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  1. 5 minute call to my TA and moved cruise in October 20 to October 21. Really pleased we were able to do this as I would not have been comfortable this year.
  2. getting back to OP....... when is next no sail expected?
  3. I had a cruise booked for April which I changed in March to a cruise in October 2020, would I be able to "lift and shift" to October 2021? There is an identical cruise.
  4. Sorry Den but not quite correct. I made one call to Captains Club who investigated and told me somehow my refund was "missed" and it would now be processed. Three days later I received my refund. Well worth the call as I would have been waiting for ever.
  5. I cancelled early March and was getting fed up checking every day, as I was awaiting FCC and refund for excursions etc. Spoke to TA who contacted Celebrity who then forwarded the FCC. The amount on it was incorrect and took another week to resolve. Spoke with Captains Club yesterday, the lady there said I should have received refund for excursions within 3 weeks. Said she would forward it to a manager whom she could not contact at that time, I said I would hold until she did but she promised to call me back. She duly did within half an hour and told me it must have been "missed!" Said it was now being processed and as they only post credits on Wednesday and Sunday mine would go through this coming Sunday. Hopefully that's the end of it for now!
  6. GerScot


    Mine was sent today to my TA, they did notify me though.
  7. It was cancelled under CWC
  8. If you book another cruise using your FCC and it is then also cancelled can you ask for a refund at that time?
  9. I personally do not see the ships coming across for what would be a very short summer season, coupled with the fact that many European ports will most definitely not reopen. our governments are not as keen as US to see lockdowns finish until they are at a stage where they can be more confident about virus transmittal. I can see more cruises being planned for the other side of the Atlantic to replace these. I have a Europe one booked for October and doubt I will see it, yes they have my money but I am working on the basis that I would rather have my health and the money side can and will take care of itself.
  10. My CC provider in UK told me it would be against terms and conditions to leave a credit balance in my account, she was quite happy to transfer to current account at no cost to me. She did advise that if I tried to transfer myself via on line banking that there would be a charge. Also told me to call back when other credits are received and she would transfer at no cost.
  11. I am in Uk and called bank this morning, refund on credit card was transferred to my current account no problem. They actually said that I would be in breach of conditions if I left the card in credit for a period of time. Also said not to try and do credit card transfer myself as that would incur charges. Told me to call back with any further refunds and they would do the transfer.
  12. I very much doubt that when cruising does eventually start again that they will be deeply discounted. There will be thousands who have not had a vacation all year who will be desperate to travel (myself included!) and the cruise companies will need to recoup their huge losses.
  13. My e mail from Celebrity which listed all the various refunds for excursions etc. said it would take up to 2 Credit Card Billing periods, which I take to be 8 weeks.
  14. As above that confirmation can take a week itself.
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