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  1. Recently on Silhouette I asked for fresh squeezed OJ at the bar in Ocean View. They did have fresh OJ but it was explained to me that it isn't fresh squeezed on board, that they used to have machines for it but they were removed because the cleaning of them is an issue with the US hygiene inspections.
  2. My earlier comments referred to the EBTA on 10 Nov 19. I did wonder whether a different Captain was the issue with the crew as my round trip earlier in the year was Captain Hashmi and they were fine then. But having seen majortom's report of the atmosphere being much better the week before, perhaps it was down to the 'Literature Festival'. When I booked it was simply as transport home, I had no idea about the 'festival'. When I did find out about it I thought it could be interesting, but I didn't realise just how much it would completely take over. As majortom says, it did feel as if the ship had been chartered out. I thought that for anyone sailing QM2 for the first time, not connected to the 'festival', it could be quite disappointing not to have the option of a planetarium show or the usual variety of speakers. I certainly don't think they got the full QM2 experience.
  3. Thank you everyone, greatly appreciated.
  4. On the October/November transatlantic they did have them - one was left in my cabin with the daily programme. Not until several days into the cruise though, possibly because there had been a very last minute change with Alejandro being drafted in from his vacation as Cruise Director.
  5. Fair point. But it was more the idea of being on board where everything is priced in USD, with OBC potentially in GBP that I didn't like. I still don't understand why Celebrity do it this way. The on board currency is USD, why mess about with it?
  6. Thank you everyone. I think I've almost got my head around it but could I please just confirm. If I don't buy anything with the OBC pre-cruise then it will convert to USD to use on board. If I do buy something pre-cruise then the rate is set, and that's the rate which will be used for any further purchases. But the bit I'm still not sure about is if I only use some of it pre-cruise. Does the rest then convert back to USD to spend on board?
  7. I also disembarked QM2 on Sunday and have not received a questionnaire. Certainly agree about the atmosphere on board. No idea what's happened since earlier this year but right from the start my overwhelming thought was, I hope the crew are happier behind the scenes than they are front of house. Trying to even make eye contact was like pulling teeth, and apart from a very few exceptions it was consistent across the ranks. If it is true that the questionnaires are sent by the ship then I suspect I may have deliberately been omitted as a result of the letter I wrote to the Hotel Services Manager on the subject.
  8. My next Celebrity cruise is a UK booking, priced in sterling (GBP). I've paid for cruises in GBP on other lines before but not Celebrity, and OBC has always been in USD because that's the currency used on board. However, for this Celebrity cruise, the OBC is showing in GBP and says the exchange rate will be set the first time I pay for something. I am completely confused! Everything on board is priced in USD, why do I have to pay in GBP and be committed to whatever exchange rate Celebrity chooses to charge? I would prefer to pay in USD and pay my credit card's exchange rate at the time. It's also much easier on board to have my OBC in USD when that's how everything is priced. Could someone please explain how this works. I have e-mailed Celebrity to ask for my OBC to be shown in USD but haven't received a reply.
  9. It's been great to see your photos, especially knowing they are very recent. I like to try and get my bearings before boarding so I'm not wandering around completely lost too much of the time when I go exploring!
  10. Thank you. No I haven't, only on Equinox and that was many years ago.
  11. The Beatles. Enjoying your review so much, especially as I'll be boarding Silhouette on Thursday. Thank you.
  12. On my first visit to KC, when I wanted to get another drink I asked the couple at the next table if they would guard my seat for me. They agreed but advised me that if I left a book there then no-one would clear the table. This was their experience from having just spent a couple of months on board. I followed their suggestion and it worked - I would find a table, leave a book (well, a copy of the Severn Valley Railway News, the idea being that no-one would want to pinch it!) by the place setting, then make however many trips for food and drinks as needed, and never had a problem. Although I ate in the MDR every evening, I wasn't impressed with the food. I enjoyed much more of the food in KC where it seemed to be fresher and hotter.
  13. The Cumbres & Toltec features in various movies, as does the Durango & Silverton. It's fun to spot them. And of course the Harry Potter movies have done wonders for the British preserved steam railways. I'm looking forward to seeing your review and photos of the Flam railway. It's one DH always wanted to do but we never made it, too busy travelling the US rails instead.
  14. Thank you for sharing your journal with us, it's a pleasure to be following along.
  15. It is Gosport and Portsmouth, they are west and east respectively of the channel which goes from the Solent into Portsmouth Harbour. The tall structure is the Spinnaker Tower which is in Portsmouth. Both are naval towns.
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