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  1. We cabbed both ways. Got a great driver back to pier. $32 fare and he was tipped well.
  2. This time we decided to try staying in Hollywood instead of Fort Lauderdale pre cruise. We stayed at the Hollywood Doubletree for 2 nights. It really was nicer then any Hilton property in Fort Lauderdale except the Hilton resort or Conrad which have resort fees. We had a larger corner room with great views, wet bar with micro and larger fridge. Taxi fare from the FLL airport was $45 but I felt we got stiffed for this. The cab driver said his meter was running fast and turned it off. I should have reported him but didn’t. He did not get a tip. If you’re coming from the Miami airport and cruising out of Fort Lauderdale this would be a good place between to spend the night. The pool here faces the intercostal. Lots of large boats passing by. The pool had a DJ weekend evenings. They had a happy hour by the pool $3-$5. We thought the drinks were cheaper and the food about the same as usual hotels in the area. Large hot tub. There is a free ride service to Hollywood beach which we used twice during our stay. Sometimes a bit of a wait but for only a tip it was great. We went to free concert on the beach Friday night, had a drink for $3.50 from the market across from Margaritaville, a great inexpensive evening. We also biked the boardwalk and enjoyed this area. Inquire at the desk about the free ride. It was an electric car. Across the the bridge from Doubletree is a Walmart and liquor store for last minute needs within walking distance. Although wine selection was limited we got what we needed. We even got mani pedis which were cheaper then Dallas. Next cruise I already have the old stand by, Embassy suites, booked since we are in FLL just one day prior. However if we plan to spend more time pre or post cruise I will consider the Doubletree Hollywood again.
  3. We would have needed Uber XL as I belong to over packers anonymous and the the fare was about the same so I choose to use a cab as it was just quicker. Lesson learned.
  4. Seesh. Unless they are dripping wet you won’t soak the carpet. We use magnets to hold hats and other things on the walls. I use the 20# pounds ones I found at Home Depot. I also hang a picture of my grands and keep a compass on the wall to refer to. Once when we took the grand babies we hung a thick cloth shower curtain from the ceiling around the loveseat where he slept and made a little tent for him, he loved it. Storage and organization in small cabins is limited only to your resourcefulness and ingenuity. Magnets, foldable storage boxes and packing cubes are available for over-packers and those who like a place for everything.
  5. Got our rejection 22 hours before sailing. Adventure 8 nights sail date 11/9/2019 received offer 2 months prior Diamond plus booked thru Royal Spacious balcony Bidding Jr suite. $235 pp a bit above minimum but still a weak bid grand suite $450 pp which was above the minimum but still a weak bid Both bids rejected We really didn’t expect it and are happy with our cabin although a suite would have been nice.
  6. Just in case anyone else is considering staying at the Doubletree in Hollywood.... We are here now. We have a corner room. I feel it’s nicer then the Marina but I understand they are doing renovations at the Marina. The room is large with a larger and nicer fridge then usual and microwave, wet bar area. The pool is very large and is a beautiful setting on the intercostal. Food and drink prices are more reasonable here and actually pretty good for a hotel. A drink by the pool was $10-$12. (They did have an automatic gratuity.) Walmart is across the bridge, easy walking distance for last minute things. Small liquor store beside Walmart. Not a huge choice of wines but got what we needed. We went to Paradise nail salon and got a mani pedi for less then Dallas. Limited choices of restaurants close by. We will try the trolley today to get north to the beach area for dinner. I feel our cabby took us for a ride....taxi calculator on line said fare should be $35. First mistake was he said his meter wasn’t working properly and after we were in route he said it would be a flat $45 fare. We aren’t dumb but we are hesitant to argue once they have you in a cab with all your bags. It’s not like you can say stop and let me out. I corrected him stating what it should be and he said no it’s going to be $45. I should have reported him but I didn’t. He got no tip. We’ll see what it is to the pier tomorrow.
  7. We have rented a car even though we’ll probably only have it about 4 hours. We’ve gone to the park across from the pier before so may grab snacks and head there again.
  8. We should hear within 48 hours about our royal up for our first week of our B2B.
  9. You should get double points...just makes sense as you're spending more. I just don't want the program to change.
  10. I realize some have gotten their status on coat tails and some paid a lot for double points in a suite. But alot have also earned that one night at a time. Currently at 250....we will never make pinnacle however that's a lot of months at sea and I feel it deserves some perks. It also keeps us coming back rather then taking our money elsewhere. I appreciate all the perks. I enjoy the lounge. It would be pretty rough if it all changed.
  11. Hmmm. Not us. We have preordered a mattress topper from Walmart to pick up on the way to the pier this week. I’ll just leave it behind when we go. If the steward doesn’t want it Royal will have to dispose it. My shoulders and hips get sore from the hard beds. I’ve looked at the klymite? air mattresses on Amazon. They look really narrow. If you put 2 on a king do they cover the whole mattress? I don’t want to roll off in the night into a “crack”.
  12. Hoping this works well for us too. The DH has a new diagnosed food allergy. I’ve written up cards with his name, cabin number and what his allergy is to give to the head waiter in both the MDR and WJ. I also sent an email to special needs but understand that probably isn’t enough. We did a Viking cruise since his diagnosis and they were great, giving him menus at breakfast for the rest of the day. I do realize this is a bigger ship though with a lot more people to keep track of for allergies.
  13. I also do the small plastic pill bags. I make up daily bags but also take the prescription labels from the bottles with me. Hopefully this will be good enough for an agent checking them when coming into and out of the country. If they took away our vitamins that aren’t labeled we would survive. I don’t have a list of those but could tell the agent what each one was. I’d be interested in hearing someone’s story of being questioned and what the outcome was. Since I don’t think within the states anyone cares it would probably be only an issue post cruise. At that point most of our pills would be taken! We have a lot of scripts that we take for those just in case situations. These are kept each in their separate bags with original labels. Otherwise I’d have to take more then 20 bottles and that’s just not practical. I’ve never been stopped so I don’t know if this would be good enough but hoping it would be. I am careful in Europe to not carry more then the allowed narcotic amount per person. There are rules for this for each country you travel to. I believe this would be more of an issue when flying into a country not while making a stop on a cruise. I’m not suggesting what anyone should do just sharing how we do our meds.
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