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  1. If the crew has to arrive "days before the guests", then there are going to be gaps between cruises.
  2. The last cancellation covered more like 60 days; I didn't expect mine to be covered (June 24) but it was. So yours should be covered in the next round, whenever it happens.
  3. I finally got around to checking my Delta account; they refunded my money quickly, but so far not the 270,000 miles I used. I have put in an inquiry, and now I'll wait on that.
  4. Jackie, if you were replying to my quoted post, I don't understand what you are asking/saying to me. I was defending Regent, asking why they were supposed to outperform the other luxury lines in refund timing. I wasn't doing it accusingly or belligerently, I was honestly curious as to why the expectations were higher for Regent. If you took it in a different manner, that is on you; I have never been aggressive on these boards. Editing, okay wait. I said "how" in a different way than you interpreted it. I should have said "why".
  5. I have been browsing around on other threads here, and it looks like the very same complaint is being voiced on every luxury cruise line ( I didn't look at the mass cruise lines). How is Regent expected to outperform Crystal, Seabourne and Silver Seas? I'm not asking this to be belligerent, and my refund will be pretty big because I had four named suites booked on Mariner so I do have a dog in the fight and it would hurt to lose the money. I am simply curious.
  6. I'm going to thread drift just for a minute, away from RSSC and their refund status. I recently switched my office phone system from an obscure service to AT&T. The first person I got in touch with was, I discovered too late, a little new to the company; she sold me what she thought I needed, and immediately shipped the phones, even though we didn't have the necessary wiring and it was going to be at least two/three months before we would be doing the actual switch. The problem with her doing this was the phones are actually cell phones and they immediately began racking up charges, PLUS somehow they connected those phones to cell number of people who work out on the construction sites and don't even come into the office. It was a huge, huge mess and we ended up canceling everything and starting from scratch; she left the company in the meantime. We returned those phones and got refunds for them and the charges they racked up. In February. We just, in mid-April, got the last of the charges credited to our phone bill. RSSC isn't the only big corporation who takes 90 days for a refund. Many times I have been told "this will two to three billing cycles to show on your account". Okay, back to RSSC.
  7. I am a squeaky wheel, too, when the situation calls for it. But I am a businesswoman and I understand the facts of credit card refunds. Regent has its processes to go through with the cancellation, and fact: they are overwhelmed. Then it gets to the credit card company and they have their processes to go through. Granted, the credit card companies are better at cancellations because they do more of them and they aren't having to do it by hand. The people who are calling Regent aren't talking to the people who actually process the refunds, they are talking to customer service reps who don't want to be yelled at.
  8. Man, what confusion! Jackie, my fingers are crossed for your flights/cruise! I'm not sure our family trip will end up being a cruise; I booked this one because I am sentimental about Mariner and Alaska, and that won't happen again. My SIL gets seasick and I was hoping we wouldn't hit rough water on that cruise, but I've hit rough water just about everywhere else. We may be looking at a land trip. I just don't know, there is too much uncertainty right now. I wish, oh how I wish that I was good at solo cruising, because I love Regent.
  9. How long ago was your cruise cancelled?
  10. I can't guarantee presence to take the FCC. I have one granddaughter in grad school, a grandson and another granddaughter in college, and a son-in-law who works for a huge corporation and has to fight for any length of time off. I was just afraid I couldn't find the perfect cruise in the designated timeframe. We'll find a trip, but it may not be a cruise, and it has to work around several schedules. Enjoy Mexico!!
  11. At least we aren't in limbo anymore. I'm sad, we were really looking forward to a happy family cruise.
  12. Well, I just logged in and made our dining reservations, just in case. We can be packed in a minute, I still have the air reservations. I will be surprised if it goes, but if it does we are on it.
  13. May I ask what that means? My family is booked on that cruise and I haven't heard anything; I know my TA also hasn't, because I talked to her late last week.
  14. I don't think I have ever heard it spoken of as courtesy.
  15. I remember Renaissance cruises going belly-up, we were looking at them. But they went no-smoking LONG before anybody else even considered thinking about it, and then tried to go no-children (or maybe it was the reverse, I can't remember). They were already in trouble, but those two decisions broke the camel's back. I have made my final Payment. I sit and wait.
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