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  1. Which day and time was the behind the scenes tour? How did you know when and where to sign up for it? We are platinum plus and have never paid any attention to when this tour is offered but would love to do it on our upcoming cruise.
  2. I'm in the US and our offers have always come with the colorful slider. We always use a TA…maybe its a way to distinguish between a TA and NCL reservation.
  3. Awesome, thanks for sharing your winning bid. Congrats and have a fabulous cruise!
  4. We are Platinum Plus and my TA does participate. We have received the bid to offer every time with the exception of once which was on our Jade cruise last March 2018. Of all the opportunities we've had to bid we've only been accepted once.
  5. Bon Voyage! Time to relax and enjoy…everything else before sail away doesn't matter now. :)
  6. Good for you!! Congrats and Happy Anniversary...enjoy!!
  7. Wonderful thank you for letting me know. :)
  8. Have you heard back yet? Just wondering since I put in for ours a couple of days ago and only received a case number. Usually they approve us the next business day.
  9. This really came out great! I especially love the end when it transitions over from day to night.
  10. Update: I did our online check in last night and rechecked this morning to find the upgrade banner showing on my NCL account. So excited to place some bids!! Thanks to everyone for your insights.
  11. I did check and nothing is showing up yet.
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