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  1. Thanks Babrox and Seashell! Good to know.
  2. To anyone who has cancelled and gotten their refund - do you get it all at once, or is it broken up? (Like some of the ocean cruises are doing). Also, does the refund include taxes, fees, etc? For those of you who got a letter of credit, did you get taxes, fees, etc refunded? Or included in the credit? Sorry - SO many questions! Never had a cruise cancelled before so this is quite the learning experience!
  3. You are SO right! Things could be much much worse. Big Kudos to Avalon for letting us know now and giving us good options. I believe we will end up doing the same as you and just trying to get everyone together again for 2021. Hopefully 2021 will be a great cruising year!
  4. We had a group of 14 going in late May on the Rhine, and got the cancellation letter yesterday. They are giving us an FCC plus a $200 per person kicker for re-booking until December 31 of 2022 (and if booking in 2020, a price and promo protect). We can also get a full refund, but only if we decide within the next 10 days. Sooo lots of emails and phone call for the 14 of us! It's hard to re-plan everyone's schedules when there are so many unknowns. Hate to just take the credit and then have prices soar. But then again, hate to schedule something and have it cancelled again. Decisions, decisions.
  5. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the suggestions!
  6. Um, the issue is that it states that we are docked in Koblenz overnight. Soooooo does that mean they may sail in the very early morning hours? And it only takes a few hours? Or that the 0830 tour gets moved back?
  7. My walking tour is scheduled for 0830. I don't know how long it takes going that direction, or how long they plan. My only guess is that we must leave very early morning. I wish they would state that in the itinerary.
  8. Thanks! All i can figure is that we must sail very early morning. And yes, just there for part of the day i guess.
  9. Rhine River Northbound - From those of you who have done this cruise - i can't figure out from the itinerary when we go from Koblenz to Cologne? It states overnight docking in Koblenz on day 5, but then on day 6 just states that we are in Cologne, with an afternoon/overnight cruise to Amsterdam. When does the boat move to Cologne? Our walking tour in Cologne supposedly begins at 0830. Puzzling. I would greatly appreciate any explanation! Thanks!
  10. Wonderful! thank you so much for your quick reply! i think we will do this - it seems like we might be able to get a few hours of sleep being a bit more comfortable.
  11. Curious if you remember which plane it was? perhaps a Boeing 777-300 ER? We are thinking of doing this in the fall. Was it better food with plates and silverware, or just the extra space? Did you get an amenity kit? Thanks!!
  12. Thanks everyone! All great info. I will have to do a bit more research i think before i buy the tickets based on your replies.
  13. Thanks! Yea, maybe i should plan for 5-6 hours just to be safe. I could get both tickets on Delta, but it is a bit more money. But then I could call and see if they could connect them. I have silver status on Delta which is not worth much, but that may help them be willing to set it up for me. Thanks again!
  14. I am considering flying into JFK on American, and then going on Delta to Rome. I have a ton of Delta miles, but not enough for 2 of us all the way from home, only if we go from JFK. If we pay to fly on AA to JFK, and switch over to Delta to fly to Rome, is that feasible? We would need to go to baggage and get our luggage, check it in, then go back through security (we have TSA precheck), then to our gate. How long would i need to plan? We have the day, so do you think i would need more than 4 hours to do this? It would be so great to finally use these miles for a long trip! Has anyone done this? If so, i would love your feedback!
  15. Hey Barb!! We are going the end of May on the Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam. Dave is very excited! Several family members and friends are going as well, so should be a great trip! Avalon has said they will try to get us all in around the same time, as well as from the same airports if possible. I am not sure if we go with the "deal" if that will be possible, but i am hoping so! The Danube is another river we really want to try out! It sounds like you have planned (another) fabulous trip. You will have to let me know the highlights! I cannot wait until i retire so we can start travelling more frequently. Ooooh - European Capitals? i am tempted.... will let you know! Take care my friend! Heidi
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