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  1. TY When we sailed YC last time--the Butler said we were to be escorted through and so on--the Butlers cannot get off the ship into the terminal. There was no YC line/access and it took a while. This much older french couple (mid/late 80s) kept up with us and the pace...and standing there in the huge group. I felt terrible as my hs and college french has long since departed --and I wasn't able to be useful to them. This B2B experience and the disembarkation are the two "holes" in the YC experience. To be fair--MSC doesn't control immigration. In the past the Miami terminal for MSC did not have the facial recog/scannning and no US citizens line verses green card or visa holders. 😞
  2. TY. Exactly what we needed to know. Have a great vacation. She is a lovely trip Please drop in and let us know how they do the B2B movement. On another line our small group went to a restaurant for breakfast, did all the electronic papers and was escorted off to a holding place, handed our new keys while the ship Zero'd out--and we were back on in 25 min. With MSc it was a massive group--herded down into the terminal where we stood in line-- only to pass by the immigration while holding our passports -- the paperwork had been electronically filed. We are sailing YC and the embarkation is very smooth... BUT the B2B was a mess. I'd be inclined to leave the ship- go to the YC tent and "start over" each leg which is likely faster!
  3. As it says in the title Looking for B2B experiences US port of embark/debark Very happy we are all sailing again TYIA
  4. Thats helpful TYVM We are empty nesters
  5. Question-- do you have to do Ship excursions like they required on Grandiosa on the initial re-lauch Or can you do independent sightseeing?
  6. Hey there Are we required to take ship excursions like they initially did on the Italy sailings on Grandiosa or can we do independent sightseeing etc?
  7. Depends on where ya live I guess. I live in a free state
  8. Hi there OK- You can't "get in " YC IF you have not paid to be in YC It is like Suites class on Celebrity-- you don't just walk into Luminae right? You don't walk into the suites bar and expect to be ale to stay YC is clearly marked and has locked glass doors and locked deck gates that only YC wristbands will open When someone who is not YC is caught (by other YC pax or butlers/staff) they are ceremoniously removed from YC. Believe me--I am the first to report non YC pax to butlers/staff if someone sneaks in. People may try to go in behind a YC pax at the doors-- but get removed. You don't want to be "that" person. Same for reserved seating in the shows-- Butlers do remove people who "sneak" in. Its crazy they say they didn't know it was YC only when its written in English and they speak english. YC costs $$$$ per week-- and really if you want YC, pay for it. Just saying MSC is not like Royal or Celebrity --which it appears you are most familiar with-- MSC has a distinctively european flair to menu items and it seems folks either love it or hate it. The Pizza is excellent (according to Italians and those of us who have lived in Italy for any length of time) Announcements are in Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese, English and French. We are english speakers first and have decent Italian from living in Italy and minimal french and spanish. We did fine speaking with other pax who were patient with us in their language as we were with theirs Ships have a lot of entertainmment options like bowling, Formula One, basketball/sports court etc Shows are a mixture of music, drama, interpretive etc... they are playing to an audience that may have a dozen languages represented. I read here where many complain about the shows. We liked them all. We also liked the opera/ballet show which was charming, as were the two Cirque chows. It IS a ship and those who drone on about Vegas--can have Vegas. Gym and spa have great options. IDK what it will all look like post "apocalypse" - and can say on our B2B we just loved MSC. We are very high pts/loyalty members of Celebrity and prefer to sail them in Aqua class if that helps. We like Regent for itineraries that require a small ship access. We We have sailed NCL and found that with the prem bev package and specialty restaurants we managed just fine. Lets face it-- cruising is great and there are many lines to meet the many tastes. Just don't into MSC expecting RCCL--- folks who are big RCCL fans and sail them often are disappointed with MSC not being RCCL Happy sailing
  9. MSC is a very different line-- nothing like the American leaning brands. If you like a european style in dining, and enjoy hearing announcements in 6 or so languages then jump on in If you want a more traditional american style cruise, menus and bar experience, then pass on MSC
  10. They required a mask to enter TSL- despite it being a place where we eat/drink? 🤣
  11. @cdel71 Hey there-- I forgot to ask about masks because we dont wear them generally - have no need When/where how are they masking for YC, shows etc. I would have forgotten any need to pack them had you not said something Is it for just going through terminal? Shows? Interesting they require it at the shops on OC which are outdoor market types of things (mostly) Also- how was the YC checkin lounge in the port. It was a wonderful experience for us (beyond a rude couple where a woman took our seats where we had our day bag and gone to get a bev---she ignored us when my husband said something to her more than once-- and yes she was an american and spoke english.) At that time there was far more food than one would eat yet I would guess it depends on where you traveled from etc. Back in Feb 2020 there were sandwiches, pasteries, fruit, beer, wine, prosecco, coffee, juices, water etc
  12. Hey there We are YCers as well... Would love to hear about check-in From tent to YC lounge in the terminal--how did that go? We expect procedures will be different from pre apocalypse. Were there snacks and little plates in the lounge? How did they handle the buffet on the pool deck? We love MSC's YC and have B2B booked for 2022--- Who was on board? Bartender? Butlers? How was Ocean Cay YC meal and bev service? Debarkation (the one weak spot for a YC experience) is it staggered times? How did that go? TY for any insight
  13. Re the "Dean Clark post First note-- this Dean poster just joined Cruisecritic and only to vent....No other posting history The poster mentions payment method and vax Sailings out of the US can potentially req vax (CDC) approved which may or may not be different from EU sailings--- Given that the WHO is in bed with China-- one would not want the CCP vax which is already known to be greatly inferior Re his payment issue--MSC would be offering an FCC not cash back now right? And MSC can certainly arrange for an alternative refund method IF the pax is eligible for something other than FCC. The poster makes assumptions without having worked the process I am first to admit shoreside MSC communications and follow through is beyond bad... however that poster ... I discount the post. Each cruise line seems to be handling this differently - some lines allow unvaxed pax and will separate the populations/have different req. MSC was far and above ahead of the curve in testing and procedures -- we would have sailed again in 2020 had it been possible. We were on a B2B (2020) as cvd came on the scene MSC was already taking temps and handling questionaires etc to board in Fl. Ship was immaculate and looking back-- our biggest risk was all of the Italians because Italy was a hot spot
  14. I was wondering about this as before the "apocalypse" the ability to upgrade in YC had stopped... they wanted the full charge for the premium package on top of the expense of sailing YC which is obviously absurd Would not be surprised if they stopped it again and say YC must stay on YC bev package There had been posters bragging about what they consumed and others who bragged about clearing out the snacks and mini bottles from the fridge in the suite. Honestly--if one has to clear out the minis in the suite-- there is a bigger issue We never drank from the mini bar as we preferred to go to the lounge or pool deck. Mostly we used the fridge for the juices and bottles water in the am. Looking fwd to being back on the ship. With the YC and our Diamond/Black status we really enjoy our time on board. Has Cirque come back?
  15. @miataman19 please see post 8. any thoughts/info @alyssamma ah ha-- yes it is 2021 -- I thought your shorthand for the date was month/yr not month day... Cannot believe it is already mid Oct 2021... So glad to hear the food was as good as we remember.
  16. Hey there We were in YC (Merav) in Feb 2020 before the shut down and thought the food on Merav was great. How has it changed? Have menus changed- can you share what? I know there are things on the EU sailings we unfortunately don't get on US sailings--wish we did. We like the distinctly Italian/European flair of MSC (having lived in Italy previously) You mentioned sailing 8/20... we were to sail in Sept of 2020 but they weren't sailing in the US yet. Are you certain about that date or was that an Italian sailing on Grandiosa? Would appreciate your thoughts on service etc -- post apocalypse - we are hoping it is just as wonderful as before.
  17. Great to hear We loved our YC experience on MSC and have B2Bs in early 2022 How many days are you sailing? Can you let us know who is in the dining room, at the bar and any butlers you've met... Hoping some of our favs are back. We have missed them all immensley
  18. Thanks for this. We have B2Bs in early 2022 in YC on Meraviglia. Had an outstanding time on her in 2020 - they had just begun the temp taking to board and beyond that it was a go How do they handle the docs etc for YC. When we last sailed all of that was handled by a YC specialist at the YC tent and then we cued up in a vip line and were ushered to the YC lounge in the port for all of the processing (newspaper, wristbands etc) Hoping our YC will be as wonderful as before. Also- did the lounge have all of the lovely goodies on the apps/cold bar during the day? And- is there still the YC only seating in the theater etc? Did Cirque come back?
  19. Interesting. He was a co maitreD in YC Merv Jan Feb 2020 He is an original
  20. She looks nice with the paint... Hopefully inside is clean and in order.
  21. Love our Gov and thank the LORD every day and twice on Sundays that we live in FL and for DeS. Only other place I'd want to live ix TX Evidently LOTS want to live here-- housing prices skyrocketing and many fleeing from their home states. Honestly I think those that voted in certain elements should have to stay in their home states to fix the mess they voted for-- Literally a several yr wait to build in our 'hood. We were offered (unsolicited) 50% more than we paid 3 yrs ago, cash.
  22. If sailing this Oct--then you are inside the 90 days IDK what MSC's policies are for payment We did get a % bump when MSc had to cancel sailings. MSC has been very successful sailing in the Med for a yr now and from what I have read and see re video--they are doing a great job. We'd have been on any MSC ship for over a yr now if we could have been. As far as excursions, I suspect you will be happiest to book ship excursions in case things change re itinerary CDC has changed policy (and I believe also lost in court) over some policies Book and try to enjoy your cruise. There is so much to do on and off the ship. and OC is lovely Bon voyage
  23. Exactly Its political theater.... they might as well date it May 2022
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