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  1. Never been on a Carnival ship without half and half. The lido deck coffee is barely drinkable. Have one in the morning and then all others from the coffee bar.
  2. Traveling on 3/5. Will try and let you know how it goes as soon as I can on the 5th. The train looks really nice and comfortable. Service looks so much better than tri rail, and quicker.
  3. After cruise is paid in full.
  4. Get used to the glitches in the website, it happens a lot. Their website has had problems for years.
  5. The only port out of the three you might want to take an excursion is Amber Cove. Carnival docks in Old San Juan. You can explore this old city on your own. The two main attractions are two forts. Be aware, there is a lot of walking up and down hilly cobblestone roads. Grand Turk is totally a beach day. We did a beach resort excursion in Amber Cove, but you can just hang around the pool complex at the port, no fee required.
  6. Avoid connecting flights. They are recipes for disaster especially during winter months. A few years ago we flew from Orlando to New Orleans, departed at 830am, landed at 945am, arrived at the port with plenty of time to spare.
  7. If you choose a military discount, your DD 214 is required as proof.
  8. Bayside is right across Biscayne Blvd. If your adventurous you can walk down Biscayne Blvd to the Mary Brickell area. Lots more shopping and restaurants to choose from. About a 20 minute walk, maybe a little less.The Metro mover monorail is a couple of blocks to the west of the Holiday Inn will get you to Brickell also. It’s a free ride. Miami Beach is a short a Uber ride away. Many restaurants and shopping. At night the Art Deco buildings neon lights are amazing along with the nightlife. Have fun.
  9. What ship, what port, how early a flight? There are a few variables that can delay your getting off the ship.
  10. Cruised Splendor to Alaska a couple of August’s ago and had a wonderful time. Nothing to complain about.
  11. You can drag your feet til about 930am. Then you will be asked to disembark. The1040am train should not be a problem. From the port to the Miami Brightline station it takes about 10 minutes. We are coming down from West Palm next month and plan on getting to the station at least1/2 hour early.
  12. Do you worry the same way each time you get behind the wheel? If the answer is no then go on the cruise enjoy and don’t worry about what could happen. We had a problem a few years ago, though not as bad as you ship listing. Coming back from Alaska on the Miracle we passed adjacent to Portland Or. and lost complete power. Floated around the Pacific for about 45 minutes then power was restored.
  13. Shareholder OBC is, 1. 14 days or longer $250.00 2. 7 to 13 days. $100.00 3. 6 days or less. $50.00 You can request the benefit until sometime this summer when the program expires. Then a Carnival will renew the program for the second half of summer on. Hope this makes sense. You can go on line and download the ‘’Carnival shareholder benefits’’. The info gives you all the Carnival Corp lines and where to send your requests. OBC is good on all Carnival lines
  14. Yes, you have to book by the 18th to get the OBC. I have the letter somewhere, if I find it I will let you know. I saw something about Carnival sending TAs info on their commissions being protected. I’d say you will be able to book through a TA, but I would call and check with Carnival or your TA.
  15. 1. I’m type 2, all I need is the sharps container. Ask your room steward where you can have the insulin stored, it’s no problem. I do bring an extra weeks supply of meds with me. If you need certain food type upon boarding go to the dinning room and advise them of your needs. 2. Have not been to CoCo Cay . Have been to Half Moon Cay and have had a wonderful day just enjoying the beach. 3. Most cruisers over pack for their 1st cruise. Quick tips, mix and match it saves space. You will not need a pair of shoes for each day. Pack a couple you can wear with anything and one comfortable pair for exploring the ports. You can buy small packets of soap made for washing small items in the sink. You will be surprised how little you will need for a 7 day cruise. 4. If you are flying to port be aware of the size aerosol spray can you can bring on board the aircraft. Many people pick these kind of things up when they reach the port city. 5. We put our phones in airplane mode just as the ship leaves port and do not turn them on until we are ready to disembark the last day. When you are in port you can usually find a free wi/fi establishment. The best way to find one is ask any crew personnel they all know the best places. 6. HAVE A GREAT 1ST CRUISE.
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