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  1. I did not have any cruises booked, but I'm also sad that none will be available for us this year. We enjoyed going to London the last three years, and I was looking forward to going back (even if DH did not make it with me this year).
  2. I'd expect that they'll do things similar to when ships have an outbreak of the norovirus. They'll add more handwashing facilities. They may reduce the passenger numbers--cutting back on the booking of cabins by more than two people. They'll screen people for fevers. I had one on my last cruise and visited the medical center. I was quarantined to my cabin except for temperature checks each morning and afternoon until I had three consecutive times without a fever.
  3. I did not have anything booked. Late December I was hoping to get a deal this summer like I did last year for more back-to-back Alaskan cruises. I booked last year just three weeks before the cruise and got a great deal sailing solo. DH has said that he's not willing to do another long cruise while his mother is alive, so another transatlantic was unlikely for the fall. We took one last year from Southampton to Fort Lauderdale and the year before from Southampton to New York City. Both were great, even though both also had major itinerary changes.
  4. I saw the doctor on my Caribbean Princess cruise. He was from South Africa. He seemed as good as my doctor at home. I had an upper respiratory infection. The tests they did for the flu were negative. I was quarantined in my cabin, allowed out once in the morning and once in the afternoon to go to the medical center for a temperature check. When my fever was gone for three consecutive checks, I was released from quarantine. I never tested how effectively they enforce the quarantine. With the medallions, it seems like they could locate a wayward passenger who refused to cooperate with it.
  5. When we did an overnight in Quebec, we flew in the day before and spent one night in a hotel. We had a beautiful afternoon and evening exploring the upper part of the old city. The next morning right before lunch, we boarded the ship. It was a rainy day, and we did not go back out that day. The next morning, we had plenty of time to explore the lower part of the old city. We still made it back to the ship for lunch and sailaway.
  6. I've already consoled myself to not going to England this year. When I retired three years ago, we took our first trip there for a British Isles cruise. We went back the next two years for transatlantic cruises. I was hoping for a third transatlantic cruise this fall. DH may have stayed home. He's an only child and feels guilty when leaving his mother for long periods of time. I went to Alaska and the Panama Canal without him last year.
  7. We were able to take advantage of a couple of casino offers. I don't know why we were included, but I was glad we were. One was $399 per person for a balcony on a 10-day cruise. For that cruise, we ended up getting an upsell to a suite for $699 more per person. I jumped on that chance. We enjoyed the extra room and other perks but were OK going back to a regular balcony cabin on our next cruise. That one was also a casino offer--$319 per person for a balcony for a 7-day cruise. I've never gambled more than $150 on a cruise, and I think that amount was after we took those two cruises.
  8. I usually get the insurance through Princess. If you did, you should have received an email from reservations@princesscruises.com. The subject of the email will be your booking number, "Princess Vacation Protection," then your name(s). I also get receipts from my travel agency with a breakdown of what I'm paying for. Some of the agencies I use will send a link to the receipt. I make sure to save a PDF of those receipts because they do disappear after the cruise is over.
  9. From the cruise line's perspective, they'll save a lot by not opening up the lodges and not having to deal with the infrastructure for transporting passengers from place to place. Sad for those people who rely on these summer jobs to get them through the long winters in Alaska--and for those who just work there during the season. We met one on a transatlantic cruise. He has worked the summers there for years and spends his winters in Florida.
  10. Princess announced earlier this week that it's canceling all the one-way cruises--those that go between Whittier and Vancouver. The five lodges and trains and buses for cruise tours won't be open this summer. Princess is hoping to have the roundtrip cruises from Seattle on the Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess. It is ceasing all cruises between now and June 30, so that gives them time to reassess the situation and make additional changes.
  11. And our last as a couple was a transatlantic on the Crown in September-October last fall. We spent a couple of nights in London before catching the ship in Southampton. Our ports were Zeebrugges, Belgium; Soulac-sur-Mer, France; Bilbao, Spain; and Lisbon, Portugal. The ship skipped Portland, England, and Ponta Delgada in the Azores due to weather.
  12. My last was solo on the Caribbean Princess on a partial Panama Canal cruise in December. It was my birthday cruise, while DH stayed home and worked. And, unfortunately, I was in quarantine for my birthday with an upper respiratory infection. But fortunately, I was released by the medical center in time to see us go through the new locks.
  13. My friends have turned me on the Butter Boy butter available at our local Wegmans.
  14. We still watch the Port Everglades webcam from time to time. I visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts today via the internet to look at its collection of Faberge objects. I looked at some things in the British Museum a couple of weeks ago.
  15. A friend talked my ex and me into going on a cruise with her. We had a great time. But six months later my ex and I broke up. About a year after meeting my current husband, I talked him into taking a cruise (which was in 1989). We both had a great time. We've been on around 40 more cruises together since then.
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