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  1. Thanks everyone! All great info. I will have to do a bit more research i think before i buy the tickets based on your replies.
  2. Thanks! Yea, maybe i should plan for 5-6 hours just to be safe. I could get both tickets on Delta, but it is a bit more money. But then I could call and see if they could connect them. I have silver status on Delta which is not worth much, but that may help them be willing to set it up for me. Thanks again!
  3. I am considering flying into JFK on American, and then going on Delta to Rome. I have a ton of Delta miles, but not enough for 2 of us all the way from home, only if we go from JFK. If we pay to fly on AA to JFK, and switch over to Delta to fly to Rome, is that feasible? We would need to go to baggage and get our luggage, check it in, then go back through security (we have TSA precheck), then to our gate. How long would i need to plan? We have the day, so do you think i would need more than 4 hours to do this? It would be so great to finally use these miles for a long trip! Has anyone done this? If so, i would love your feedback!
  4. Hey Barb!! We are going the end of May on the Rhine - Basel to Amsterdam. Dave is very excited! Several family members and friends are going as well, so should be a great trip! Avalon has said they will try to get us all in around the same time, as well as from the same airports if possible. I am not sure if we go with the "deal" if that will be possible, but i am hoping so! The Danube is another river we really want to try out! It sounds like you have planned (another) fabulous trip. You will have to let me know the highlights! I cannot wait until i retire so we can start travelling more frequently. Ooooh - European Capitals? i am tempted.... will let you know! Take care my friend! Heidi
  5. Thanks SO much everyone! Great info - especially about using miles. I have status in both AA and DL, so was hoping to be able to upgrade myself a bit. I think we are gonna go with the "deal", as i cannot find anything comparable in price. Hopefully everything will go well. If it doesn't, i certainly will let you know! 😊
  6. I have a few questions about getting your airfare through Avalon. Have any of you done this? We signed up for an airfare deal (very inexpensive!) since we are arriving in one city and flying back from another. Do you know if you can stay extra days prior to the cruise without using the Avalon hotels? What about upgrading your plane tickets with miles if you have a bunch to use? Do they actually set everything up or does your travel agent do it? How much does your travel agent have to do with any of the flight choices, etc? I would appreciate any and all answers with this! Thank you!!
  7. hmcrn

    Which room?

    Thanks so much everyone! You have all confirmed my suspicions. 😊 Aquarium room it is! As it turns out there will be several people sailing with us now, so we will all be together downstairs. We got 10 people, so one room free! And great price on airfare. If we get a free upgrade, we may try it, but other than that we will stay down with the group. Thanks again!
  8. hmcrn

    Which room?

    We are thinking of going on Avalon Basel to Amsterdam in May. We have been on Avalon before, down the Seine, and had an "aquarium" class room. It was fine, as we did not spend much time in our room. (although small). We were thinking of upgrading on this trip to a regular room on the second floor with the french balcony. Is it worth the extra money ($1000 - 1500 per person)? We are pretty active, and go on all of the excursions, as well as walk around a lot on our own. However, it is nice to sit with a book occasionally (a rainy day). I would love everyone's opinion!
  9. I would love to hear from someone who stayed in one of the suites in front of magic carpet. Comments? Issues? Would you stay in one again? We are considering one on a future cruise. Thanks!
  10. We were very interested in the Edge Transatlantic in 2020 (we were booked for 2019, but had to cancel), so i was excited to see your post. I just spoke to a rep at Celebrity who tells me that the 30 Oct 2020 cruise on the Edge is a private sailing for travel agents only. No public allowed! SO BUMMED. This is when i "jump ship" to another cruise line i guess.
  11. We will be staying in the Recoleta district pre-cruise. We want to go to a classic dinner/Tango show. Which one would be the best food and professional show? Are they all scheduled late in the evening? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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