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  1. This is extremely prejudicial to anyone not in a suite. It means you have no chance for a 2-top (which we prefer) and little choice on time.
  2. NC&KY

    Food Questions

    We have checked on our way to the MDR.
  3. NC&KY

    Food Questions

    I would say we are both "foodies," and we've never been disappointed with Azamara. Not stunned, but never disappointed.
  4. The biggest paella pan I've ever seen, in Cannes. He could not stir the far side from where he stood, he had to turn the pan or walk around it.
  5. NC&KY

    Azamara food tips?

    Dover sole, which is not on the menu and you have to preorder (day or 2 before is fine), in Aquafina.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant expansion in ship-sponsored tours to cover the times in port, including evening tours. We like to create our own wine-tasting tours at small, boutique estates, and I fear any ship-sponsored tour will only hit the big, tourist-oriented wineries.
  7. The most helpful person we've ever met on a ship. He was tireless in March trying to get us all off the Quest safely. He had a special place in his heart for Cruise Critic passengers.
  8. One, on Journey skipping from one Med island to another between Barcelona and Athens, next September. We booked it on Quest in March with the credit we received for our truncated Cape Town to Dubai cruise. But, like Phil, we won't take it if there's not a vaccine.
  9. India. Need to see the Taj Mahal, which was supposed to come at the end of our Cape Town to Dubai cruise that got truncated by Covid in March. And Cambodia for Angkor Wat.
  10. Were you on this cruise or are you reporting what you have heard from someone who was?
  11. Well, piling on the pedantic theme, here in Kentucky its Scotch whisky and bourbon whiskey. And that's how it appears on bar menus! And Jim Beam White Label, which is what is referred to on the Azamara list, is abysmal. If you walk into a bar here and the well bourbon is Jim Beam White, you should just walk away. Jim Beam Black Label, on the other hand (likely not available across the pond), is a magnificent bargain.
  12. Do not miss the ruins at Ephesus, they are spectacular.
  13. The biggest difference is size. You won't have the lines at elevators, restaurants, tenders, etc. that you have on huge ships. And no assigned dinner times or tables. Everything is at a more refined, relaxed pace. We started our cruising on Celebrity, but once we tried Azamara, we've never been back.
  14. We use a very famous TA with multiple locations internationally, which we could visit in person but actually interface with through e-mail and phone. They also want payment about a week before the cruise line requires payment. I have had no problem contacting the TA and asking if I can delay payment until closer to the cruise line's deadline if it makes a difference on my credit card closing date. And the charge, regardless of when the TA submits it, is on MY personal charge card, not the TA's. Sounds like the experience in the UK, at least on this point, is very different.
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