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  1. There is one vacation website that lists low single supplements. Unfortunately, a lot of the cruises listed are on Seabourn and Odyssey--ones that are out of my budget range.
  2. But it can vary. For instance, on the Emerald Princess's December 9 cruise (10-day Panama Canal itinerary), the price is $40 per day for double occupancy and $50 a day for single in an inside cabin. It's $45 a day for double occupancy in an ocean view and $60 a day for single in a balcony cabin.
  3. Yes, it is odd now that Princess no longer gives loyalty credit based on people's cruise credits and basis milestone cruises on number of days now and not cruise credits. I don't know what good cruise credits are after someone reaches Elite.
  4. Pressing is 80 percent of the cost of cleaning. Pressing shirts would be $3.20. The only problem I see is the length of time it might take to get your shirts back. Perhaps they do it quicker with paying customers' laundry than they do with the laundry of people who get it comped.
  5. Our only time in a suite was an upsell from a balcony. It was $699 per person for a 10-day cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially breakfast at Sabatini's. I noticed on the upsell offer for my cruise last month on the Majestic, Princess will no longer give double cruise credits on upsells to suites: "Please note upsells into suites will remain as one (1) cruise credit per person."
  6. Here's the list of movies they showed at MUTS last month on the Majestic: Ford v. Ferrari Avatar Tenet Big The Martian The Devil Wears Prada Ad Astra La La Land Bohemian Rhapsody Black Panther Moulin Rouge Knives Out Emma
  7. I was disappointed with the food and service on my last Celebrity cruise. That said, either would be fine. My solo cruises have all been on Princess. I have not had any problems meeting people. I have gone to the singles and solos meetings and the LGBT meetings and I meet people at trivia and other events around the ship.
  8. I've celebrated several birthdays on cruises. In 2003, my husband forgot to wish me a happy birthday that morning. When we were checking in for the cruise, the agent looked at my passport and said, "Happy birthday!" I replied, "You're the first person to wish me that today." He felt bad. He did talk to a head waiter that night to make sure I had a birthday cake. A couple of years ago, I took a solo cruise over my birthday. I was quarantined to my cabin with an upper respiratory infection for a few days, including my birthday. The medical center sent me a box of Godiva chocolates for my birthday. I ordered room service and had a Caesar salad that night with chicken fingers from the kids' menu. I never bothered to get the individual birthday cake in the dining room later in the cruise.
  9. On Princess ships, if I'm lucky enough to make it onboard in time to eat in the dining room, I will have an appetizer size portion of the spinach ravioli and the salmon for my main course. There's a Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert that I'll sometimes order, but more often I'll go for the fruit plate.
  10. Here's the Princess hazelnut "chocolate journey":
  11. On the Caribbean Princess in 2019, I was quarantined to my cabin for an upper respiratory infection. I discovered the key lime pie in a jar on the room service menu. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, when I ordered it last month on the Majestic Princess, what I received was not as good. It was more like canned lemon pie filling in a jar. Not good at all.
  12. I'm not a huge fan of cream cheese with my smoked salmon. And I don't get a bagel either. I like it on rye toast with sliced avocado. But on Princess they already have the smoked salmon plated with the little balls of cream cheese, capers, onions, and tomato, and occasionally I'll spread a little bit on the toast before topping it with the salmon and avocado.
  13. It was fairly good most of my cruise last month on the Majestic Princess. The only really bad day was when the ship was in Glacier Bay. But some other times were also slow. Here are a couple of speed tests I did when it was slow:
  14. I went August 22 on the Majestic Princess. We never saw the sun. It rained most days. Fortunately, it was just overcast and not raining when our ship was in Glacier Bay. The only really rainy day was in Ketchikan. I wore a water-repellant windbreaker and had a small travel umbrella. My shoes this trip, though, weren't waterproof. I walked from Ketchikan to Saxman and back. It was intermittent rain on the way and heavier rain on the way back. I did not get wet enough to be miserable. Some of the people on cruises this month had better weather than I did last month. It's always the luck of the draw. This was the first time it's ever rained when I was in Ketchikan--which is unusual for a place that gets 141 inches of rain a year and it rains two-thirds of the days a year.
  15. What you paid on your credit card will become refundable onboard credit. If you don't spend it, you'll get it back.
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