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  1. Last month on the Caribbean Princess, I received the sisal mitt, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, shower cap, linen spray, emery board, lip balm, linen mist, and cotton swabs and cotton balls in the gold mesh bag. On the Crown Princess in September, they were just on the counter in our bathroom, not in the gold mesh bag, and consisted of conditioner, shower cap, emery board, bag with cotton balls and swabs, and lip balm. There were nearly 1,000 Elites on that cruise.
  2. I've now done three solo cruises while DH had to work. There may be more in my future since he's decided he doesn't want to leave his 93-year-old mother for a long period of time. Snoozecrooze posted the link to my live thread from last month's cruise to the Panama Canal. I had a fun time, although being quarantined for a day and a half wasn't that fun. I made friends with the people on my trivia team. I also moved from a bad fit of a table in traditional dining to anytime dining. I ate breakfast and lunch in the dining room whenever possible. I missed dinner in the dining room three nights--the first when I started feeling bad and then the two when I was officially quarantined. After I was feeling better, I participated in the other activities around the ship. I met folks through the solo and singles group, the LGBT group, and the Cruise Critic gathering. On some cruises, we meet people with whom we stay in touch. I didn't meet anyone like that on this cruise. Fortunately, I found a last-minute deal on this cruise where the single supplement was just $150. I ended up paying less for it than my share of our cruise to the canal three years ago with DH. Last summer, I found similar savings on the Alaskan cruises I took. Such deals aren't frequent. I've been watching prices on a few spring cruises and haven't seen any deals for solos. I start back to work tomorrow--called back to my old job after three years of retirement. I'll be working 20 hours or so a week. My boss said she'd work around my cruise schedule.
  3. I'm fine with it if they close them during off hours, such as Skywalkers or the Vista Lounge for a meeting during the day. I'd be upset if they cut back on the activities that I enjoy to accommodate a group needing the space, such as having fewer performances in the theater so that a private group could have their own shows.
  4. They were out of Courvoisier on one of our cruises and replaced it with extra bottles of one of the other liquors. I don't remember which, but I switched them out for gin. You can switch the cans of soda for any of the canned soda on the room service menu. DH likes to get ginger ale.
  5. The possible financial advantage is booking a guarantee when there are no specific cabins left in a category. I'm watching prices on a few different cruises. For the Feb. 25 one on the Crown, I can book a guarantee for $42 less per person than picking a specific cabin. We're not too choosy when it comes to cabin location. If you get your cabin assignment soon enough (when there are still cabins available in the assigned category), you can request to be moved to one of those cabins. I did this last month for my cruise on the Caribbean Princess because I did not want a cabin with the upper berths jutting out from the walls. For our cruise on the Crown Princess in September, though, there weren't any cabins available in the category by the time we received our assignment and we were stuck with the upper berths.
  6. I don't understand why Princess does not just upgrade the new people assigned to a cabin and move your in-laws back to their original cabin assignment. Seems like that would be a win-win for everyone.
  7. I don't think they care that much to do it to shock and dismay you. It's the freedom of moving from a world where they can't show affection in public to one in which they can. Some of them probably go a little far, but it's probably not much different from some of the displays of affection I've witnessed straight couples doing on cruises.
  8. Thanks for posting. I had a similar waiter on my Caribbean Princess partial canal cruise last month. I switched from traditional to anytime. Three of my tablemates speaking in Spanish amongst themselves added to my desire to make the switch.
  9. For my cruise last month on the Caribbean Princess, there was a similar $200 off sale. My roundtrip flights ended up being free.
  10. They have lots of tea choices. The waiters have large pots of orange pekoe tea. I always ask for something special since I can't drink caffeinated teas.
  11. It depends. Sometimes we've been told to go to the table to declare our bottles and they were stamped or stickered. Other times we were able to bring our wine on board when they did not have the table set up yet. We ended up being charged the corkage fee by our waiter for the bottles we took to the dining room.
  12. The food on my last Celebrity cruise was disappointing--not up to the standards of our previous cruises on X ships. Princess seems to be fairly consistent with its food, although I am a little tired of the same menus over and over again.
  13. Sometimes an agency gets OBC for its customers but it's really provided by the cruise line as a promotion. In that case, it's nonrefundable. It's only if the agency purchases OBC that it would be refundable.
  14. When we were there three summers ago, there were three different HoHo companies: red, yellow, and green buses. We went with the yellow one. They had people doing live commentary. The green ones also had live commentary back then, but the red ones used taped commentary. We only got off at two stops, and one of those we hopped right back on after finding out that Teelings Distillery was closed for a private function that day. Our other stop was the Guinness Storehouse. We were there about two and a half hours. I enjoyed riding the rest of the route. We saw Kilmainham Gaol, Phoenix Park (and a small herd of fallow deer there) and the prime minister's residence.
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