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  1. Good to know, but even the 60’s sound good to me! We woke up to 10° C this morning (that’s 50° F) brrr
  2. Thanks for the great information! I had a feeling that I should pack something to keep warm...just in case. And with our ever-changing weather patterns, you just never know! Fingers/toes crossed for sunshine & calm seas (yn)
  3. Thanks Den! That’s a very acceptable temperature, but I will prepare myself for ‘unpredictable’...just in case!
  4. We are departing in a couple weeks out of Southampton and will be at sea for a couple days. Can anyone tell me what the temperature will be like? Cool = wear a sweater weather? or warm enough to lie around the pool? In between?
  5. We 'tentatively' have a private tour company booked in Lanzarote that does take us to the Timanfaya national park as well as other areas. I am really looking forward to it! I have been trying to get a group together through 'roll call' & we only need a couple more people to make it happen....fingers & toes crossed!
  6. Good to know! Thanks :)
  7. Thanks LondonTowner! We didn't really want the hassle of renting a car in a foreign country, but I think we will look into it a bit more now. We actually used to be avid windsurfers, so it might be fun to go and watch the action on the beach in Fuertoventura! But are there any other sights that we wouldn't want to miss in Fuerteventura?
  8. Thanks again for all your great information & pictures! :D
  9. Love your photos! They are making me even more excited to be there myself. In Tenerife... Did you do a ship excursion to get to Mt Teide? A private excursion? Or did you rent a car yourselves?
  10. Wow...Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your pics & your suggestions :cool:
  11. Unfotunately we will not be going there on this cruise :(, but good to know!
  12. Thanks for the info campolady :) I wouldn't have thought Tenerife would be the 1st choice! I was hoping for some local, unique stores, but if they are just stores like everywhere else I may forget the shopping day...
  13. We are visiting Tenerife, Gran Canaria, & Furteventura & Lanzarote this fall. We have never been to any of the islands before so I am reaching out to everyone for your suggestions. Is there any particular island that is better for shopping? And which island would provide the best beach day? We have a tour booked for Lanzarote, so I'm hoping that is not on the top of the list for shopping or beach!
  14. dcac2

    Excursion planning

    WrittenOnYourHeart, we just did that cruise this past Feb 2018! As for your Cozumel snorkelling excursion, we booked FuryCatamaran through the ship excursions & it was awesome! Very professional, safe, good snorkelling location....brought us to their private beach(beautiful!) with an aquapark...super fun! & free flowing drinks after snorkelling if you wanted any. I'm sure you can also book this privately, but it worked out for us to book through the ship with our onboard credit. Highly recommend this company. Good reviews on trip advisor as well. https://www.furycozumel.com/
  15. dcac2

    Excursion planning

    Thanks for all your responses! For those who book private tour companies, do you typically book ahead or just find someone when you get off the ship & go from there?