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  1. Won't be long now. Savor that last day in Amsterdam and of the cruise. Roy
  2. With regard to renewal I was late renewing my NEXUS card. When I went for my interview I was told that once the conditional approval was given the card remained valid until the appointment, even if the expiration date had passed. I would assume GE works the same way. Roy
  3. Why GE instead of NEXUS. All the same benefits as GE and less expensive. Roy
  4. I have done segments of a World Cruise and Grand Asia as well as a full Grand South America. I've also done segments on Cunard and Crystal (as well as a full Crystal WC). I think Holland America is the most egalitarian of the 3 in terms of what segmenters and full cruisers get. There are perhaps 2 things that segmenters will miss. Often, those on segments will only be able to get guarantees (they don't want those on the full cruise to need to change cabins mid-voyage); You should already have a status on that if you're booked. The other thing would be perhaps some hosted dinners. In addition to having more events, more speakers, perhaps shuttles in some ports where a regular cruise wouldn't be one on a regular cruise there will be a "pillow gift" left from your steward each Gala night. Those are the main things I can think of right now. Roy
  5. I wonder if CLIA maintains a "do not sail" list for all lines. Roy
  6. I guess that's it for me. Thanks Kath, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Have a wonderful weekend. Roy
  7. They actually have a pretty good day for it. Roy
  8. Still a lot better than the original estimate. Roy
  9. That's an AIS problem. Wonder is visible at her dock. She will probably leave about the time Volendam arrives. Roy
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