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  1. It's not a mandatory 14-day quarantine. It's EITHER that or a COVID test before arrival in Alaska and another one at the airport. The passenger tested negative prior to departure. The test at JNU was positive but it took 3 days to get the results. The protocols Uncruise was using were similar to what is the case on the Alaska ferry system long haul routes. https://www.uncruise.com/about-us/media/travel-alerts The same thing could have happened had the person flown to a fishing lodge or anything else. Time will tell if there was any transmission on the vessel. Roy
  2. Many of us wish we could have sent you a couple of inches yesterday, but fortunately for us our trouble was brief. Roy
  3. Some sunrises are spectacular and some are more subdued. This is the last one from the Westerdam, 2 years ago as we were approaching Vancouver, before continuing on to San Francisco and the Symphony: Roy
  4. Some sunrises are spectacular and some are more subdued. This is the last one from the Westerdam, 2 years ago as we were approaching Vancouver: Roy
  5. Thank you for the daily. Since I don't eat seafood I'll pass on Oyster Day and Seafood Salad. Thank you for the first responders who work like a dog every day. Love National Underwear Day. Interesting quote. While I would love to have Braised Lamb Shank like I did on the Prinsendam, dinner will be some things I won't be able to chew for a while after giving up a tooth tomorrow. It looks like the Gulf Bridge will likely be hanging out for a while waiting for it's turn at the Panama Canal. I was surprised to see it on AIS off the southern California Coast. Today's care list: Allen still waiting for test results Sharon's in-laws fatcat's MIL Mrs. Vmax Those in the vicinity of wildfires Those cleaning up from Isaias. and Krazy Kruizers Roy
  6. I was thinking the current track would leave you pretty safe. I am a bit concerned as I have 2 cousins just a little bit South of Montreal and that seems to be awfully close to what I understand the path to be. Roy
  7. Alternate dinner suggestion: Veal Chop with Creamy Porcini Sauce, as served on MS Prinsendam 8/4/11. https://arctictriple.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/menup12.pdf I actually went for a very light dinner that day as I had been to lunch in the Pinnacle Grill. Roy
  8. I would THINK the handover would be in Rotterdam when the ships go into drydock for conversion but that's just a guess. Gibraltar may be just a waypoint for the trans-Med journey much like the destination was Suez when they sailed from Asia to the canal. Just a guess though. Roy
  9. Love ii! Well, I think that 33mph pace of Isaias turned out to be a blessing. It seems to have passed by very quickly. I took a late morning walk to our mall and the attached parking garage. I walked first in the garage and it was really pouring. I finished up inside the mall and when I went back out about 11 there was barely a drizzle. I continued to the grocery store and then to Panera. I had hoped it would be POSSIBLE to eat at the outdoor tables under the the overhang but it turned out to be just about perfect. We had a couple of isolated tornadoes but not much else and now the sun is out with just a gentle breeze. Roy
  10. Has there been a coup? Gibraltar, Spain? Roy
  11. A little tidbit from the morning TV. My station has a reporter in Ocean City MD covering Isaias. He was talking last night to people asking what plans they had to deal with the storm, stay or head home early. He said about half the people he talked to were really in vacation mode and had no idea a storm was coming. Now that's vacation mode. Isaias has been moving rapidly (about 33 mph) and will be gone about 2 hours earlier than originally expected. Good news. Roy
  12. I hope this where am I is not too easy. I have been to this place both on Crystal and Holland America. Roy
  13. I hope this where am I is not too easy. It is a place I have visited on both Holland America and Crystal. Roy
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