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  1. Carnival Fantasy August 2004 took future wife on our first been cruising since.
  2. The last time I got shuttle quotes the price for a shared shuttle was $15.00 per person from two operators. I would quess with the price of gas going up the cost of the shuttle will also go up.
  3. I would say it’s the best and easiest option. We are staying in Fort Lauderdale night before cruise out of Miami. Grab a shuttle the next morning to the POM. Curious, which hotel has the $10.00 shuttle to POM?
  4. Got curious and checked our future cruises. August and December show reservations available on the website but our February sailabration does not show on website. The reservations box on the website shows but there are no restaurants on the site. Could be no 2022 cruises are allowing early reservations.
  5. Congrats, to you and sister in law on your 50th birthdays, and your cancer progress. Glory is our favorite ship and we will be celebrating my wife’s birthday and also her recovery from cancer. August is our cruise month, hope this cruise does happen for my wife. As for the steakhouse, I think when the cruise startup date is announced you will see resevations on the website. For now don’t worry, we make reservations when we are on board. Never had any problem getting a reservation.
  6. Where would you be driving from and have you driven to PC before?
  7. Who are you flying with? Most airlines will change the flight you can’t make We fly Southwest for many reasons, one is just for this type problem. Have had your problem on a few occasions, just recently this week. Was switched from non stop flights to 1 stop on our round trip. Called and got our non stops back with no trouble.
  8. Great pics, looks so good Carnival pulling into port.
  9. Our rule is not before 130pm. Have had to many close calls getting off the ship and then getting to the airport. Rather get to the airport early then miss a flight.
  10. Acapulco might not be on Carnivals list of destinations. There has been safety warnings for a long while advising you to not go there. Visited Acapulco many years ago, had a wonderful time but what I saw made me to wonder. There were military vehicles with 6 to 8 troops in the back driving all over the city and armed guards at entrances to buildings and gas stations. I feel for you guys that your short on cruise ports.
  11. The YTD dining gives you the greatest flexibility. From our experience the time that backs up is around 7pm. We have waited to be seated from 2 minutes to 45 minutes at this time. Reservations are now being taken on the Hub app which should move it along some. Getting a table bigger than two might cause a slight delay. The bigger the table the longer you might wait. Most of the time it’s a short wait. We take whatever is fastest.
  12. I’m hoping along with you. If you go then I know our August cruise is a go.
  13. The same holds true for a booth or a table with others. Check the table you are assigned to when you board. If it’s not what you want ask to have it switched to what you would like. You can try to get your dining arraigned for both cruises at this time, but I think you will have to go back the first day of your second cruise
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