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  1. Leela - all beaches in St Lucia at public. Anyone can visit and enjoy any beach around the island. Some have hotels built around them, but the beach is still public. Some hotels, you can patronize the restaurant or bar, rent chairs from hotel, etc. Others are AI and you'd need a day pass to use hotel facilities (this includes restrooms). And some have beach bars or restaurants that are not hotel affiliated, which you can enjoy at will. While still many other beaches have no facilities of any kind on them, just natural beauty! Naked Fisherman by Cap Maison and the beach area is lovely. 35-45 minutes north of port, $35usd one way cab ride, and approximate 100 stairs down to the beach from the road. Be prepared. There's closer beaches, with no stairs, if you're just wanting a beach day. Vigie Beach is 10 minutes away, $10 cab ride or 20-30 minutes walk. Long long stretch of beach, chairs for rent (5 a chair), boardwalk with local restaurants and bars, clean bathrooms, etc Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay is very popular. Tons of restaurants and bars in the area, 2 chairs and umbrella for $20, splash water park, watersports, etc all available.. Pigeon Island beach (outside the national park), has local restaurants and bars, chairs and umbrellas, etc. Inside the national park, there's ruins, hiking, snuba, two restaurants and bars. Enjoy.
  2. You don't book entertainment prior to cruise on MSC. You book it aboard, for the newer ships where you need to (Meraviglia and newer mainly). You can do it via app, screens around ship, TV in stateroom, etc. You may be able to book Cirque show in advance, I'm not 100% on that, but I don't think so. Someone will come along and correct me if I'm wrong. Enjoy.
  3. Full price plus 15% gratuity. One workaround that many with Easy Package use it to order a virgin frozen drink, and a shot of whatever alcohol (rum, vodka, gin, etc - no tequila, not covered on Easy) and mix it yourself. The bartenders are very familiar with this workaround, and there's no restrictions such as one drink at a time, etc like other lines. Many times, they'll simply mix it themselves for you. If you want to upgrade, it's the difference in price between Easy and whichever package you're upgrading to. If you do it in advance, there's no service charge applied to the upgrade cost; if you do it aboard, you pay the 15% service charge on upgrade difference. Enjoy
  4. Glad you enjoyed, PI is pretty great. Happy sails for the rest of your cruise.
  5. Preziosa, the current ship sailing out of Fort-de-France, doing the non-USA itineraries, have been cancelled for the next three sailings. . I'm assuming/guessing mainly because most islands have bans on visitors from Italy, China, South Korea, etc, and being updated frequently - thus covering a major portion of cruisers.
  6. Most snorkeling is in the southwest of the island, a good 60-90 minutes from the cruise port. Starting at about Anse Cochon, where To Kaye is located and working your way down the coast through Soufriere and Choisel into Laborie. Taxis run $90usd one way to Soufriere (home of the iconic Pitons, volcano, mud baths, waterfalls, etc). I'd suggest Soufriere Beach Park, which has facilities, palapas, chairs, great snorkeling along the cliff side, bars and restaurants, etc If you want to stay up north, the only reefs are a small system right around Pigeon Island. An hour at most, if snorkelling. PI is great, with ruins, hikes, beach, restaurants and bars, etc. 30-45 minutes north (traffic can be tough), $35usd one way cab ride, $8 entrance fee (national park) All cab quotes are per car up to 4 people.
  7. The Ocean Cay drink package was discontinued many months ago, before the island even opened (or before it was slated to open either). Any drink Package you have aboard works on the island just the same. Or pay as you go ashore. Enjoy
  8. Aurea has the Easy drink package included - you can get all the bottled water you want, at any bar, whenever they're open. Just ask for two a piece whenever you go to your cabin and stock up as needed. They're one liter bottles. It's Aqua Panna water, you can look up if it's spring or mineral.. there's also San Pelligrino, but that's sparkling, pretty sure you're not using that in your CPAP.
  9. I've never seen a bottled water package (a la Princess or such) on MSC. That's not to say it doesn't exist, but I've never seen it. (Not the longest MSC cruiser by any means!) And MSC doesn't allow any beverages brought aboard at embarkation. That said, ship's water is as clean, if not cleaner, than bottled water (which is essentially someone else's tap water). Bring a reusable water bottle or two and fill up at any bar, buffet 24/7, tap in room, etc. Don't use a CPAP, but I assume you'd contact MSC to arrange for distilled water or have arrangement to bring a gallon aboard. Hopefully someone who does use a CPAP will chime in shortly. If you have any type of Beverage Package, bottled water is covered in all of them, you can get as many bottles as you want.
  10. They have all sorts of rums, from Bacardi to Zacapa and all sorts in between. Spiced, dark, white, flavored, etc. Most covered by Premium, a very few above that $12 cap.. Bacardi White is the only one on the Easy package.
  11. Voyager's Club is MSC's Frequent Cruiser Club. Just like Captain's Circle for Princess or Captain's Circle for Celebrity or Crown + Anchor for RCI, etc. Simply the name for frequent cruiser group. If you Status Match from Princess to MSC, you'll then qualify for the automatic 5% Voyager's Club discount. And there's multiple sailings that have extra VC discounts above the regular 5%>>>
  12. Sodas/water - Absolutely no need in YC (or other Experiences if you have a drink package). MSC offers a much much much wider selection of soda options than Princess - Dr Pepper, Cherry soda, lots more diet choices, etc. Something like 10-15 choices versus Princess coke, Sprite, orange, root beer. Bottled water is covered by YC, all you want, 24/7, in cabin, delivered by room service, at any bar, dining venue, and so forth. Ask your butler for extras, and you'll have 6-8 on your desk within minutes. Lol. (If in "lower"Experiences, ie Aurea, Bella, etc and have a drink Package, bottled water is included all you want, but not through room service, unless Premium Plus). Wristband basically replaced room key for while aboard. You'll need room key itself to get on/off the ship. Tap wristband for entering cabin, making purchases, elevator, etc. No self service laundry on MSC. Laundry packages (20 pieces for $30 or some such). For a week, laundry usually isn't really necessary. We do the 40 peice package when we do two weeks cruises with MSC. Very different onboard atmosphere and experience than Princess, much more diverse demographic, dining options are more limited (along with hours, although there's 24/7 no charge room service for YC), different service style (continental European versus American more in your face), etc. We absolutely love MSC (and are long time Elite on Princess) and they're who we look at first now for cruises, before Princess or Celebrity.... Enjoy
  13. Armonia was supposed to be in MB yesterday, the 4th. And there's been nothing that suggests they didn't port as normal.
  14. Yes, Paradise Beach has both a la carte and an AI package price. Fortunately, choices as some may eat or drink more than others, etc. Great spot.
  15. Nachi Cocom is absolutely too notch. Excellent food, drinks, service, and limited quests, etc Paradise Beach is our other Go To. Fantastic pool, delicious food, service is too notch, nots of shade, drinks are fab, and great stretch of beach. We do AI at $63 or so pp.
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