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  1. Thank you for saying what needed to be said! Kudos to you!
  2. So you missed the many long threads here dealing with the change?
  3. At a minimum, free berth for each 8 cabins (I think) ... Princess Groups or a TA would have more info
  4. True ... but the OP also asked about what discounts might be available for booking 5 cabins ... as per the thread title.
  5. Not sure there is any discount for 5 cabins. The serious perks start with 8 cabins
  6. The docs should be available to print 75 days before sailing.
  7. This thread is a great read, and one of the most entertaining ever on these boards. Thanx to all for some great laughs!
  8. What $ spend would you consider sufficient to qualify for each.loyalty level?
  9. And to make amends, Princess is giftng what to those who were impacted by their error or oversight???
  10. And, as the number of staff and crew is reduced, does anyone imagine lower fares or enhancements to the passenger experience?
  11. I did not realize I was name calling ... more like acknowledging that member's positive endorsement of a problematic program and the workers who make it so
  12. I respect your expertise and that thru your ministry you are so helpful to so many. I fail to understand, however, how the OM continues to be buggy and glitchy no matter the time, energy and money put into the program
  13. I recognize that you are a huge OM cheerleader ... but when, if ever, will this program perform as promised and promoted? After 5 years in development, and 2 years in the public eye ... and STILL problematic. Maybe instead of working longer in OT, IT needs to work smarter.
  14. Nothing like using friends to get a few bucks. Nice.
  15. It's like Groundhog Day or deja vu all over again, isn't it?
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