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  1. Think of it more like that one the dentist uses to smooth a tooth's surface! 🤓 Patty
  2. If only, he leaves that morning! 🥺 Patty
  3. Be sure to purchase some Beaver Nuggets!!🤓🤡😎
  4. I'm not opposed to going green here in the first world, but it's rather a case of feeling good but having almost zero affect on the world's plastic problem. Many of us have been to Asia and seen the real plastic problem in Vietnam, India and other countries there. Patty
  5. Texas City is what can be described as a blue collar town with refineries.
  6. Just because someone can afford to sail Crystal doesn't necessarily mean they have class!😱 Patty
  7. Saltgrass Steakhouse is a national chain owned by Landry's. Like most Landry's restaurants, it's OK, but nothing to write home about.
  8. Late February in Texas - winter, spring or anything in between. It won't be colder than 20. It won't be warmer than 80. This is based on my 72 winters in Texas!! 😱😳😛
  9. I believe the lecturers and instructors are given first choice at being the Crystal reps. I'm sure it's easier for them to place reps on the "good" excursions than on the so so ones. Patty
  10. Alaska - sixth one coming up and that's not enough.
  11. Why wouldn't you also post on the Crystal board?
  12. One thing that is super nice about Crystal's internet is that it is included. Read recently about someone on another luxury line and their internet charge was $400!😱😳🤡 Patty
  13. It is also possible to change the credit card info after it is first entered. I've done that when I knew I'd be getting a renewal card, but didn't know the expiration date until the new card arrived. Patty
  14. I don't pay attention to what side of the menu an item is listed, I order what I like. I'm not a picky eater, but 2 things I don't eat are beets and fennel. Has anyone else noticed that beets and fennel appear the same nights with all too frequency?? 😱 Patty
  15. Which airport, IAH (Houston Bush Intercontinental) about 70 miles from Galveston or HOU (Houston Hobby) about 40 miles from Galveston??
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