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  1. No kidding. Fear really has taken over. For me, I'd be willing to cruise but I'd want a commitment that at least some ports will be visited, and I won't be quarantined on the ship. IF I have symptoms, I would commit to taking whatever action the medical profession would suggest. This is no different from my attitude about sicknesses from last year or before. Remember Zica? And truly, should all hotels be closed too? Stores? etc. Sure we should practice good hygiene, but IMO, shouldn't be jailed in our own homes. Best to all.. especially those dealing with this issue directly or even close to directly.
  2. I understand your concerns. They are legit. Do you have concerns for other flus and viruses that are out there? True, the fatality rates MAY be lower than for Cor. (IMO, rates for Cor are still unkown) they are still fatal... even with immunizations. I'm struggling with the data side of this issue and risk avoidance. At what point is it low enough or high enough?
  3. We did not. And actually the sounds from the Piazza weren't an issue. For us, the ambiance of indoors (though not spectacular) seemed better than the outside tables. Though, the way we were seated, I was looking outdoors while my spouse was looking inwards. Maybe next Feb we'll try it outdoors. Of course, a dry run at Alfredo's may check that box.
  4. I might expect some price drops for cruises this year, but if I'm in the cruise industry, I'm not repricing anything after that. It's highly probable that many that canceled will rebook and add to next year's demand. Plus, all those that may have been given credits may be using them up. So who blinks first? I'm betting the passengers since the cruise lines can drop prices whenever.
  5. I think that you mentioned above that you'd like to try La Mer next time. We're no foodies, but we truly enjoyed the experience. I don't want to pump it up so you won't have high expectations, but we're not "french" food lovers but found EVERYTHING we ordered quite tasty. We'll be sailing Sky next February and we'll be dining at La Mer again. And this is coming from a steak lover (I had the sea bass... mmmmm.)
  6. Like others have said, thanks so much for this review. We too were on this voyage and now I'll have something to easily reference to remind me a bit of all the great times we had with my family! The effort you put forth isn't trivial and I truly appreciate your perspectives and photos. Thanks again!
  7. Just got off her this Sat. There were some dead spots around the ship, but for the most part, internet worked quite well and quickly enough for me. I don't stream much. I did listen to some streaming radio.. I heart, and Sirius XM. Worked fine with those.
  8. So the only thing the test can show is positive? If it shows negative, one can still have the virus? I'm not in this field, but I find that a bit odd. That's pretty unfortunate then.
  9. I keep asking and the answer has been not yet, but do you recall if the TV's in the gym had shows on yet? Word was that there was some compatibility issues. Not a huge deal since I'll be on her Saturday😊
  10. I thought Havensight is the dock CLOSEST to town (near Paradise point/tram). Seems right since $4 cab fare is low for the other dock: Crown Bay.
  11. We've got a Feb 21 10 day balcony... $50 per cabin: Future Cruise Deposit* $50.00 $50.00 $100.00
  12. Thanks for doing this! This will enhance our waiting time as we'll be boarding on the day of your disembarking! Enjoy and thanks again.
  13. I've seen similar posts many a time. Can you elaborate as to how it's a wast of time or money? I mean it's not different than posting on CC that cruising is a wast of time of money without further comment. Not trying to be mean a bit, just curious.
  14. As I just mentioned, I think we've had similar experiences. I did like the artists more when PFA ran it than with PW. I even lucked out when one of the artists was on the ship with us. She was a Disney illustrator. I already had one of her works and picked up another on that cruise. And yes.. less than what I could get it online or the few galleries that her works were at.
  15. I admit that I've bought a few pieces over the years.. but that was when Princess Fine Arts owned it. Now I think Park West does. Anyway, reading through the thread, a couple of points may still be relative. Some limited editions prints can be quite nice on the eyes and though they aren't totally unique, there is some enhancement with them being limited. Still, I doubt many would look to buy these second hand at a high price. However, in the past when I bought some pieces, they indeed were less than what I could ever find online or in a gallery (Wyland or Miller for example.) At the time, frames were included. AND these framings were quite well done and much less than what I could pay for back home. So I ended up with pieces that I truly liked, at a lower cost AND well framed. Wins all around for me. Now I can't comment on one off originals, but if one truly knows what a similar piece may go for in a gallery, it may be worth it. I guess the real question is where does one purchase their art from and what would they pay from that source? All in all, just know what you're getting and determine if it's worth it to you. So yes, let the buyer beware. But isn't that true at any gallery? As a plus, whenever I look at my pieces, it also reminds me of the cruise that I purchased them on. From what I've read, you may even get some fun out of attending. I do miss the way Princess Fine Arts ran them since they were pretty low key and gave some great back stories about an artist or two which I also found interesting.. not sure if that's still done today. The first year when PW took em over, it was a bit of a clown show.. maybe they've toned that down a bit? Just a view from "the other side."
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