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  1. Not very good but here it is. A bit of background. The actual shirt is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and it is almost as old as the Ravens. I remember that because it is from a 1995 trans-Canada trip where later in the trip I was with my cousin in Saskatchewan mentioning the Baltimore Stallions Grey Cup win. My tradition started on a cruise. It was on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore and the last night was Super Bowl 2013. I really care very little about football but the Ravens have been a tremendous asset to the city of Baltimore, both as a team and their community involvement. The Super Bowl was obviously a big event on a Baltimore based ship and the game was a big deal. I expected that and the shirt was the only purple I owned. I took that result as a good omen. Roy
  2. If you're flying to Miami and cruising from Port Everglades and can handle your luggage, you can take Tri-Rail from the multimodal station at Miami and they have a shuttle to FLL. Roy
  3. E2's are just like other cabins except for the obstruction of the lifeboats. There's quite a range and the effects will vary depending on your height and if you're behind a lifeboat or a taller tender. This will give a rough idea of the range of views thea might be encountered: https://limitedviewcabins.wordpress.com/symphony/categorye2/ I think the very worst of the E2 cabins go almost exclusively to people like senior crew members and lecturers but occasionally a passenger will draw one. While the photo was taken in bad weather 8062 and 8063 are some of the best being behind the fast rescue boats. Take heart, I just came back from a cruise where I had an E2 guarantee and was assigned a C1 so there's always hope. Roy
  4. I hope we were not part of your problem. I was on the Crystal Serenity and our meeting with Immigration was due to start at 7:30. My group 3 was already processed by that time and continued very rapidly after that but we had about 4 holdouts that were still being paged a half hour after the authorities had finished their work. I would hope that the CPB staff either were proportionally assigned to each ship and/or left promptly when our workload lessened. We got punches in our cards rather than stars. Possibly because NS uses a chip-type card. I still prefer the older ships to the Pinnacles but will happily sail on them at any time. Roy
  5. I think the towels used for animals mostly get reused as animals the next night. Roy
  6. One thing HAL could do better. When stage 3 is called there are about 30 seconds of instructions to go to your muster station. At the end of those 30 seconds comes "Do not proceed until the end of this announcement. By that time I have been at least at the stairs and possibly moving down the stairs. Roy
  7. There's nobody new here and I won't do a separate Bon Voyage but wishing firstcuff91, noosey, and anyone else continuing a wonderful continuation of your cruise on to San Diego. Roy
  8. Great memory Keith. That was almost 6 years ago, although I probably did a bit on my last cruise. I'm not going to try to find the cruise critic post but here's the corresponding blog entry: https://wcmedley2014.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/crystal-serenity-oceanview-cabins/ Dave, if you're really concerned about privacy you should loo for one of those cabins behind the ventilation boxes, 7005-8, 7014-21, or 7070-79. Roy
  9. In my opinion they're probably the best value on the Serenity. They're mostly over the Hollywood Theater and that shouldn't be a noisy spot unless there's a real shoot-em-up western playing some night but that would be really rare. They're midship, close to the promenade deck and one of the benches on the deck, and the obstruction is minimal. I had a cabin just a couple aft of the C2's on the transatlantic and it was quiet as a doormouse. Roy
  10. That is, or at least until recently has been, part of the Captain's speech on all muster drills. I wish other cruise lines would follow that lead. Roy
  11. My annual travel insurance policy has a 45 day per trip limit and I was right there. I also traveled to New York the day of QM2 embarkation to squeek in. I think I also made a wise flight choice in retrospect. There was a 2 PM Southwest flight that did not leave much before mine and that would have been a direct transfer to FLL instead of the Pullman with a lot of time hanging around the airport. It looks like that purple tee may be circling the globe with me. Roy
  12. We had the same transfer options as ryndam. We were within a stone's throw of the dock at 6:04 Roy
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