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  1. They receive 100% of all gratuities. If you remove auto tips and pay them in cash then they must turn all the tip money into the pool. If you only tip in cash you have no way of tipping those in the Buffett, other house keeping staff, or others behind the scenes. Don't pay any attention to those on these board who keep saying the cruise lines keep part of the tip money. happy cruising
  2. Yes any bar, the good thing about the vouchers is that they are honored in the main dining rooms, specialty restaurants and theaters during happy hours. Many times the bar tenders go beyond the listed alcohols. I mainly stick with Martinis or gin and tonic, wife loves Amaretto and cranberry in the bars.
  3. Escape room is hit or miss, might show up closer to cruise date, if not just make reservations as soon as you board. Ice show tickets are available once onboard. Sometimes available from guest services sometimes from the box office in Studio B. Check your cruise compass onboard for show times. If they have Quest, don't miss it. happy cruising.
  4. NO, you just use the wrong abbreviation and the cc police will correct you.
  5. This is the opposite side 10729, but same view after slide is installed.
  6. Park2Go, free shuttle and 10 minute ride, indoor and out door parking. A little cheaper at 15 per day.
  7. That is what a lot of TA'S do, as well as free specialty dining and free gratuities.
  8. Made a huge difference, looked like crap but it worked. This was on the 15 night Indy TA from Southampton. I wish I had thought about demanding a free cruise and a equal FCC as well as a little OBC. happy cruising
  9. Great advice, last time we switched we picked up a little OBC and pre paid grats from the online TA we use. Hope they are under the 60 days.
  10. We have done the med on Mariner and Brilliance. Have Allure booked for a B2B in Oct 2020. Small ships are nice but we love the mega ships. Crowds on Oasis, Allure and Symphony have been almost non existent at times. Choose a smaller ship if you are really looking for a port intensive cruise and need to hit the sack at 9pm. We sail mostly for the ship so Allure is our choice, we will be doing short excursions and enjoying the ship late into the night.The second leg will be the TA back to FLL. Oasis class is all about the ship not the ports. happy cruising
  11. We have the Allure Nov. 2020 booked. Check it out and join us for 14 nights Barcelona to FLL. happy cruising
  12. Use the dry cleaning service, not much different in price then being at home. Do not use the fill the bag offer. It might be exaggerating but I believe things are washed at 1000 degrees and dried with a blow torch. happy cruising
  13. 👍 great advice, hope the OP takes your advice and switches cabins. Have had one connecting cabin and it was awful, heard them, the TV, the smell of smoke and the wind howled through the door when they had the balcony door open. Second day maintenance showed up and put a roll of duct tape over the door jams. This was on Royals Independence of the Seas.
  14. Have done 3 westbound in Nov. First day or so it is cool, Canary Islands mid 70's to 80. After Canary Islands it gets warmer every day. Shorts and T'S everyday, mid 60's at night. Knock on wood we have always had great weather. Plus the 5 or 6 twenty five hours days are a bonus. happy cruising
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