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    Flowers Onboard

    There is an option for a single rose - white, red or pink if I remember rightly. I just wanted something small for next to my DH's photo so ordered a single white rose and this is what was waiting for me: It was ideal, and I was very impressed with the presentation especially as it only cost $5. When the rose faded I ordered another on board which came just as the single rose, no foliage, but I put it in with the original greenery as it was still fine. Then in Red Hook I bought flowers at the Fairway supermarket and had no problem taking them on board for the return trip.
  2. My closest friends are in their late 60s, my siblings are in their 60s, my husband would be in his mid-60s, my sister-in-law and husband are late 70s, and my friend and neighbour is 89. When I'm with any of them I don't give a thought to their age, it is irrelevant. A few of them teased me about booking a Saga cruise, saying it was only for 'old' people. Now I'm sure I'll get told "we warned you", as I know they would all have had very similar reactions to mine.
  3. That's interesting about the MDR. I only ate there for dinner, when I do prefer to share a table and have company. They certainly don't appear to have the same policy in The Grill probably because, as you say, it seems to get very crowded possibly due to the relatively limited hours.
  4. I did have some very interesting conversations with people where age was completely irrelevant. Just as it generally is for me in my everyday life. Unfortunately there were far more instances where the 'conversation' was a litany of complaints about the world in general or boasting, and I found the 'upstairs, downstairs' attitude towards the crew uncomfortable on many occasions.
  5. I do not consider it rude and discriminatory to tell the truth. And the truth in this instance is that my fellow passengers were predominantly 30+ years older than me, with a very large proportion of them having mobility issues to varying degrees. Good on them all for wanting to travel, and I applaud Saga for making it possible for them to do so. However, I do not want to travel with such a narrow representation of the world, I enjoy diversity. I wouldn't want to be on any cruise where 90% of the passengers were of a particular group to which I don't really belong, whether it be a particular religion or gender or creed or nationality - or in this case, age. I do not live in a world which is inhabited exclusively by elderly Caucasian people and I was not comfortable cruising in that environment. Saga needs to play to it's strengths, stick to what it clearly does well and advertise accordingly. Not advertise to attract a different customer base that it hasn't, or isn't willing, to adapt to.
  6. Perhaps during his break he'll be given refresher training on how to work the PA system. 😉
  7. I was fully aware of the ship being new, wasn't in the least naive on that score and in fact encountered no problems of that kind although I did hear of several issues. Where I believe Saga is being seriously misleading in their advertising is the 'boutique cruising' hype, aimed at attracting those of us at the lower end of their age group, to build up their future customer base. Not a single photo shows large groups of elderly and infirm passengers making areas of the ship look like the lounge of a nursing home. Nowhere in the narrative does it mention that you will be forced to share a table at every meal whether you want to or not, even in the buffet - or indeed that the buffet apparently is going through an identify crisis and can't make it's mind up whether it wants to be self-service or waiter service, and offers exactly the same menu as the MDR anyway. I am most certainly not someone who believes everything she reads but even I didn't think that in this day and age any company would dare to be quite so blatantly misleading in their advertising as I have found Saga to be.
  8. A bit of realism about the whole Saga cruise experience is needed in their marketing unless they want people complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority! One of the people from my shared transport joined me in the Britannia Lounge and during our 2-hour wait we chatted about what was the first Saga cruise for both of us. He specifically mentioned the photos of people in the brochure being very misleading, that it gives no indication of the reality of a large proportion of passengers being elderly, slow moving, with walking aids and so on. It wasn't the environment he wanted or was expecting and, like me, had felt somewhat uncomfortable and out of place. We also shared the same view of the dining situation, the enforced sharing of tables at every meal being far more 'institutional' than 'boutique cruising'. This gentleman is 75 and felt out of place. I am 54 and felt like I was on another planet. As we drove out of the cruise terminal I saw 2 large billboards with Saga advertising for 'boutique cruising'. I wanted to get out of the car and take a spray can to them. 😠
  9. I’m sure many single/solo travellers (I am solo but do not consider myself single, I’m still married it’s just my husband is rather inconveniently dead) will enjoy it if they are seeking company within this age group. Personally I am used to a more diverse population, not just in age but outlook and everything else that makes us different from one another. Clearly Saga have previously catered very well to their customer base. They should perhaps stick to doing what they know best rather than misleading ‘newbies’ and upsetting their loyal ‘Saganauts’.
  10. I don’t want to be left entirely alone, I simply want to have the choice. Quite content to always share at dinner but sometimes would prefer to eat alone at other meals, especially breakfast. I have very much enjoyed the company of a few people I’ve met but I’m afraid with others it’s similar to sitting with people who don’t speak the same language. I am not comfortable with the attitude and outlook of what appears to be the majority of my fellow passengers. I have been on cruises with far more people without this issue. But perhaps that’s part of the problem, I’m used to a much more diverse range of passengers rather than this very insular group from Planet Saga. You may well have seen me apparently chatting happily to my table mates but appearances can be deceptive. In my head I could be screaming in frustration!
  11. On the questionnaire it asks if you will cruise Saga again. I said perhaps in 30 years when I’ve caught up with their demographic. The questionnaire is more extensive than I’ve seen before and clearly not designed to be ‘machine read’ as with many cruise lines. I made good use of the space available but whether they will take notice remains to be seen. Some of it does seem to be designed to get the answers they want but fortunately there was enough space for me to add things. For example, none of the options under ‘Why did you book this cruise’ applied, so I added an extra tick box and ‘False advertising’. If that doesn’t elicit a response from Head Office then I will the whole questionnaire exercise was pointless.
  12. I’m relieved you think this too Corinne. It all seems to be variations of the same theme. Not even a movie option unless you don’t mind waiting for it to start at 11pm.
  13. Impossible to do without appearing rude. I’ve encountered more than enough ‘entitled’ behaviour this week without adding to it.
  14. I used room service yesterday because it was my only option after getting back from an afternoon excursion, having not had lunch beforehand as it was too early. Although when I ordered they said 20 minutes it was quicker. Chips undercooked but burger was very good, and at least for once I could eat alone! This cramming everyone together at every meal is becoming extremely irritating. This morning at breakfast in ‘The Grill’ there were plenty of empty tables, I said I wanted to sit on my own, but was shown to a 4-top with 2 others already there and a 4th soon arrived. So yet another meal having to smile and be polite when all I wanted was to eat in peace.
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