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  1. 2 minutes ago, PacnGoNow said:

    Thank you for that.  

    You should still be able, if your cruise personalizer shows it as 2 cruises, be able to book 2 one ways, if you use the website.  Using each booking number.  Did you try the website?


    That should give you 5 days before the outbound and

    5 days after the return.







    I have paid for my 2 cruises and flights. I had booked on Princess website.  I check the flight prices daily and won’t be able to now.  If I was booking today, it would harder.

  2. 2 hours ago, PacnGoNow said:

    So, the change became effective somewhere between June 16-20, 2024, it is definitely in effect now from what I’ve tried.







    I check my flights daily in the morning.  They must have changed sometime on Friday June 21.


    I have B2B cruises with 2 booking # - Vancouver-San Francisco and San Francisco-San Francisco.  On the app, shows as 1 cruise so must be linked.  Paid final payment for both cruises/flights.

    I booked EzAir flights on day they are available, with 1 day pre cruise and 1 day post cruise. Flights Toronto-Vancouver and San Francisco-Toronto under 1 booking #.


    Now, can only book 5 pre and 5 post cruise for the first cruise. Cannot book 2 cruise under the first cruise as before.


    Now, 2 cruise only shows booking for the 2 cruise and cannot change airports.


    Now, instead of booking myself, would have to get agent or call in to book.

  3. 1 minute ago, Host CJSKIDS said:

    My CVP posted this today on their social media page. I'll let you know if she posts anymore info.



    Good Morning! We have received information that the new updates for dining are delayed. If you are sailing after September 14th, you will not be able to make main dining room reservations. As soon as I have word that dining is open, I will post here.
    Thanks for your patience.

    Thanks for the update, so frustrating to have to keep checking the app with no results.  My cruise is Sept 26.

  4. 6 hours ago, geoherb said:

    I filed my claim with Aon yesterday (Sunday) for the cost of my hotel and meals due to missing the connection in Philadelphia last Friday. I received an email this evening letting me know my claim had been approved. Wow! That's great customer service.

    Did you have to have any paperwork from the airline to prove you missed your flight?  If so what was it?

  5. I stay at Best Western Oceanside.  It is 100 yards from the beach (you don’t pay beachfront price), free hot breakfast, bar that sells food, microwave, refrigerator, $ washer/dryer, #40 bus outside the door, walking distance to water taxi.  No shuttle from airport, can sign up for $ shuttle to Port Everglades.

  6. Not a private car service, check out International Friends.  They only go on embarkment and disembarkment days.  They pick up at Southampton dock, stop at Salisbury, Stonehenge and Windsor then dropped off at the door of certain London and Heathrow hotels.


    I have taken them from Southampton and Dover.



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  7. I am also from Toronto.  I have found EzAir from Toronto (YYZ) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) there is a little savings from purchasing with EzAir than direct with the airline.  I have found flying international, there is a better savings.


    With EzAir, book Flexible and watch to see if the price has gone down. No payment until cruise final payment with no $ penalty, you can change/cancel up to 45 days and after 45 days $ penalty.


    I check my EzAir booking daily and have changed a few times for a better price.  For my cruise Toronto (YYZ)-Vancouver (YVR) and San Francisco (SFO) -Toronto (YYZ), started over $720, price went up to $800 and down and I presently have it for $591. If you purchase direct with the airline, you are unable to change without $ penalty if purchased non refundable.  

    Near final payment, I check the airline price and take which is the cheapest.


    Each time, you change your EzAir booking, you have to re add seats and airline passenger number.  Each time, you will get a new Princess airline booking # and airline booking #.

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  8. You can purchase separately the  Soda package and pay for the tips for the 3rd person and share the WiFi.


    I don’t drink alcohol or coffee and purchase separately the Soda package, tips and WiFi.


    If you want the Plus for the 3rd person, call Princess or ask your agent to add to booking.

  9. 1 hour ago, techfashion said:

    I am not sure we have to be there 3 hours before the flight but still it does seem like a tight schedule. Based on everyone’s feedback I am considering going on a later flight but that will mean several hours in the airport instead.

    Heathrow is a huge airport with long lines for security.  You do not know the gate #, until a short time before boarding.

    Better to take a later flight.

    Depending on your later flight, you can take Princess post cruise excursion.  You leave your luggage outside our cabin door the night before, pick up your luggage dockside, walk to your Coach, luggage is put under the Coach, have your post cruise excursion, then dropped off at your Heathrow terminal.

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  10. I had no problem just getting a scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce on the Island (November) and the Sky (February) instead of the Premier Dessert.  I guess it is who is behind the counter.

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  11. First cabin off the hallway on the Lido deck, I had L301(balcony cabin with an angled balcony- bigger balcony than a regular balcony), on the Sky and have booked it again for 2026.


    Only steps from the elevator, and automatic door to the Lido area - pool, hot tubs, bar, hamburgers, pizza, loungers, buffet 


    On the first night the hallway door was left closed, we heard the door as people let the door slam.  The following nights when we returned to our cabin for the night, I left the hallway door open and never heard the door again.


    Very few times, we heard people walking down the hallway to their cabin.  You would have the same problem wherever your cabin is, unless your cabin is one of the last cabin in the front or aft of the ship.





  12. While on the Island Princess in November, after not having been able to finish one of the premium ice cream desserts. The next time, I asked for 1 scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce and the suckers (they were wrapped to take home for my granddaughter).  After that the server would say “1 scoop with chocolate sauce and suckers”.  We had a laugh that she would remember.

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