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  1. Captain just said because of the wind our departure will be 2 hours late.
  2. It has worked great on most days so we are happy. With the time changes it is making it a bit more of a logistic challenge though.
  3. Regarding the MDR. We have late dining & noticed the delay on our first night. We now decide what we want from looking at the App. So soon as waiter comes we order & hope it comes in a timely manner. Last night it certainly went smooth. When we were on the Eurodam in November we were in and out in an hour which is what we expected on the Koningsdam. I am hopeful after our 1 hour in & our last night the trend continues.
  4. @ORTravelGal I have looked for solo cabins when browsing but never saw any so will have to see when I’m home if they show for me. A friend wants to do Alaska (so we’d both pick solo cabins). We chose HIA when we booked mainly because we pay our whole fare in Canadian dollars & when we booked it included the gratuities as well. If I went solo I would not book the HIA as it doesn’t matter to me if I drink. I would miss the internet to keep in touch with family so I’d really have to weigh the options regarding HIA.
  5. Last night dinner in the MDR I chose calf liver & onions. Was very tender & delicious. MrBear had the double serving of ribs which were also tender (no side dish for him except we both had Caesar salad to start). On a side note I tried both the red non-alcoholic wine and the white non- alcoholic wine and preferred the white. I asked for brand but they had no idea so for those that wondered, they do have both. It is pretty bouncy coming into Maui so I hope we make it. Looking like we will make it!
  6. @BermudaBound2014 great photo of Mauna Kea. We were up on an excursion today at Volcano National Park.
  7. Thank you. I thought our Eurodam cruise in November was great but this is up quite a notch! We have our first excursion tomorrow. Used one of our HIA for the Volcanoes National Park & Gardens in Hilo.
  8. Ok. I took one for research purposes @POA you’d be so proud as I don’t drink beer but Mr Bear & I shared. Was actually tasty.
  9. We are currently on the Koningsdam and someone asked if they had non alcoholic beer. I asked and they do-it’s Heineken 0.0 Sorry I can’t remember who asked.
  10. @BermudaBound2014 you are most welcome. I always appreciate people who go just that extra mile helping others & you have. The florist on the ship is great. I picked the vase but told him to pick the flowers. I ordered myself one at the same time, lol. (I love flowers). The photo attached is what mine looked like. @crystalspin if you had been on board you would have received one as well for your organization. Maybe 2025!
  11. We had dinner in the Canaletto last night. They were super busy (overbooked apparently) so we had to come back about 30 minutes after our reserved time. After that it went very well. I only took photos of what I had (but forgot to take a photo of my appetizer which was the grilled tiger shrimp & it was delicious), Osso Bucco & for dessert, the tiramisu. PS-I’m sorry if my photos are too large but I have no idea how to make them smaller 🤷‍♀️
  12. We were both there too. The 2 chefs were hilarious! Was good to hear more lobsters dinners coming as well.
  13. It is quite possible 🤷‍♀️. I do know this cruise we are on now is fantastic so far. We booked it a long time ago & only found out it was called a Legendary cruise when we got the bags in our stateroom. The dining has truly been a step up from our cruise in November on the Eurodam, especially in the MDR. Last night we cancelled our Tamarind reservations when we saw the MDR menu offering escargot and lobster etc. Service was great too.
  14. The entertainment has been great-we enjoyed “The Company Men” performance tonight before our late dining. Supper was delicious too. So far this cruise has been a pleasant surprise in food & entertainment. Not sure if the video will load but I’ll try. Apparently it won’t upload. Sigh. IMG_2802.mov IMG_2802.mov IMG_2802.mov
  15. Our internet has crapped out too. We were trying to chat with our little grandkids but guess too far out at sea.
  16. As far as I know it’s for all guests. We are not in a Neptune this time nor did we buy Club Orange & we got the bag.
  17. We also received the bag. Haven’t taken it out of the plastic but sure does feel sturdy.
  18. I also love the rocking of the ship & it certainly has been. I sleep so well on a HAL ship.
  19. Thanks for the update about the 6pm show as that will be the one we have to attend when we do our MDR meals. The 8pm show had people sitting on the steps which I’m surprised was allowed as in the past they’ve been told they can’t.
  20. We had dinner in the Pinnacle tonight which was pretty good. Service was excellent. I wanted to try something different this time so had the scallops which were ok but I wouldn’t order them again. Mr Bear had the lamb chops which he’s had before & enjoys them. We went to the comedian show tonight who was Sid Davis. This was the 8pm show & it was a packed house. He was very good-lots of laughs & I usually don’t go to comedians. I think HAL has changed the show times to accommodate more people as they are now at 6pm & 8pm. Not sure how busy the 6pm one was so if someone was at it can you advise? Our usual fixed dining is as 7:30 but we dined early at the Pinnacle.
  21. We are on the Koningsdam now so I’ll attach a photo. Sorry it’s a bit crumpled-was in the pocket of my husband because we’ve been using it as a score sheet for our card games. (I’m winning in case anyone wants to know 😂)
  22. We had enjoyed our late dining on the Eurodam as a table for just us two in November. Found it extremely efficient-in & out in an hour. Unlike last night on the Koningsdam-late dining, table for two & very slow & busy. It was our first night on the K so hoping it goes better. Tonight we are going to Pinnacle so will see on Monday how our late dining if improved.
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