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  1. I had totally forgotten about the supposed FCC for the Guam to Singapore segment. I have, however, not forgotten about the total refund I'm due for the Lisbon to London June cruise. Since I'm not at 90 days, I've got a long way to go, or so it seems. Patty
  2. I voted before The Bistro was recommended, but now think it's a great name. 😎 Patty
  3. Everyone is entitled to post their opinion here. You have yours, Coral has theirs and it's just as valid as yours.
  4. But how many of those are Covid 19? The media doesn't (doesn't want to??) get the whole story. For example, I've seen on both local and national media that the ICUs here in Houston are almost full. For one thing, it's much more than Covid 19 patients and at the big hospital systems they can open more ICU beds and units when it's necessary. This is not the first time they have had to do that.
  5. Lies, damned lies and statistics; although there is controversy on who actually first said it. (I like going with Mark Twain.)😏😜😎 Patty
  6. I find it interesting that people think a certain state's laws are stupid depending on whose ox is gored. I'm quite sure everyone could find "stupid" laws from every state. As stated above, all liquor sold in Texas must have had state taxes paid on it. The cruise lines are the "cheap" ones here. Put the blame where it belongs! 😜
  7. This question was moved from the Crystal ocean board so I assume the OP is planning on a Crystal river cruise. The Crystal river fleet doesn't have any water level cabins.
  8. Nor for me. I went into my account with Crystal and reregistered my email information several weeks ago. Crickets. Oh, well, I get all the information I need here. Patty
  9. I can't answer your question other than to say that I think any prudent person should not leave anymore on the line than they are willing to loose if push comes to shove. You don't have to "like" loosing it, but if you do, your life won't really change. Patty
  10. S&P downgraded Carnival to "junk" status. Discuss. Or not, since this is the Crystal board! Patty
  11. The article I read said we are right up there with the Russians and the Brazilians!! Make of that what you will. 😜😎😲 Patty
  12. I got my money at the end of the third working day. I have no problem with that. Guess I'm just not as picky as you. 🥴😏 Patty
  13. I called Chase this past Thursday to request a refund on a credit card balance that included a large refund from United for a business class fare to/from Europe. The person I talked to was quite knowledgeable and told me sometimes they send a paper check and sometimes they send an email requesting info for an EFT. I received the email yesterday, returned the information and the amount was deposited into my checking account overnight (not a Chase account). Patty
  14. It would seem to me that anything happening in the cruising industry worldwide should be of interest to all cruisers of any line in today's "situation". Patty
  15. Thanks for the head's up, Tracie. Now, I have to decide if I want to leave my deposit for the Oct. 11 cruise with Crystal or request it be returned. Patty
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