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  1. Princess needs to get heads in beds without losing money. Princess knows the value of these perks. Princess will calculate cruide fares as appropriate. Princess knows that offering brjght and shiny baubles (perks) gets lotsa attention. Princess seems to have some great marketing gimmicks. Wait for the new fares on Dec 11.
  2. The offer we got this week for that same cruise was mini to full suite for $5999pp 1st and 2nd, $449pp 3rd and 4th
  3. I doubt Princess would trade bev pkg for OBC ... tine was SNS offered OBC alternate ... no more
  4. You might call Princess and inquire ... but I honestly do not believe Princess will grant permission.
  5. Once boarding begins club class boar ds after elite, plats, suites
  6. Any reason you did not turn it in to the Royal Lost and Found? Further, there is no established messaging capability on these forums.
  7. The free wine info I found indicates vouchers for 2 free bottles of wine ($32 value) Doesn't say "each" or "total" Wonder if these are half bottles, such as those for Club Class Valued at $32 total?
  8. Not sure why ... we buy 3rd party to cover ALL nonrefundable trip costs
  9. The OPs issue is not unique to Princess .. likely woulda been samr result with any other cruiseline, travel consolidator, or land tour operator such as Odysseys Unlimited Most unfair to cast aspersions on Princess and AON ... for following standard operating procedures
  10. We were on Princess last time there was a romaine issue ... from that point on, until the scare ended, no more romaine buffet, MDR, etc. It was nowhere on the ship. Caesar Salad made with iceberg lettuce
  11. So, if the 'rents are elite, the kiddos get Priority embark, Priority tender, Free laundry And how is that new? They'll also get internet minutes and shop discounts. Doubt they'll get the free wine tasting. All of this costs Princess near nothing ... and earns them much good will. It's a business decision. We have enjoyed many pleasant encounters with pax of all loyalty levels over the years ... have also endured the EES (Elite Elitism Syndrome), and see no reason for that "better" attitude. We've seen it and we've heard it ... it's most unbecoming. It's Princess' program, and they can make it what they want ... up to resetting us all to zero. We ought to be grateful for what we get and not be resentful of what Princess does for those some might consider less worthy or deserving
  12. When Princess puts out a promo, they often have alternate fares with no perks at all ... but one needs ti ask for it ... saves a lot of angst ... and protects onboard staff from an uncomfortable Lets Make a Deal scenario
  13. Cabs could be $65 or more ... i think we paid $35ish for Lyft
  14. I think you answered your own question in paragraph #1 ... the 15 drink limit imposed by Princess js for alcoholic bevs, while other bevs are unlimited ... you indicate HAL's limit is 15 total bevs per person per day ... apples to oranges
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