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  1. The old TSS Topaz (now scrapped, and no more) about 1100 px was my first cruise on the open seas. We did a Nile cruise on Magic 2. Capacity is about 100 px, but we went Egypt was having all sorts of problems - SARS epidemic, terrorist attacks and so on. The ship had maybe 40 Brits and a party of maybe 25 Germans, relocated from another ship.
  2. Queueing at the airport for a flight to Orlando, prior to joining Freedom of the Seas for a B2B Caribbean cruise, we saw the archetypal "little old lady" and her husband, standing totally bewildered. They had never flown anywhere previously. We helped them to check in (turned out they were on the same flight as us). Arrival in the US, same total bemusement, and, again we helped them through US immigration. Once at baggage reclaim, we then learnt that they were going on the same B2B as us - mid 80's, never been out of the UK, never flown, and taking their first cruise! During the first week of the cruise, although we were all over the ship, we never once saw them, and DW was fretting that they had, somehow, missed the boat. On turnround day, at the start of the second leg, we took a trip to Kennedy Space Center. On reboarding, all of a sudden, DW squealed as she spotted the elderly couple in the line. We chatted to them, (turned out they had been to Disney !) and were amused that they were 'totally tropical' - colourful shirts, jaunty sunhats and so on. We chuckled to ourselves as the old lady started chivvying her DH along, saying "hurry up, l want to get the drink of the day before that muster drill " - for all the world like highly-experienced cruisers. Once again, we went a week- long cruise without ever seeing them again - except once, when they entered - and won! - the 'Love & Marriage" show. Back to Orlando Airport, we saw them again, but this time, no confusion or "what do we do next?"- they checked in like the seasoned travellers they now were, the old gentleman even gently flirting with the check in lady. Turned out it was their 65th wedding anniversary on the cruise and their two children had bought the trip for them. Not really a 'funny' tale, but we still smile at the memory of the transformation from timid, bewildered pensioners to cruising party people.
  3. I have a number of old RCL seapass cards. They all show a room number (but they miss out the first digit which designates the deck - so Room 7254 just shows 254)
  4. We have just been advised that Junction 1 of the M27 motorway will be CLOSED from 2200hrs Friday 19th July to 0500hrs Monday 22nd July. If you are joining your ship on Saturday or Sunday this may affect your route planning.
  5. We have just been advised that Junction 1 of the M27 motorway will be CLOSED from 2200hrs Friday 19th July to 0500hrs Monday 22nd July. If you are joining your ship on Saturday or Sunday this may affect your route planning.
  6. I am with the "take euros" crew on this one. There seems to be a perception that the US $ is the universal currency of the world - it isn't. If l walked into a bar in, say, New Orleans, and bought a beer and proffered a €10 bill as payment, how do you think the barman would react? .......just the same in Rome, or Barcelona, or Nice.
  7. Mildly entertaining prog. The fist fights were a bit 'OMG' (never seen any in 12 years of cruising) and as for the (former) ship's doctor saying "if you even look at someone who has norovirus you will get it......."
  8. I do not recall whether we were charged or not. As with all the stops in the Far East, we handed in our passports ahead of arrival in each country. For Cambodia, we got a full-page florid visa gummed into our passports, plus entry and exit stamps. For Vietnam, all we have is small blurry entry and exit stamps. I think (but don't quote me) we were only charged a fee for Cambodia.
  9. None. We were looking at jumping in on this cruising malarkey, and in doing my research found CC.
  10. Our packing routine does depend on where we embark. If we need to fly to the port, we are very careful, but if we can drive to the port, what the heck, take it! It may not be worn / used but why not? I do think the seasickness thing is overdone. Cruise ships are very stable and if you don't get motion sickness on land you're probably fine on board. After 15 or so cruises we still use lanyards. That way, l always know where my card is, and to blazes with the elitist sneerers.
  11. We were in Bangkok (or whatever the port is called) and had taken an independent tour. On the way back, we got snarled up in horrendous traffic, sometimes not moving for 15 minutes at a time. I was worried about being late back to the quay (knowing that on an independent tour, the ship wouldn't wait). Then l looked out of the coach window. On the adjacent coach, right alongside, stuck in the same traffic snarl up, l spotted our dining room table mates, who l knew were on a ship-organised trip, so as long as we stayed close by that coach, we wouldn't miss the departure. What sticks in my memory, however, is that to while away the time, our tour guide, a pleasant 40-something Thai lady started telling jokes - very rude and explicit ones!
  12. Which is why l come back to otc diuretics.
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