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  1. At one time there was 'service' at tables in a certain roped off location in the OV which helped new staff integrate into their duties in the dining room. Lately I've been thinking it would be a great experience if they would set tables on the outside deck WITH tablecloths and proper service like the MDR. I know Oceania and some others have that alternative to main dining. Would alleviate the crush of early diners BUT on the downside would probably require more hires. We've tried dining in OV and it didn't work for us as well as for you.
  2. Oceanview seems about right, but definitely a miss on the Inside cabins, or it's a special promotion for Canadians? But if I were interested I'd jump on it and attach the 'proof' in this document.
  3. Is the $10 charge new? I've never seen it when I'm online selecting dining times. Not even for Specialty dining.
  4. I agree...paying in US $$ is best. We buy when the rates are good. I found in my example a difference of $1780 but after purchasing US it was only $113 savings. How did you factor in the purchase cost so that it came out the same savings?
  5. Which is pretty much what I said in my post in trying to help your post #21. Since you already had the answer I suppose I wasted my time.
  6. Edited: Canadian X exchange rate 1.4125 Bank exchange 1.38 Cruise Cost $6,106.10 $6,108.95 $5,995.20 US $ $4,324.92 Difference $1,781.18 $113.75
  7. Sometimes facts take favour over a crap show.
  8. Just did a mock booking on a Nov. '24 Eclipse, Concierge Prime, Refundable, Grats in, Cruise Only. Close as I could come. X exchange rate 1.4125 2/22 Bank exchange 1.38 Cruise Cost CAD $6,106.10 $6,108.95 USD $4,324.92 $5,995.20 Difference CAD $1,781.18 $113.75
  9. Just a question..... if anyone knows the answer. If I'm not directed to the US site and I check a cruise price it's always much lower. Then I go to the Can. site and get sticker shock. When I have the time I'll do a comparison.
  10. If X is considered the 'merchant', I think I'll do the conversion re paying for our cruise in US$ v Can.$ Could be the reason we seem to be paying so much more for a cruise than an American? I think X has a set rate no matter the ever changing rate which could be higher or lower any given day.
  11. Agree....very young and impressed with the 'elegance'. Most cabins were ocean view weren't they? Not aware then of any balconies but if there were, we definitely couldn't afford them....🥲.
  12. I was concerned the Infinity is so old I wouldn't like to sail on her. However, it seems very nice so changed my opinion to a point. I'd like to see a video of the cabins in their current state.
  13. Both numbers worked for me just now. But first time trying I had a female voice with different options.
  14. The # quoted above is for those with a dedicated vacation planner. Edit: I just called 888 307-8413 and it gave me the option to receive a PDF. Maybe the system is having problems. Try calling the main number and follow the options. 1-888-751-7804
  15. My daughter was in the shows and the pianist was her BF. Both were U students so would have been April through Aug.
  16. that was a beautiful ship...do you remember the International lounge with the pianist?
  17. Beautiful room. In a small way, it reminds me of present day Murano with less tables.
  18. oooops!....I meant they sailed on Riviera not Regatta.
  19. I am NOT a doctor, but while raising my children, doctors had the opinion that introducing small amounts of a variety of foods MAY protect against future allergies in children. Apparently some of these allergies do show themselves in later life...maybe body chemistry changes?
  20. Thanks for your comments. We're considering an O cruise, but between O and X we're finding similarities in reviews, good and not so good. Hard to let go of the familiar being E+ on X. Our close friends who are dedicated O patrons are on board with you (17 day cruise) but first for them on Vista. They will love it as they do all their O cruises. Only downside for (one of) them on a Regatta 28 day last year was different food items they really like ran out. Maybe it's a male species complaint?😉
  21. I see...Matheson is just under the 401... Better route for you. 👍
  22. Don't wait any longer. Please call your Insurance company AND Celebrity or your TA whichever booked your cruise. We on CC only have opinions and this is a serious decision. Seems this issue is not you but a family member? so this may not be covered by your insurance. If it's possible to transfer your deposit via a future cruise credit to another cruise you will enjoy your vacation without worrying about 'things back home'. Wish you GOOD LUCK and hope issues resolve quickly.
  23. Would like to know the alternative. I'm trying to envision the 'side roads' to Mississauga instead of the 401? All N to S are lights and traffic, unless part of the way is 401 to ?
  24. If it were me, I'd try it....You have nothing to lose by calling the 'new' number (except maybe waiting time).
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