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  1. rafinmd

    Prinsendam Muster drill location

    That would be deck 7, lower promenade. One difference between Prinsendam and other HAL ships is the deck numbering system. Deck 1 must be the bilge areas as decks 1 to 3 are off limits to passengers. Deck 4 is mostly off limits except for a couple of meeting rooms and the tender platform. Decks 5 and 6 are the lowest passenger decks with the lifeboats on deck 7. Deck 8 is mostly public rooms, 9 and 10 are verandahs and suites, and the lido is on 11. And the OP did not ask which deck, he/she asked inside or outside. Roy
  2. A better picture from a cruiser on the Symphony: Roy
  3. rafinmd

    Holland America Munster Drill

    Is the crew already on the Nieuw Statendam? Roy
  4. rafinmd

    Holland America Munster Drill

    Any idea how long the HAL crew will be able to have access and conduct drills before the premier voyage? Roy
  5. rafinmd

    Holland America Munster Drill

    While my civilian brain has difficulty accepting the idea that a ship cannot be filled with sufficient foam to make it unsinkable I will trust Chengkp75 professional opinion on that (and I think I also have heard of a number of wooden shipwrecks on the bottom). I will for a minute assume it is possible and I still don't like what I see. While sinkings and major disasters happen all too often with 3rd world ferries, there have been blessedly few modern cruise ship disasters. The only major cruise ship disaster I can think of in the 21st century is the Costa Concordia. THE COSTA CONCORDIA DID NOT SINK. It is not enough that a ship stays on the surface; if major parts of the ship flood, if the ship turns on it's side, or power is completely lost, the situation will be dire, even if the ship does not sink. An unsinkable ship with no survival craft. Sorry, I want no part of it. I want to add that if the reason to make a ship unsinkable is to do away with the muster drill I am pretty much lacking in sympathy. Even on a mass market ship which alternates 3 and 4 day cruises, the crew will drill at least 50% more than the passengers. On a HAL ship doing cruises of 7 days or more, they will go through the drill more than twice as often as we do it and in far greater detail. If they can do that for our safety I can't complain about doing it once on a cruise. Roy
  6. Have a wonderful time visiting a destination long off limits to most Americans. Roy
  7. Thank you everyone. The mix of St. Thomas vs St. Croix may be more equal than I thought. Day 2, Monday, November 12, 2018, At Sea, windy with rain Having had a bout of the drowsies I turned off the alarm when it rang and slept until about 5:45. I headed up to deck 5 a little after 6 and as I approached the door I could hear the wind really howling. I walked a bit on inner corridors but was up on deck 9 about 6:20. The official sunrise had passed but it was quite cloudy and the sun had just found a first opening in the clouds. The wind was not then as awful as it seemed on deck 5 and I took a lap around deck 9 (possible but totally unpleasant) but did most of my walking for the day inside the ship. Sadly, the day did not much inspire me to take many photos. http://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/dawn1112.jpg Determining where we were was not really simple. When I got out my GPS it showed the nearest city in North Carolina, just a bit further away. We were headed Southwest and the coast line was jagging southeast. We were more or less equidistant between North Carolina and Nassau. When I looked at our latitude we were about even with Jacksonville. It was a pretty quiet day for me with just a few planned activities. The main one in the morning was a talk on “Movement of People Across the Globe and to the Caribbean”. http://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/kumar.jpg When I tried to go on deck for the noon update from Captain Thor I found that both deck 5 and deck 10 were completely closed off due to the wind. He indicated the nearest land was the Bahamas 350 miles away. He gave us early notice that our clocks would be going forwarded and reminded us that our phones might not update the time at sea. He indicated the relative wind speed was over 40 kt and we had sped up to get away from the current weather ASAP. My main activity for the afternoon was a future cruise talk on Alaska. While my hands down favorite for Alaska there was one itinerary that looked interesting. The Ovation will be doing a unique one time cruise in May. Her trans-Pacific will end in Vancouver and then she will do an 11-day repo to Seattle for her main season with a nice selection including a couple of unusual ports. After my cruise on the Anthem I have no desire to return to Quantum Class (and I already on Cunard then) but for people who would like this ship this itinerary is worth a very serious look. I was the only one at table 314. Not sure if it was the ship movement (I hope not too many people are bothered by movement that was not too serious) or something else but service ended up faster than usual. I chose the fruit plate, roast chicken, and apple pie. http://getawaysfrom21044.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/dishes1112.jpg The featured entertainment was ventriloquist Michael Harrison. He was entertaining but not one of the better ventriloquists I have seen. I was out of the dining room in time to catch the second half of the first show and then returned for the second half of the 8:30 show, getting me out in time to make up for a little bit of the hour we lost overnight. I will reach out to Tuesday Morning and the morning show for a parting shot. Mike and Cece were sharing a joke between 2 men talking. The first said “When I was in the Army I lost my rifle and they charged me 85 dollars for it”. The other responded “Now I know why the Captain always goes down with the ship”. Roy
  8. rafinmd

    Bon Voyage to Mariners, November 8, 2018

    Thanks. I've actually been been watching off and on for an hour or so. She's been port side whenever I've looked but I'm sure it will change as wind and current rotate the Symphomy. It looks like a lovely day there. Roy
  9. From the Crystal Symphony Port Webcan: http://www.crystalcruises.com/cruises/cruise-guidebook/our-ships/crystal-symphony/live-views Probably time for them to update their destination on AIS. Roy
  10. rafinmd

    Prinsendam Muster drill location

    Not exactly. Yes, it is outside under the boats but I think it COULD be done inside with the dining room, dining room annex, Pinnacle Grill, Ocean Bar, and lobby as muster stations. However, as Chengkp75 gas said, once an emergency plan is set up it is a very complicated process to change it. Roy
  11. Thank you for the report. I'll mention that the Crystal Symphony is also doing an Amazon cruise and will visit several ports at the same time as the Prinsendam including Guadeloupe. I'll post a screenshot if the Prinsendam shows up on the Symphony's webcams. Roy
  12. rafinmd

    Holland America Munster Drill

    Thanks Chengkp75. Sobering words that I hope never to need to pay attention to in real life. Roy
  13. The differences are a bit of a mixed bag. I think seating in the WJ is about the same as the Enchantment has a little covered extension on the port side running aft from the stairs that probably makes the ratio of WJ seats to beds about equal between the 2 ships. I think the serving areas on the Grandeur are somewhat less crowded but not by a whole lot. It looks like they are also trying a few things to speed up service. I noticed in the morning that the omelet station they had a waiter taking orders and passing them to the cooks to make the process a bit more efficient. I haven't had an omelet yet but will tomorrow. I think the biggest difference was in the Theater. It isn't super roomy but my impression is significantly less crowded than it was on Enchantment. Roy
  14. Briefly saw EE while between the other 2 ships but after I watched a bit of NA couldn't get the webcam back. Have a good night all. Roy
  15. Well, got a little glimpse of each, but not very good wifi right here. Roy