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  1. Aulanis

    How to EDIT SIGNATURE???

    Maybe something like this will fit ? CARNIVAL: Miracle, Conquest x5, Elation, Jubilee -x2in 01, x1 in 03- Ecstasy x5, Legend x2 9/07 & 9/12/10, Valor 9/11, Magic 9/26/12, &4/20/14,&9/1/18 Valor 9/8/13, Pride 12/14, CELEBRITY: Galaxy (Panama Canal) 4/05, Galaxy 2/07 & 2/09 (S Caribbean) Mercury 1/03, Summit 11/02, Stolstice 11/10, Century 1/31/11, Equinox 3/12 HOLLAND AMERICA: Zuiderdam 11/07, Eurodam 12/1/12 NCL: Dream 2/05, 11/06, Sea 12/03, 4/04, 10/04, 1/05, Norway - 8/01, 12/01, Sky 12/01, Sun 12/05, Dawn 11/11, EPIC 11/13, Spirit 3/16, Gem 1/16, EPIC 11/18 PRINCESS: Sea 10/19/02; Crown 2/2011, 3/2/12 & 6/9, Caribbean 12/11/11, 11/24/12, 06/18 Royal 3/30/18 RCL Adventure OTS 4/28/02, Voyager 12/14/08 & 1/10/10, Explorer OTS 11/24/01, Rhapsody OTS 1/24/07, Navigator 12/22/13 and 11/14.
  2. Aulanis

    Thread tools

  3. Aulanis


    Did this not help Or maybe no one looked for it?
  4. Aulanis

    Duplicate Roll Call

    You may have used the correct date BUT it needs to have a space on each side not : nor> nor - n or anything else. I would say just move onto the other roll call and put a message on "Yours" to advise anyone on it or finding it to do like wise. It will drop way down the list so will soon be difficult to find in a manual search.
  5. Aulanis

    Meet & Mingle

    Further to the above I managed to get a screen grab with the rules. There is an email address - I suggest you just email them and ask to be added obviously they will need ship sail date booking ref maybe names and how many in your party want to go.
  6. Aulanis

    Meet & Mingle

    You might have a problem with this as I dont think celebrity are set up for addition to M&M in the UK I find when I try it defaults back to the uk page when I use the link, However it is worth trying you need to be quick to start your first input. Link is here https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/rollcall/cruiselinel2.cfm?cruiselineid=9 that is the page then you click on the Register for a celebrity party.
  7. Aulanis

    Need to login every day

    OK - I only ask as there is/ or has been a bit of a problem in switching from uk to com - if you are or maybe were logged into .com then you would not be logged into .co.uk so you could not reply in roll calls and would need to log in again. Similarly if you received an email notification relating to a post made by someone logged into the uk site the "go to this post" link would be to .co.uk and if you were logged into.com it came up with "you are not authorised. . . . . " So another thing is to check that your cookies are not cleared when you leave your browser. and that if you are logged in and dont use the site for 20/30 minutes it auto logs off BUT when you revisit should log you back in can take half a minute or so. Maybe go for a restart - log off- close any open cc pages- clear cookies for cruisecritic and Invision the log in by pasting or typing boards.cruisecritic.com in you browser. IF the problem perstists email help@cruisecritic.com
  8. Aulanis

    Need to login every day

    Do you generally use boards.cruisecritic.com or do you use boards.cruisecritic.co.uk do you visit many threads that may have been osted in the UK
  9. Aulanis

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I believe the general idea is that early diners go to the late show and Late diners go to the early show. The shows and the dining times generally allow for that.
  10. Aulanis

    Oceania's "Contact Us" e--form

    Thanks for the replies - have asked TA to contact Oceania to cancel the transfers ( billed at £100 each) - yes I know its only 20-30 mins to the airport we were there in October! but it was sold as a package so not sure if "bits" can be knocked off. If not I will have to tackle it when we get on board and try and insist on being dropped at the airport as it originally said.
  11. This Roll Call https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2385269-january-27-2019-7-night- eastern-caribbean-edge/?do=findComment&comment=56313619 It let me in straight away what are you working on. ipad, laptop, pc phone - windows mac browser? Firefox safari Chrome etc?
  12. @sandal ok your roll call is here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2388034-celebrity-eclipse-valparaiso-to-buenos-aires-january-6-2019/ Do you mean you cant register for the M&M on the Celebrity site? Cant really help with that - I it keeps switching me to the UK site- which doesnt have that page) ask in the roll call if anyone else has had problems, Keep trying and IF you dont manage you can always go to Customer services on the ship and tell them. I dont know how celebrity manage the M&M ie whether they publish the date & time % place in a daily sheet or if they send out individual invitations?
  13. I dont think there can be a problem - you must be logged in as you have posted here? You also posted in 2 roll calls 7 hours ago so are you saying it suddenly stopped or it it a particyular roll call - if so -which? Also are you in the US?
  14. Aulanis

    Can't search in forum

    I posted about this earlier in this thread " He is correct- when he uses his mobile there is no Search this Forum link. Also on a pc if you click on the part of the search where it says search you get the dropdown with the search this forum option BUT if you click on the magnifying glass it moves off the "forum" you are on page and so on the Big search menu that comes up again search this forum is not there."
  15. Oceania's "Contact Us" e--form Has anyone any recent experience of using this? It is 2 weeks tomorrow since I sent a query regarding transfer ship to airport in Tahiti. Our T/A forwarded a missive saying we would be picked up and taken to a holding area at or Near?? to the airport. Having been told for the last 10 months we would be taken to the airport we have booked in at the airport motel hoping to get a bit of rest in the afternoon. - 11pm flight I initially asked our TA where the holding area ( nice term for a luxury cruise line?) would be. The answer was they cant/wont tell us until we are on board. As it is now 25 days or so til we sail I am sure someone will know thearrangements. The auto response said they deal with correspondence in the order in which it is received and we will get a reply in a timely manner!! So can anyone suggest what a timely manner is - 1 week? 2weeks? after we leave home? I know I could ring them up but I doubt if anyone in the UK can offer up an instant reply.