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  1. I hope so is my answer. We pre pay so it’s one last thing to worry about onboard. It also makes the on board bill easier to read. We tip the Diamond/ suite lounge extra and the bar tender during diamond hour at a bar and usually leave a little extra for the wait staff and cabin stewards depending on service. This is always cash and I’ll bet ( and hope) that goes straight into their pockets as no one else needs to know about it. We don’t use the envelopes just pass with a handshake. Until we have proof otherwise we’ll continue to do it this way.
  2. Just did our first bid for the second week of a B2B. We have to change cabins anyway and the price seemed right for us. Does the minimum bid ever change and go higher? Is this something you have to keep checking? If so how do I check? Might be a mute point since we bid the max what we felt we’d be comfortable paying. It would be pretty exciting to get a GS as we’ve never booked anything above a JS. it was fun to do and adds some excitement to the wait. I assume we might not find out until the end of our first week on board as it sounds like rejection emails come just a couple of days prior to the sail date.
  3. All these posts are enough to terrify someone from using a full face face. We both have them....I like mine as it fits more snug and I have better sight. The DH feels it’s too hard to breath through and swim. Floating he says is fine but when he has to exert energy he doesn’t get enough air. I’ve never felt lightheaded or dizzy when using mine for up to at least 30 minutes without removing. if you want to try one get a good brand, buy one for a couple and take turns trying it. You might even want to go to a pool to practice a bit. I love that my jaw is relaxed. Otherwise I bite down on the tube and get jaw fatigue.
  4. I collect blown glass when we travel ( blue) so am really interested in this. First Celebrity Cruise....how do they do this on board? Is this with a torch of some kind? They can’t have a furnace on board. The DH says we don’t have room for much more glass( lol) but I’d love to have a hand in my own piece. Do they also have demonstrations?
  5. What is the best discount anyone has been offered on board?
  6. We’ve done it on Liberty and Serenade. Liberty was on the landing of the dining room and got very noisy at times. However the wine, food and company was excellent. On the Serenade it was a separate room and quiet. The company was also more quiet, wine was cheaper, food was great. We will do it when we cruise for a birthday or anniversary but not every cruise. All in all we think it’s worth it. For $180 for a couple on land it would be a reasonable price for the food and wine and makes for us a nice evening “out”. It does take almost 3 hours so will be a full evening.
  7. I have purchased and just did again for our November cruise. There is no gratuity. It does save a little. I just bring my own “water bottle” , mix in my room and enjoy by the pool. As a lighter drinker it lasts me the 7 days. I also buy drinks when I want but no way would I ever get my money’s worth with a deluxe package. So I enjoy this offering. I can make about 8 drinks with half a can of soda in each.
  8. Everything evolves and changes. Sometimes it’s because the company can save a buck and sometimes it’s due to different direction the company wants to go. We are just the consumers. Either you complain loud and hard in big numbers or the cruise line will think the masses are okay with changes. I’m sure they are saving money and that’s the bottom line. We too are looking at the more premium lines but have not taken the plunge yet. We did take a Viking River Cruise this summer. It was wonderful but not luxurious. Wonderful because of the places we went. And we did love that excursions were included. The other thing we noticed was no ridiculous pricing for extra excursions or drink package. That was refreshing!
  9. Just booked a balcony guaranteed cabin. Only second we’ve ever done. The last was great....upgraded from an inside to an outside. This time, kind of last minute, we decided to stay another week on board the Adventure. All that’s left are guaranteed. I know this means they are counting on someone backing out. It’s 2 months out so not too worried but it does make me nervous. We’ll have to change cabins on turn around day but we’ve done that before. As long as it’s a balcony I guess we can’t be too picky. Our only choice was not to stay on or go to the Allure which would have been double the cost. Any balcony is better then flying home right? Fingers crossed!
  10. Hotels by day. Day use.com we are using the latter this time. We have a room booked from 10 to 4 for $99. We plan to use the pool and then clean up before heading to the airport. We’ve rented a car before and gone to the beach and we’ve also used a hotel before. If we book a later flight we just figure the cost is one more “port” day and enjoy it rather then being miserable sitting at the airport all day.
  11. We’ve never been on a brand new ship. Every cruise we see the cabin somewhat beat up. How can they not be, in use 365 days a year. Even after refurbishment the drawers stick and wood is chipped here and there. Guess we are just used to that. The bathrooms are however clean. If yours was not that could be due to poor cabin cleaning which would be reflective of the steward. We have seem some really clean cabins and some really dusty dirty ones especially in the corners. All that hat said it has never diminished our enjoyment of the cruise.
  12. Hmmm. I’ve been using Nationwide for the past couple of years for cruise insurance. I used to use CSA. I’ll have to research a bit more next time I purchase. It should not be so hard.....you should get what you pay for, coverage when you really need it. I can see in this case where the it might not apply though. It’s not technically a port of call. And I’ve been wondering if the cruise line reimbursed you in some way, your insurance would not. I guess that makes sense.
  13. Almost 40 cruises and have pretty much enjoyed every excursion, some more then others. I do the research then discuss 2 or 3 of my top options with the DH and he picks usually. Or I tell him we’re going back to our favorites like Maya Chen, or Puerto Mari beach. Even now we never just wait till we get there....we have at least an idea of what we’re going do. We know what we don’t want too. If it has the word panoramic in it, it means a bus ride and we don’t want to see anywhere from the windows of a bus. And while I’d love to just stay on the ship once in a while he has to get off and do something even for a couple of hours. Do your research and get out there and have fun! Don’t be afraid to do your own thing either or a local tour with proper research. We use ship tours occasionally but typically not. We are going to try the Aruba submarine in November thru the ship. If we don’t do a beach we want something out of the ordinary. Use the ports of call here and search TripAdvisor too for ideas on things to do.
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