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  1. When I went to the Tattoo (have been 2x), I was told from a passenger from the year before, to leave when the solo piper starts to play to try to exit before the crowds as there is only 1 entrance/exit. We could hear the piper and see the fireworks as we walked. There is no intermission during show. The seats are in one long row from one aisle to the other aisle. Port-a-potties are near the entrance/exit.
  2. I feel sorry that were planning to leave the ship at Le Harve to go to Paris. If they had Princess EzAir flights home from Paris, Princess will get them flights. For others that made independent flights, they are on your own making arrangements.
  3. If traveling from London to Dover on embarkment day, check out International Friends. It is not listed under Shore Excursion & Transfers. You will find under Search by Destination. They pick up at certain London to Dover with an option of a stop at Dover Castle then Dover ship terminal. www.internationalfriends.co.uk
  4. We have a Roll Call for August 2026. It is never too early to start one.
  5. That is why not to fly on cruise day.
  6. You can also looking into International Friends on embarkment and disembarkment days only.. They pick up at certain London hotels with drop off at Southampton dock and Southampton with drop off at certain London hotels. Embarkment day - stop at Stonehenge Disembarkment day - stop at Salisbury, Stonehenge, Windsor I have taken it and it was a great way to see another part of Britain and being dropped at the door of my London hotel around 5pm. www.internationalfriends.co.uk
  7. ArriveCAN app came out during Covid. ArriveCAN is an app that you fill out for Canadian Immigration. Before you used to fill a paper form with the information now a kiosk at a Canadian airport. You can fill it out within 72 hours before arrival into Canada. You will receive an email. At the Toronto airport, once off the airplane, follow the signs to Immigration, there will be a sign for Express, follow Express sign, there is a kiosk put your passport down, it takes your picture, take the paper, gates open, hand your paper to the Immigration officer. Since you have completed ArriveCAN app with the information it saves time. I found as a returning Canadian, it saved time in the long line waiting for a kiosk, filling out the information on a computer and lining up for an Immigration Officer to hand in the paper. Not all Canadian airports have the Express kiosks.
  8. Before Princess changed the way the dining was set up, you had to be Elite or fully paid to make reservations. June17 is suppose to be open to book dining. If you can not book around that time, then you must fully booked.
  9. Check out Best Western Oceanside, 1180 Sea Breeze, FLL. Is 100 yards from beach, bar that sells food, microwave, refrigerator, $ washer/dryer, walking distance to water taxi, clean rooms.
  10. My new booking I made on May 16 shows up on Personalizer but not on the App. When I added my new booking number it shows Error. Maybe too early to see it on the App.
  11. I can’t understand how the prices have jumped up within a few hours. Yes, prices do go up over time. My cabin has gone up by $1,700/pp since this morning.
  12. I always tell people, put a refundable deposit down, you have 90 days before the cruise to decide to go or not and the cabin you want. Since your cruise is not until 2026 you have plenty of time to decide.
  13. Carmen Roig, VP Princess, posted this on Facebook this Sale May 17-19. You can check this out.
  14. Every time, I log in to look, the price has increased. Maybe with so many trying to book, they figure put the price up and they will still book.
  15. Try log out then log in, sometimes that works for me.
  16. My agent booked a BC cabin this morning. I was checking to see if cabins were now available since so many could not get a cabin. Maybe Princess was holding or slow releasing or too many booking cabins, there are cabins now available. My BC deck now has only Reserve guaranteed cabins available. Princess increased my BC cabin price by $825 more in just a few hours. Hope they don’t come back and say the morning price is the wrong price.
  17. My agent booked a BC cabin this morning. I was checking and saw some cabins were now available. My deck now only has Reserve guarantee cabins. With the cruise selling so well this morning, Princess has increased the price. My cruise fare has gone up by $825 more in just a few hours.
  18. Some agents might have reserved group cabins, they can hold onto them until they have to release them back to Princess.
  19. Next time, book yourself online then you have 60 days to transfer to your agent. You have to fill in a transfer form and send to Princess. My agent fills in her portion, emails me it, I sign and send back to her and she sends to Princess. Keep looking on Princess site, some people might cancel
  20. At 7:30am EST, I saw cabins available. Some cabin were booked. At 9:32am EST, my agent emailed me, she got my cabin booked. At 10:10am EST, I went in to Find A Cruise, cruise showed Sold Out At 10:30am EST, I was able to see type of cabins and cabin location. Most of decks showed no cabin available and some were Reserve Now ( guarantee).
  21. IF and mean IF, I receive Elite email it is usually in the evening of the day. I only learned about the opening day for new itineraries was on Cruise Critic. I feel sorry for non past passengers who wanted this cruise. They will have to watch and see if anybody cancels or waitlist. Some people, book right away and then cancel.
  22. I went back to check going by each type of cabin on each deck, some decks show the yellow square with the words no cabins available and some decks show guarantee.
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