes. You pack the things in drawers and on shelves into your suitcase. Your steward will move everything, including everything hanging, into your new cabin. You can stay onboard and enjoy the time on the ship or you can get off, explore and return at your leisure.
  14. I think it depends more on the size of the ship and itinerary. I’ve been on all three lines and the most “interactive” cruises I’ve taken were on the Pacific Princess and HAL’s Prinsendam and Amsterdam. Thirty-day and longer cruises on Princess, such as my 31-day on the Sapphire, was very interactive.
  15. No lounger on the balcony unless you book a full suite. The Royal class ships are not “tiered” like other ships. The sides are straight down Slightly larger balconies are the angled balconies as shown on the deck plans.
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