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  1. Yes - I think that is as good as it gets 🙂 On thing I have noticed recently is that the 12 line Max seems to be relaxed havent tried to see how many lines I can get. Maybe next time I have to change it will look. @cruise_mojo you need to delete a line at the top if you want to see the actual numbers without expanding.
  2. Good - one other thing - if you go back into your signature edit you should be able to click at the top of the 3 pictures and they will move down - scroll up to the top and carefully press delete and you will move the pictures back up. Basically there should be just one line at the top and you have 2? so it doesnt show correctly when posted. Pity they have one line it would be better if the had none.
  3. That could well be the old problem of being in the UK or a land down under ( assume you dont mean antartica) When you get the code from the clockmaker paste it into a text editor and I am guessing it will say maybe in 3 places cruisecritic.com.au - if that is the case delete the .au (leave no gaps) then paste that into your signature. Maybe you can edit it while it is in the "clock maker" its a long time since I tried that. Another way round it is for you to make sure you are logged into Cruisecritic.com before you start. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the US flag.
  4. I suggested that around 2 years ago when the roll call finder started to fall apart. Presumably they are still looking into it LOL! It shouldnt be too difficult something along the lines of the countdown clock maker to make the header. But you have to enter it correctly for it to be accepted. Enter cruise line Dropdown Enter Cruise ship Dropdown Enter Day Dropdown Enter Month Dropdown Enter Year Dropdown Dont allow random entries like "yippee were off cruising again" or "all the way to Amarillo "
  5. The thing that most upsets me in the Cruise Industry is the regional pricing and the opportunities made available to US & Canadian cruisers that are not available to cruisers in the UK and probably the rest of the world. Some examples are: Cancel without penalty as long as it is before final payment. Change booking to a different cruise without penalty Change booking when a new promotion is introduced without having to cancel - lose deposit and rebook. Take up a price drop without having to cancel - lose deposit and rebook. IIRC they some lines did bring in something like " Non refundable Deposits" for which US clients could choose a lower base price I believe that was to reduce the numbers booking several cruises then cancel depending on which one received the best perks or best price drop. I thought that would mean a parallel system to that in the UK :Cancel your cruise and lose the deposit, Is that what happens or does it mean Cancel your cruise and you can transfer the deposit to another cruise so not non -refundable at all? We have real non-refundable deposits but the cruise price does not appear to be any lower for us. At a lower level with MSC & possibly Costa Free bottled water is provided with dinner for US cruisers but not for UK cruisers ( because we are used to paying for bottled water!!!) Not sure where they got that idea, and no you cant ask for a glass of tap water. In the UK if you eat in a restaurant that sells alcohol you can demand a glass of water - sometimes it is tap water sometimes they pour it from a bottle. MSC Fantastica bookings used to have 10 drink (alcoholic) vouchers as part of the package - Included for US cruisers but not for UK cruisers. ( no reason given for that!) No real reason is given for the differences though it is often cited we have etter consumer protection though no-one has ever said what that means. Maybe if booking through an agent but cant see how that is pertinant if booking direct with the cruise line. I would agree that these might be considered trivial gripes and no it doesnt really spoil our cruising enjoyment but you did ask. 😛 In fact if we had never joined Cruise Critic we would never have seen the endless annoying { when not applicable} discussions in roll calls on whether to take 3 for free , take a price drop Sip & Sail, etc.etc.
  6. Ok when I posted the 5 sailed clocks were still showing?? So next thing is to use the Clock Maker which is here https://www.cruisecritic.com/vbulletin/countdown.cfm When you get the code from that you put it at the top of your list. Any problems say which cruise you want it for and I will be able to help further.
  7. Have you read any of what has been said since you first posted?
  8. Perhaps post the link to the thread/post and we can look at it? see if others can open it? Maybe the post has been deleted? - that is another reason we see these messages.
  9. They were but my current one wasnt see previous post I listed them just last week.
  10. Funny you shou;d ask that - I was helping someone in the test section and IIRC they had listed their cruises but couldnt add the clock. They had more than 10 listed so thought thats odd I will have a go. Mine were - last week in a long line one after the other to get them to fit so I just inserted gaps and moved some down. Wondered if the 10 line rule has been changed as when you go into signatures it doesnt mention it.BUT I dont remember if it ever did or if it was just in this help section. I was going to have another go and spread them further but didnt risk it in case it was a fluke. Maybe you could try? EDIT - I also had a third picture when I was helping as I added it so they could just copy it then I deleted it.
  11. I'd suggest the first thing would be to scrap the pictures you have and post them as a list. then add just one for the cruise to be taken.
  12. As you are in Sweden? if you switch between CC.com and CC.co.uk you will have to log in again. Its the same if you are logged into the uk site and and try and view a post made by someone logged in in Australia.
  13. Well done -the actual clock is working however it needs moving up in the frame. Go back into signature edit click at the top of the box above the clock and press delete until it moves up. SAVE! - It doesnt seem as near the top as it used to pre last october but then you will be able to see the clock without expanding.
  14. @Lovecruising50 OK spotted your other post so assume that is the ship/cruise. I have YOUR clock in my signature. Sooooo after you do the delete bit as above post ( if you are working on a laptop or PC right click on the image in my signature and then chose "copy image location" ) Then go into where you edit your signature and near the bottom of the box click on "Insert other media" then click on" insert image from URL" A box will open and if on a PC or laptop press the ctrl key and the V key together and it will put the code into the box Click Insert into post and it should appear at the top of the signature box Then SAVE. If it doesnt work or you dont understand just post back If you are not using a PC or laptop you may be able to do it if you know how to copy and paste on whatever you are using.
  15. Ok - are you willing to lose the "sailed" picture? If so to delete it go into your signature edit, again, and click on the picture it should get an edging line around with dots at the corners when that appears just press delete on keyboard. That should remove it (at least if working on a laptop or pc) Then try again using the creator and pasting the code at the top of your list. review it and if looks OK save it. If it doesnt work post what cruise you want it for and I will try it out. Just as a last thought check when you are doing this you are on Cruise critic .com - it doesnt work if you are on cruise critic.co.uk or cruise critic.com.au
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