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  1. Following along. We will joining you on Sunday.
  2. My cruise and excursion was with Princess in August both times. It is very windy when the boat is going. I wore a thin spring jacket with a hood, sweater, a wool hat, thin gloves both times. I need them, I gave a lady another pair of gloves. There were seats in the lower level with a bathroom, I think some kind of snack bar(?). On the upper deck, no seats, I sat on a life jacket box the whole time. Another person had a review (I forget which cruiseline] they took a independent fjord Cruise in Stavanger, cheaper than cruiseline, with no stop for waffles.
  3. I have taken the same Stavanger boat tour 2x. Both times for our waffle stop we had a small restaurant and ate inside.. I had sunny weather both times and stayed on the upper deck the whole time.
  4. I have stayed while in FLL at Best Western Oceanside since 2015. No shuttle from/to airport or Port Everglades, Taxi under $30 from airport to hotel and under $15 to Port Everglades, Uber is cheaper. You are 100 yards from the ocean, hot breakfast, bar with food, washer/dryer $, rental bikes $, Sun Trolley and regular bus outside the door, water taxi within walking distance, restaurant next door, parking $, friendly staff. We take the Sun Trolley along the beach road to different restaurants.
  5. I will be looking for 2022 Caribbean on Dec 11.
  6. We will be on the Sky on Sunday out of Athens. In Florida, we tip the dock porters. In England, you do not tip the porters. Do you tip the dock porters in Athens? If so, how much?
  7. I have asked on the Europe Board. In Florida, we tip the dock porters. In England, you do not tip the porters. We will on the Sky on Sunday cruising from Athens. Do you tip the dock porters? If so, how much?
  8. We plan on staying at Hampton Inn Brickell. Do you remember the cost of a taxi from MIA airport to hotel and hotel to port?
  9. We did Fawlty Towers - dining experience, a take off of a British show.
  10. Probably breakfast, pool, free trolley maybe get off along the way, dinner, back to the hotel. I usually stay in FLL for a few days. Hampton Inn Brickell has been suggested.
  11. We will be flying and staying 3 nights pre cruise with a 10 yr. We need a pool, free breakfast, restaurants close by, free or paid shuttle from airport to port (if available great if not we will take taxi), maybe near free trolley.
  12. We are trying to save money on these b2b cruises, 7 day Norwegian Fjords and 7 day Scandinavia. I normally take a balcony. When I saw these cabins with floor to ceiling windows these cabins would be better than oceanview windows and only a short walk to be outside with chairs.
  13. Grand Princess, Premium Oceanview (03), Lido deck, mid forward.. The Grand was refurbished March 2019 maybe they redid those cabins with floor to ceiling windows.
  14. I paid for Voom + soda in January for our August. Price went down $25 this week, I cancelled and repurchased, now waiting for a refund on my credit card.
  15. Anybody know what Princess is offering as a Sale after 3 for Free?
  16. I usually book a cruise a year or more out, I check and chart the prices/flights with the airlines to give me an idea what the price might be a year later. I am a planner and want to know roughly what cruise, air, tours, hotels are going to be. Air Canada had a non stop on the Monday when I first started checking the year before. I called Air Canada when they released for 2019, they did not have a non stop, they said not all flights have been released. They later posted a non stop. Princess released their flights that included a Monday non stop. I booked a Monday non stop with EzAir. While checking EzAir prices, I noticed a notice that something was going on with my booking. I called Air Canada/Princess for them to say that there was no Monday non stop. I picked a 1 stop for my return.
  17. The 2 cruises that I am interested are in August 2021. There are only 6 cabins in the Premium Oceanview category and I need 3. The present 3 for Free sale would not be for 2021, I know during the year there will be a sale to get some kind of perk.
  18. I booked my air the day it was released with non stop Toronto-Athens-Rome-Toronto on Air Canada for Premium Economy. I check daily. The price would change up/down in small amounts. I would modified with each change, get new a booking number, and new seats. I noticed my non stop return was not there. I called Air Canada and Princess to see if the flight was still available, “no non stop that day”. I made a new reservation with 1 stop and saved. Since I have booked and with checking daily, my price went from $2,740 to $1,734/pp. In over 7 bookings with EZAir Flexible, the price I have is the price I pay at final payment. When it gets close to final payment, I would check direct with the airline and decide which is the best price. If the airline is better, I cancel EzAir. This why I like Princess, I can book my air a year in advance, watch the price and not pay for it until final payment. Keep checking your booking. If you modify it, you will get a new air booking number and you will have re add seats/airline number again with each change. Something easy to do, to save $.
  19. Anybody recently on a ship that purchased a FCD. I will be on the Sky In 10 days. I usually purchase FCD for $100 and I know about the OBC with the FCD. Do they give you any extra perks if you book a cruise while onboard?
  20. We plan on an oceanview cabin doing Norwegian Fjords. Should we pick a cabin port side or starboard side?
  21. Thanks, first time flying in MIA.
  22. phabric


    I asked for pepperoni, mushroom, cheese, pineapple. They said no problem, lady.
  23. There will be 3 people exiting the RC Symphony. I do not cell phone coverage to use Uber. We will need a taxi or a shuttle To the airport.. I have been at Port of Everglades where there was a shuttle waiting outside the exit door, where you can walk up to it and get in for a transfer to the FLL airport for about $11. Does POM have a shuttle (not pre booked) that goes to Miami airport. Or are they all prebooked shuttle? Or is it better just to use a taxi? What would the cost be? Or, this a set taxi rate to the airport? Cost?
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