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  1. I know for sure that Crystal requires it no matter where the ships are sailing. I had not given them my new passport info and got an email telling me that I would not be able to board the ship with the passport I had on record with them.
  2. But the OP asked about NCL sailing from a US port.
  3. I'm sure that the tenders will be running constantly as they are at almost every tender port. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than 10 minutes for a Crystal tender. Generally one is running from the ship to the tender dock as another is running from the tender dock to the ship. Patty
  4. Your description is true for a small subset of people who get the yellow fever vaccine. I had it and had nothing but a sore arm for a few days, about the same reaction as my annual flu shot.
  5. One problem, you didn't say which airport in Houston. Since you are in Vancouver, I'd guess IAH (aka the big airport) which is 70 miles from Galveston. Many fly into HOU on Southwest which is only 40 miles from Galveston and therefore, cheaper on the transportation. Nice try, however.
  6. You haven't told us which ship. It would probably be best to post this on the board for your specific cruise line. Different cruise lines have different rules about what order people can exit the ship for excursions. The people familiar with the specific line can help you.
  7. I know this does not apply directly to the OP's question as it was about the mass market cruise lines, but for anyone who cares to spend more money, Crystal can provide multi coursed Kosher meals that I've been told are quite good. They have a special Kosher section in the galley where the food is prepared and the special pots, pans and dishes are kept.
  8. You're obviously a belt and suspenders type. I just can't imagine sitting around an airport for hours and hours to cover a possibility that's very close to nil. But, whatever floats your boat.
  9. Slippers in the US are "house shoes" usually worn with night clothes. Those rubber shoes are usually flip flops and occasionally thongs. The usage of thongs came before the popularity of that underwear that hardly covers anything!! Patty
  10. If that makes you feel better, great for you, but I can't imagine that you wouldn't have had more than enough time for a 1:40 flight. I've left ships in Galveston after 9 AM and gotten through Galveston County, Harris County and into Fort Bend County where I live and opened my front door before 11 AM.
  11. Not if you get to see the tides in the Bay of Fundy and the river in town that changes directions with the tides. Or, maybe I'm just too easily entertained.
  12. Of course, just a personal opinion, but you haven't missed all that much! 😳 Patty
  13. The Crystal Symphony has Alaska cruises this summer starting June 25 - Sept. 17, most leaving from Vancouver. I'm booked on the last one as a solo and paid 130%.
  14. Wondering why you haven't considered Crystal? The entertainment is top notch as is the food. Sea days are filled with activities for every interest.
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