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  1. No toots for the camera. Well, that's a season wrap for me. Thanks Kathi, Lou & Dave, and fellow addicts. Roy
  2. Long toots from Infinity. Is this the ship that took out the dock in Ketchikan? Roy
  3. Most visible is 2 stacks for Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Roy
  4. Do they have tenders at all? I thought it was just lifeboats. I think they sail pretty limited itineraries where the only way a tender is used is if it's available from shore. Roy
  5. Majesty sounds better than her big sisters. Lucky PAX on Volendam. Roy
  6. I've sailed Blount's Grande Caribe (about the same size) from Boston to Quebec and it was quite 'interesting' at times. Roy
  7. From the zoom I guess one of the other ships is going first, likely Majesty which just announced singleing up. Roy
  8. I talked to my TA today (Tampa area) and she indicated they expect heavy rain tomorrow. Roy
  9. Thank you all. Swin26, I'm glad you got to see Come From Away and loved it, and also hope storms did not complicate your visit. As my blog attests, I'm quite obsessed with the show and found that each of the casts has it's strengths. I've always wanted to see the show in Canada but never found a convenient opportunity to do so. Then I realized I will be visiting my family just south of Montreal this summer and it is only a couple of hours out of the way to go around by Toronto. My number 5 will be early August. Packing is well under way and I'm now checked in for my flight tomorrow. Roy
  10. I wonder if part of the reason Esprit is different is that it's easier to account for the comings and goings of 62 people on a port day rather than 900 or so. Roy
  11. I was hoping those problems would be gone after the wet dock 18 months ago. Roy
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