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  1. Sorry..rruummoorr.. edit.
  2. JJJJBBBB tthhiiss iiss ffuunnyy. hhaappyy ccrruuiissiinngg 👍👍.. iitt mmuusstt bbee aa vviicciioouuss rruummmmeerr yyoouu BBrriittss hhaavvee nnoo sseenneeccee ooff hhuummoorr.
  3. Three drink max and the place would be a ghost town at 6pm.
  4. Way to repetitive, you will eat at the same place 4 or 5 times and have lunch 5 or 6 times in the same restaurant.
  5. Service should be slow. 60 minutes for MTD and a leisurely 90 + for traditional. If you want to eat and run go for MTD.
  6. It seems to be taking longer and longer to be assigned a cabin number. With the up bid and having the ability to change cabins once assigned I think Royal has found a way to keep people from changing cabins and decks until it is too late to change to a better cabin location or a different deck.
  7. I believe early seating goes to the late show and late seating goes to the early show. MTD goes whenever they want.
  8. Only matters if that would be the tipping point that sends you to hell. Pretty hefty price to pay if you only got a cookie.
  9. Skip the B2B and book the Nov. 1 TA. She will be fresh out of dry dock with all the new bells and whistles. Prices for the TA should be much cheaper than the B2B. happy cruising
  10. It does say no fortified wine, but I will amend my post and say every cruise in the last ten years at least one bottle is Port. Last couple of trips leaving Barcelona I have also taken a bottle of Absolute and Makers that I purchased in the terminal leaving for a TA and have never had a problem. It is odd that in Barcelona there is a wine shop and a liquor shop on the other side of check in and security. happy cruising
  11. A bottle of Port is usually one of the wines we take when boarding, late at night on the balcony is a good way to end the day.
  12. Each meal is cheaper as you go from the 3 night, 5 night and unlimited. Unlimited really is a good deal if you have lots of sea days to also get lunch.
  13. You have two choices. Pay full price for each restaurant and reserve online through the cruise planner or get one of the packages and make all reservations once onboard. Don't use the Kiosk in the promenade, just go to one of the specialty restaurants and make all your reservations for the week. The absolute best plan that I have come up with is that I wait at trellis Bar, in your case on your ship I would go to Schooners, and let my wife find me after she has made all the reservations. Being extremely flexible with times will suit you well. Make your first stop after you board the trip for reservations. Early birds do indeed get the times they want.
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