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  1. I was encouraged to see the amusement parks coming up with a plan and time line to open. Although it’s a lot different then cruising I think it bodes well for cruising starting up in some form in August or September. In the Dallas area traffic is way back up, parking lots are much more full. I’ve decided to let my cleaning crew come in next week. We skipped 3 months. (It’s still tidy but time for deeper cleaning.) We’re still being careful otherwise but it’s time.
  2. Our final is due July 7. Celebrity called this this a.m. to encourage me to book excursions, dining, etc. I was honest and said unless we know a lot more I will be canceling our reservation just prior to final payment. I’m not going to give them $4k of my money to use for 3 or 4 months. ( We just got back our refund for April). He was understanding and I did say if things resume I might book a month out, however if they increase prices I won’t. We’ve booked a back up vacation, fully refundable ) still flying to Fort Lauderdale but spending time in resorts on land instead. ( We will then be praying for no hurricanes.). We have the first flight of the day, we will wear masks and I’m honestly not too worried about the flights. Im hoping cruises start up in August. However I’m not too hopeful for the 11 night to go as is. That’s a long time on a ship with a lot of time for a lot of people to get sick. At this point I’d rather take a short cruise. So if they cancel it and divide it in two shorter cruises I’d be happy to go.
  3. At least Carnival is giving more information then Royal or Celebrity. I feel like Royal just wants us to continue to give them final payment knowing they won’t sail.
  4. I'm guessing they would not allow B2B. Ate you suggesting if you fly in they wont let you sail? I know we're all guessing.....I just wish they would decide and move on so we can stop paying to get refunds.
  5. I booked a new 5 night from Florida for October last night. They were happy to take my deposit. If they cancel me due to the 50% deal I won't be happy. I bet they take my final payment too. Royal should start making plans now for shorter cruises. I agree that short is probably the way to start back up. We are flying and plan to stay in the keys for a week first, then cruise. Flights are so cheap right now that I bet others will fly in too. We paid $123 RT from Dallas pp. Since our April cruise was canceled we have considerable credit with Southwest we need to use.
  6. It's often a little different when I call then the website. However last night it was $200 less then the website when I booked. I took the new rate happily.
  7. It's still backlogged with insure my trip. I emailed them again and they are"working on it". Nationwide would not talk to me....I tried that. They may stall so long I'll have no choice but to repurchase for October. It may be $300 down the drain.
  8. I’ve been looking at alternative vacations for October and after research we’re sticking with our cruise unless it’s cancelled by the cruise line. Driving in the US, stopping at public restrooms, fast food, hotels, etc on the way too and from will also expose us. Staying in higher end resorts are more expensive then a balcony for the same number of nights and exposes us on elevators and dining rooms too. All inclusives except for the Dominican republic and Mexico are more then the cruise and exposes us on planes and places where sanitation may not be as good as a ship. We need a vacation from work and we are tired of staying at home, having already missed our spring cruise. We are going to be careful but go if the ship sails. Looks like we we might be going alone....
  9. These are the staff that have cleaned up after you, served you and entertained you. We should show a little compassion. Most need the money to support others at home and most are not getting paid. Some can handle the isolation better then others. Royal has been slow to get them home I’m sure because of the cost involved. I can’t blame them for being upset. It’s time to get them home.
  10. I’ll take Allure as she is, in Galveston. This remains to be seen however since the new terminal is on hold. Unfortunately for me we have non refundable deposits on her first 2 sailings from Galveston which may not happen. I just have to wait and see. If she’s not coming I’d like to change our plans now before prices rise on other ships. I’m sure they’ll give me an option if she’s not coming but I don’t always like the options they give, as this has happened to us several times with switched itinerary’s or ships. Only once has it really benefited us. The big ships are not our favorite. However our kids who live within driving distance to Galveston were pretty excited she’s coming. We are a bit tired of Liberty and the same itinerary and looking forward to the ship as the destination on Allure. I’d take a barge right now if it’d get me back on the ocean. In serious withdrawal here.
  11. I'm wearing a mask all day. The thinner surgical type aren't bad but I do think I'm more fatigued at the end of the day. The N95 are a different story altogether. You do have to breath thru them not around them. Big difference and so far I haven't had to do it all day. I would not consider it a vacation if we had to wear those type. However the homemade or regular surgical masks aren't bad. You get used to it and forget you have them on. They aren't sealing out the germs just preventing your fallout from your exhalation. I think for some its claustrophobic which makes you think you can't breath.
  12. We have this room booked for April of 2021. Hoping they don’t mothball her before that and things calm down so we can go. The rooms are Empress are so small I consider this a real score.
  13. Ours is showing pending on our credit card today!
  14. Good news today. We can now see our refund as pending in our credit card. Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow. It took 33 business days for us to see this. Called and asked for a refund on March 27th for our April 24 cruise. Now I have to decide if I want to pay final for a cruise in October ( due early July before cruising resumes) and possibly go thru this again or cancel ( refundable deposit) and book last minute in September after I see how things go. Leaning toward last minute booking even if we pay more.
  15. Our daughter had the same issue and yes you should call. Even though she requested the refund from both reservation numbers they processed one reservation as FCC and she had to call and request again the second one. This started the wait time over and she may not get the second back for another 2-3 months.
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