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  1. We already started bringing a bar of soap for the shower on cruises. Now I'll bring along a bar for the bathroom sink as well.
  2. That's the only paid breakfast option.
  3. And the only options is the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast.
  4. Some OBC isn't posted immediately. You have to request shareholder OBC for instance. Lately they've been great at posting it really quickly, within a day usually if not the same day. Loyalty OBC doesn't show up to be used against excursions before a cruise. It shows up on the travel summary, but not where you could use it against the cost of excursions.
  5. We also took advantage of using the concierge to make our reservations the first afternoon after I could not get through on the Dine Line when we had a suite on the Royal. In Club Class, they try to seat you with the same waiter's section. But we moved back and forth a few times when we arranged ahead of time to dine with others. I noticed some people had the same table each night.
  6. The last time I had this offer, I bought three FCDs apiece for both of us and got the credit. As long as the charge is appearing as being from Princess, Amex doesn't seem to care. I'm thinking about purchasing some OBC for my upcoming cruise to take advantage of it this time, or else I may wait if I can talk DH into going on a cruise in January or March.
  7. The brewed coffee is only available at the International Café on the older ships. A lot of folks don't mind the coffee made from concentrate.
  8. No. It's too far a trip for them to run down from the buffet to the International Café.
  9. One of my pet peeves is that the history showing up on the Princess website says "Total Cruises Sailed" when it really means total cruise credits. I'm going solo again next month. That will get me to 31 cruise credits. DH will have three fewer since he did not go with me on my back-to-back cruises to Alaska this past summer. And Princess is doing better on pricing for solo travelers on some cruises. My upcoming cruise had a $150 single supplement instead of my having to pay double.
  10. The best feature for me was being able to see where DH was on the ship. Since I'm sailing solo on my next cruise, that feature won't matter.
  11. The waiters in the buffet will serve you the complimentary coffee they serve in the buffet. On the Royal class ships, it's fresh brewed. On other ships, it's made from a coffee concentrate.
  12. We had a balcony cabin beside an outside elevator on the Westerdam. It didn't bother us that people could see us when we were on the balcony. We were never doing anything that people couldn't watch.
  13. Good for you. The only OBC that doesn't show up for me on my upcoming cruise is the loyalty credit. I've already booked my shore excursions using the OBC I'm getting for being a shareholder and using my FCD.
  14. I was at a table for six on my Alaskan cruises on the Island. I was solo. On one cruise, it was me, two sisters, and a father with his daughter and son-in-law. On the other cruise, it was me, two couples, and a single woman. And requests for table size are just requests. You could end up at a table for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10. That's what has happened to us even though we always request a table for 8.
  15. I disagree about having a balcony cabin. I've had one out of five of my cruises to Alaska. It was great to have since we were at the bow of the ship. When the captain turned the ship so that both sides could have a view of the glacier, we had a view the whole time. But we also had a great time on the other four cruises. Make sure you choose a ship that has plenty of space for viewing--a wide Promenade Deck like I had on the Island Princess this summer is great.
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