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  1. I doubt that you are going to find much here on the Endeavor. No one really knows anymore than what you are able to find online. I will "speculate" (and that's all it is) that Ritz Carlton is venturing into something unlike anything they have done before whereas Crystal has 30 years experience with ships. I'd go with experience, but that's just me. Patty
  2. I have a small stuffed dog that is bejeweled with all my pins. Has earrings on her (yes, her name is Crystal) floppy ears. Rings on her front paws. Thinking the next one will be a pierced tail! 😳 Drop by my cabin and I'll be glad to introduce you to Crystal. Patty
  3. I do recall more than one occasion recently, past year or so. when Marketplace was open until 2 PM. Also, when the ship got into a port at noonish and excursions started soon afterward, Marketplace was open at 11:30 AM. It has been done, so I'm not sure what happened this time. Patty
  4. Go back and do Glacier Bay on the ship. You need to spend all day there. NO comparison between the lumberjack show and a float plane to Misty Fjord. Float plane all day every day! I'd say for the first time to Skagway, the train is the way to go. This is all based on 5 Alaska cruises with the 6th coming in September.
  5. The on board credit for milestones are never "given", you have to ask for them. Many like to hold them for cruises where they know they will be doing many and/or expensive Crystal cruises. However, be aware that Crystal can change the program at any time, so it's a gamble if you decide to hold them for too long! Patty
  6. One of the many things that is nice about returning to Crystal is that the same stuff goes in the same drawers/shelves every time. It really is like coming home. And, you can unpack lickety-split. Patty
  7. That is correct as I stated above. I liked the Mozart and would have considered going again. Had been looking at a 2021 cruise that went down to Serbia. Alas, was not to be. After 17 days on the Bach I was happy to get off as it was just too confining. The food was not as good as on the Mozart, but that could have been the specific chef on the Bach when I was there. The crew was very Crystal. I sent for information on Uniworld and was appalled with the decoration on their boats. No thank you. Just don't think there is any place I could get a Crystal like experience on the European rivers and don't see wasting my money (even if less than what it would cost for Crystal) on an experience that would not satisfy.
  8. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. I thought you'd done it on purpose. Many use all sorts of different names for it. 😳 Patty
  9. Have you ever seen any advertising from any cruise line where the models/actors look like the passengers you'd actually see on the ships? 😱 Patty
  10. You are correct. I don't see why that should not allow me to voice my opinion that AMA is not the same level as Crystal. I'd think that most would realize that just looking at what is/is not included on their river boats. Yes, AMA has a river boat that is the size of the Crystal Mozart. No, that boat will not provide the same experience you would have had on the Crystal Mozart.
  11. Since the name change I've heard it called a number of things, but yours is a new one! 😎 Patty
  12. As long as you are aware that if you choose AMA you will not be getting a Crystal experience.
  13. See the thread here questioning the cost of sundries on the ships. Supply and demand. I was just curious as to which ships Steiner has the contract. They also don't charge the same on the various lines. I can guarantee you they charge more on Crystal for the same service as what they charge on Carnival.
  14. Perhaps you could say that Larry went a little "overboard" saying that comparing AMA with Crystal is like comparing apples with watermelons (however, they both are fruits), but until AMA is as inclusive as Crystal and offers the same quality in the dining room, it is, at least, comparing apples to oranges. I have a friend who sailed AMA and told me that it is "nice", but can not compare in any way to Crystal. That's OK, the daily rate is less. You get what you pay for.
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