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  1. I know I've posted this before, but in case anyone was wondering what the infant life vest looks like, this is it. My then 6 month old daughter was not happy at the time, but it makes me laugh.
  2. There are always a ton of bars, and a cruise is always what you make it. There are a ton of activities that are stupid fun throughout the day. Random mini golf, belly flop contests, martini making....and stuff like that. Do a little research of what you want and then when you find a ship/itinerary, look up their daily handout thing with all the activities from past cruises to show them. I started consistently cruising in my early 20s, and love it! Having too many cocktails and playing trivia is one of my favorite things!
  3. Wonderful words again, Belle. Great job Mel and Jo for going down, and Jan life is life, and it could all be water (that's what I always hope for). And being healthy is better than weight loss anyway. Like Diana, I stayed the same, but that is a good thing since this is my lady week and all I want is salt and to take a nap. HAH! Keep up the great work ladies! Today is a new day and a start for a wonderful week.
  4. Thanks, everyone. I will most likely be going to you with questions. Our itinerary (with Princess) is Ft. Lauderdale, Princess Cays, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Ft. Lauderdale, Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. It'll be my husband, three daughters (at the time they will be 14, 11, and 8), my disabled mom (she is blind), and me. My brother and his family are joining us for the first week, but it is a total of 14 days.
  5. What islands are you going to and which line? I'm doing East and West Caribbean next summer and just trying to figure it all out. This'll be my second time cruising the Caribbean, but going to a few islands I've never been to.
  6. The almond martini (I think they have renamed it), dark and stormy, champagne as a default, the frozen mint chocolate thing (like 500 calories and too much sugar, but tastes so good), titos and soda with a splash of whatever juice you like (I usually go with pineapple), and once I get to know a bartender I have them make me something of their choice.
  7. Are you as crazy as I am with countdowns in multiple places? HAH!
  8. 402 days....ugh! At least it'll give plenty of time for the chaos to die down, I hope.
  9. If the driver has done an over the top job, yes. But my last trip, the princess people put my luggage on and took off the bus. All the driver did was drive, not even tell us about what was around.
  10. In regards to brand of luggage, no one cares. I, personally, like the "Buick" of luggage. Something sturdy, zips well, and can handle bumps and roughness. Also, you never know what the weather will be like so your bag could get soaked in the process. Rolling duffel bags are great because they fold down and can be stored under the bed. Take what you want, but I wouldn't pack for 14 days if you are going for 7. And if you want to over pack so you have options, go for it. I have done both and regretted both. It is definitely a personal choice.
  11. Crossing my fingers for an upgrade from my inside cabin to at least a small window. We will see.
  12. Check with Princess, I know they do some sort of transfer service. I wouldn't count on Uber or Lyft or things like that. LAX is cracking down on all of those services and they have become very limited and only in certain terminals. Taxis are a plenty though. If you have the option, or can figure it out, flying into Long Beach or SNA is a better option. Long Beach is super small and easy to maneuver, and John Wayne is a nice airport with way less people but still has all of the large flights.
  13. For those rates, I would personally drive someone and even go through the In & Out drive through! HAH
  14. I CANNOT WAIT for endless chips and salsa. Being in southern california, NOTHING is open and it doesn't look promising that they will be any time soon. My kids have been living on bags of frozen veggies, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese....I guess that's because I've been living on chicken breasts and salad. If you are sheltering in place (I am "essential" so I'm still going to work everyday), what are you doing to keep yourselves busy? Pick up any new hobbies? Keep up the great work. Stay safe and wash your hands. HAH!
  15. Jo, did you give him the finger?! You get told to weigh less from society, social media, doctors, ***** friends....the last thing you need is your husband to say anything to you! I'm sorry that happend. That sucks. Great poem, Belle! Love reading them; its always a "chipper" way to start the day. I'm (thankfully) down 2 lbs this week but I have to say, its not fun! I am so bored with my chicken breasts and salad, my yogurt, sugar free creamer, and all that stuff. It really does suck being good. I know that I just have to keep going until I get to my goal, but I miss real food. I miss the drive through, I miss an ice cream cone, I miss nachos, I miss cocktails!!! I've gotten to the point to where I don't really "want" them because it has been so long since I have had a cheat meal (Mother's Day was the last one), and I know myself that if I let myself have a "treat", it'll all be downhill from there. Oh well, enough with my rant; I just know you all understand. Have a great week everyone!
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