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  1. I’m guessing we can’t send pix on CC anymore.
  2. I’m trying to send a pic, but I’m having issues.
  3. However, if you are on an end S3 you lose a lot of privacy. I was in an S1 in January and could see right into the sides of the S3s for a number of decks.
  4. WrittenOnYourHeart, so sorry you had to cancel. My husband and I had a wonderful cruise booked on the Summit this past June from NJ to celebrate our 45th Anniversary. Ports included Newport, 2 nights in Charleston SC and 3 nights in Bermuda. Instead we celebrated our 45th on the first leg of our drive from Naples, FL to Cape Cod. Sadly, all of our lives have been turned upside down by this pandemic. If I recall your sister works/worked for Disney so hope she was able to get you a discount. Enjoy your 50th and Disney sounds like a great alternative.
  5. Please tell us your source on this.
  6. Host Jazzbeau, totally agree with you, thanks.
  7. Why? If it keeps you safe why not? Who would have ever thought that the fashion statement for 2020 would be what mask you wear.😉😀
  8. I’ve stayed in 2 IVs and 2 S1s on the Edge. I wouldn’t comment on an 1A. There is a way to not totally shoput off the a/c in an IV.
  9. This has become such a political hot potato in the US it is mind-boggling.
  10. Good move. We stayed in an S1 aft and loved it. There is a lot of walking but never a problem for us. I also think there is the same amount of walking in the 1As.
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