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  1. Speedy recovery for Paige and prayers for your entire family
  2. Our TA always advises us to peruse the cancellation policy when she sends our booking deposit. Lyn snippy?? Nah, just brings things to light that should be obvious. 😳
  3. We have enjoyed all our tours with you and Marsha. We will miss all that as we cannot travel outside US (insurance issues/health issues). I still view the roll calls though.
  4. DOJO466

    Takeaway cups

    Baristas has take away cups.
  5. I think it was Elemis......way back in those Early years" Lyn. We will get our last spa treatment in Sept on Marina.....our 20th cruise. Can you believe that?
  6. I wish I saw that video. I love when his belts match the shoes👞
  7. "For future information"...lol. We do miss him on our cruises
  8. Been to DR four times, did not get off ship after First one. And for those who can go to FP mote power to you...our lungs cannot do it as much as we want to go there. To each his own
  9. We stay on the ship when at DR. Have no interest in the place at all. We have been there on 7 cruises.
  10. Yea, Churchill (our very first butler) will be on our Marina sailing. Now if only we could get a PH. When we aren't in a suite, Churchill comes to say hello to us in Martini's. Real great person.
  11. I found them to have a sandpaper feel. I only get them with the milkshake and of course my favorite frozen espresso cappucino🐰🐰
  12. We are taking our "free cruise" in Sept on Marina 12 ports. Out total out of pocket was a little over $1000. Air is included. You do not get Olife but you still get your other amenities. This cruise is from Amsterdam to Lisbon. I think this is a great deal. We are in a B1. See you in Sept ORV.
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