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  1. We have Oct. 25 2020 booked and Sabor is not in the cruise planner. We have the following week Nov. 1 2020 booked and Sabor is in the cruise planner priced at $22.00. I am going to book it and see what happens, Maybe Sabor, could get a refund or OBC , even a possible credit towards Playmakers. I love playing with the system. ...........A quick edit, it is in the cart $44.00 total, gratuity included.....
  2. One very small correction, in the US you simply call the cruise line or the TA if you see a price reduction on your booked category. No canceling, just a quick on the phone reprice. This must be done before final payment date. We have had as many as 3 price reductions on the same cruise, some as small as $15. happy cruising
  3. A gold star to you NBT. Our son is a High School teacher, Received his Masters before he was 24. Credentialed in Math. Science and English. Definitely not in the California PC crowd. Suck it up is in his daily vocabulary. happy cruising to you and yours.
  4. There was a post here or on Ask A Cruise question about two weeks ago where someone had a drink package and a refreshment package. The wife ordered a drink on her sea pass card and that night the refreshment package was eliminated and a UBP was added to the cabin account. They were told by guest services that they were allowed to get the refreshment package because the wife did not drink. Hard to believe they could catch someone cheating or lying but things do happen. Seems as if a person has a refreshment package and then buys a drink or two Royal would be ahead.
  5. Search for transatlantic cruises. Celebrity, NCL, Princess and Royal Caribbean all sail eastbound in March and April. They all return in Oct. and Nov. Cunard sails many more dates back and forth. Prices for inside cabins are as low as the $600 range each way.
  6. We were not trying to game the system but we have done it on the last three cruises. Our Wedding Anniversary always falls mid cruise on Transaltantics. We pay full price for the time and day we want and then book the same time and night using a package night as soon as we board. Refund is a refundable OBC. There has never been a question as to why we are changing. I actually never thought of it as anything more then getting the time we wanted.
  7. Light traffic would be under 40 minutes, it is 35 miles. Taxi about $40.00 less for Uber or Lyft. fll to Miami $80.00 for a taxi or $45 for Uber.
  8. There seems to be no problem selling out the $2000+ per day over the water cabanas at Coco Cay. The same people would not blink at $2.50 for a glass of ice tea.
  9. There is a ultra large 1A that has 2 twins, 1 double and 2 pullmans. The large hump balcony would have 2 twins and a pull out sofa bed. We have stayed in the large hump balcony several times, the room is the same size but the balcony is about 2 feet deeper. happy cruising 1A Ultra Spacious Ocean View w/Large BalconyTwo twin beds that convert to Royal King. One double sofa bed, two Pullman beds, private bathroom and sitting area. Sleeps up to 6 guests.
  10. We called our online TA two weeks ago. Changed our dining option, MTD to late traditional, and added pre paid gratuities to be added at final payment. We also used the same online TA a few months ago to cancel a booked cruise and have the FCC from the deposit added to a different cruise, we just emailed a copy of the FCC when it came from Royal. No problem doing either.
  11. Book direct, follow up to make sure everything is in place, make any changes you come up with and then transfer to a TA within 60 days of booking to pick up a few hundred in perks.
  12. It means you missed a three day cruise over the last 11 years.
  13. Don't get carried away. They installed a virtually balcony behind the ambassadors desk on Symphony, something to look forward to on Allure and Oasis. If you find the perfect spot to sit, and make sure no one gets in your way, have four or five free cocktails and the sun is still up it is almost a real view. Extra bonus, you don't have to deal with the heat and glare of a real window. Royal is making things better, in their opinion, for us lowly Diamonds. Happy viewless happy hour cruising.
  14. 👍, for us it is all about the perks. Occasionally we book direct if there is a special offer by booking direct, we then call the online TA we use and transfer the booking. Keep what ever the cruise line offers and then pick up 2 -3 hundred dollars in perks. Picking up the phone to call the TA about a price drop or a change to the reservation is no more difficult than calling the cruise line rep.
  15. The way it worked last NOV. the shuttle left the port and dropped off and picked up at the mall and then onto Disney where it dropped off and picked up and then returned to the ship. They ran several shuttles with pick up and drop off 3 or 4 times a day. I WOULD assume things have changed as our cruise was heavy loaded with Pinnacles. They demanded and got free shuttle service to and from the mall and Disney Springs. Hopefully someone from the TA will respond with their take on the shuttle, we were on the bus. happy cruising
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