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  1. You must be addicted to the griping....LOL.
  2. If you don't mind me asking.....Which Oceania ship and what did you think of the experience?
  3. That's what I've been researching....most of these scooters, although light, are wide and look cumbersome on the site the 2 companies usually used by the cruise lines show. We do use the airlines help with a wheelchair. BTW...to the OP.....sorry I pushed this off the topic.
  4. Thx...I do have that link and considering rental but as you say its the time from home to ship where some assist is required.
  5. Not Meclizine but one in the list posted above which does require prescription.
  6. Would never have thought of renting/wrapping/shipping as luggage. They unload it on the carousel as normal luggage?
  7. OT...but...what happens if a person is prescribed one of these drugs and carries it with them on vacation into the US. Should it be declared? and would it be confiscated? DH needs one of those mentioned and takes it on every holiday across the border. Never has been asked which medication he has with him.
  8. Correct....I mis-spoke....should have said "on your own laptop....or whatever....in your stateroom".
  9. You're so right.....BTW....I LOVE YOUR SIGN-OFF QUOTE! "Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference."
  10. Yes....automatic. You sign in on the stateroom computer and create a password...instructions are USUALLY left on the desk by the cabin attendant.
  11. Yes, Celebrity still has CVP's but they're few. Ours had been let go or decided to change jobs and when I called they assigned a new one; I think that may have been because I already had one for many years. Call the main number and ask. Re online booking, it might be better IMO to book through their general service staff for a personal touch even though it's a different agent each time you call.
  12. Had a sign in problem yesterday, but it cleared up within an hour. It's ok today. Try clearing cookies?
  13. Thanks Jim....we changed without a problem and kept our OBC...offered in the 'old' days...LOL.
  14. Thanks all for your comments. We successfully moved from refundable to non-refundable. There WERE cabins available in the class we booked so no doubt that's why it was possible. Still the question....what if...we have to change the cruise AFTER final payment....what kind of penalty will there be? Crossing that bridge if we come to it...hopefully not.
  15. That was my thought....I'm pretty sure I can move it (with no change to booking number) with a minimum penalty but recent deposit penalties may have changed from what was done in the past. We're E+ with Celebrity and have been treated fairly decently when making changes. Just asking those who may be experienced with this particular situation.....and yes....of course we have travel insurance; hopefully wouldn't be needed.
  16. I see your point. If you have to pay an all included suite fare for drinks/wi fi...being Zenith, you should have the cost of those pkgs backed out of the cruise charge. In other words you're double paying. I don't think the few allowable $$s reflect this cost. Perhaps contact Captains Club for a more definitive answer?
  17. Thanks....I assumed this would be the case but didn't want some large hidden charge or opinion that I couldn't change once I had booked refundable....I've held the refundable for over a year (due to DH health issues) and one month out of final (August) it didn't make sense to pay the overage for a refundable booking. Current fare is ok but if I have to cancel the NR in the next 3 months, I wonder if X would allow a change to another cruise with $100 penalty pp? I think that was the approach in the past before the $$ changes X has implemented.
  18. Happy 4th of July! I've searched the forum with no results. Did anyone have a push back from X changing from Ref. to NR? If we're definitely taking the cruise (barring health issues) and a month before final payment, it seems logical to not pay the exorbitant extra fee. After final it seems there's a penalty of some kind for cancelling? So why pay for refundable? Please educate me...
  19. Even if you call there will be different answers. I called Captains Club and when I asked re 20% discount showing on bev. pkg. and would I have an additional 15% added to that......I was told 20% included my E+ discount...so I was left to assume that all others had a 5% discount and the system added in my 15% which showed online when I was purchasing. 2025 cruise shows 35%....would that be a 20% discount IN ADDITION to 15% allowed for E+? Very confusing and I think they just want us to accept the confusion and don't ask questions.
  20. Yes...our 2025 cruise is discounted 35% and seemed to be lower priced before discount but our Nov. '24 cruise is showing 20% (Elite + I presume).
  21. Now X is providing GRASS? No need for alcohol pkg.
  22. Looking forward to your posts....will be sailing this ship and itinerary Sept. 2025. Wonder if much will change?
  23. You got a good price, including OBC...with a TA? Just looked at it on X site....Verandah cabin, $3863 taxes in, cruise only, no grats, NR...approx. $1930 pp Cdn.
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