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  1. I did buy some, (JB Hifi) but I’m happy to leave some in there as well and take a punt. I have two business class redemptions made using Virgin points but on Etihad, Cairo-Sydney, that I’m waiting for them to cancel, its not until May, but wondering if I may be offered an Etihad credit rather than a refund of 260k points...
  2. My decision is do I buy gift cards with all my points.....
  3. Thanks, it’s definitely a scary place to be, everyone jumps at a cough. I am working on a ward that has been dedicated to covid patients, fortunately we haven’t seen any yet (it’s paediatrics), so we continue as normal until the numbers increase, the question we don’t know, is when. The scariest thing is people lie....I get it, your child is sick, they get admitted, the parents are asked if they are unwell, they say ‘no’, even when they are, cause lets face it every parent wants to be with their child. It’s a tough gig.
  4. We will be putting up fencing on our block of land prior to building after Easter, at least I get to enjoy our 5600sqm block in peace. The I’m working Sunday and Monday (I’m a nurse) and probably eating a fair bit of chocolate. Stay safe everyone, it’s nice to see everyone being so responsible and doing their bit 🙂
  5. It’s interesting isn’t it, and I wonder how their stance will impact future sales. As someone who loves expedition cruising, i had considered Greg Mortimer, but now that will be reconsidered. I wonder if travel insurance will cover costs?
  6. Sorry couldn’t seem to write a post with my photo above, probably a little remote for some?
  7. I can say one thing here, your son is to be commended due to the lengths he is going to, in trying to get these people home safely. I’ve previously had a quote from his company, when we did Antarctica and a four week tour of South America, at the time we went with one of his competitors. We plan on going back there in 2022, to do the galapagos, Cuba and more of South America, from reading here, I can assure you, I will book whatever possible through him, just as a show of support to him, of the lengths he has gone to, to get people home safely, it’s that type of company i want to call if something goes wrong. Best wishes to your son 🙂
  8. Thanks for the update, I’m glad Ponant have come to the party, I suppose with everything going on, they were working within there T&C’s but still not considering their client. To be honest we love Ponant (even after they cancelled our cruise from Iceland to Quebec, 8 months out), we went on a Silversea Arctic cruise as a substitute to our cancelled Ponant cruise and didn’t think it compared. We recently gave up a significant credit provided by Silversea after they cancelled a few ports on our Arctic cruise, and booked another Ponant cruise. I hope you enjoy it! The northwest passage is definitely on our bucket list.
  9. I’m a nurse, working every day, we’ve been advised that our ward will be a corona virus ward, so we sit and wait. I got a case of wine delivered from my favourite bunamagoo, and a case of cheapies from Dan’s. Luckily we were overseas in January so we both have 2x1.25L bottles of required spirits. My son has been laid off, finishes work on Friday, so he and his girlfriend who arrived from the UK two weeks ago, will be living with us, we are currently living in a small rental after our house burnt down due to a car fire last month, Ive restocked my pantry, and after the lovely ladies at woolies gave me some toilet paper (I literally had none, not a roll, believe me not a good time to be stocking a house!) Ive got something to wipe my bum with. Our 30th wedding anniversary was this week, our celebratory dinner was cancelled and our holiday to Egypt and Jordan was cancelled, but, tomorrow I get up and go to work, grateful I still have a job, deal with people who just dont get it, try my best to protect my staff, and hope to God they stay safe. I know everyone here is doing the responsible thing, but just know there are so many people behind the scenes, that have crap going on in their lives, that still turn up every day to keep you and your family safe. PS dont abuse the person who may have a trolley full of food, because maybe they like me, have nothing, just be kind....
  10. It’s just crazy, wishing anyone stuck on a ship a safe trip home. As an RN, working in a public hospital in NSW, all I can say, is stay healthy, take care and wash your hands
  11. I ordered 2 dozen of my favourite wines last week, was worried they may stop deliveries, pleased to say it arrived today, teamed with some duty free alcohol from our trip in January and a fully stocked bar, we should be good for two weeks 😂
  12. I’m a nurse so work is crazy busy, hubby is still going to work, as are both my children ( a teacher and an electrician). My sons girlfriend just moved out here 10 days ago, with a working visa, she planned on doing 3 months rural work, to extend her visa to two years, its going to be tough for her to get a job in the current climate. My son also just returned from a 9 month stint travelling, so moved home with us, as he was broke. Looks like ill have them both staying with us for the foreseeable future... It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow (30 years), we had planned dinner in a posh restaurant which has now been cancelled, looks like it will be fish and chips in the back yard! We have just started cancelling our April trip (for our wedding anniversary), to Egypt and Jordan. Cancelled my first flight, booked on points from Dubai to Amman (will wait to see how long it takes for points to be credited. We've cancelled a private tour inJordan after the company finally agreed to provide a 90% refund (figured we were best to cut out losses), we’ve still got our booking with Viking cruises to Egypt, as its early May and we are holding out for them to extend their offer of a full refund instead of a credit. Still have to cancel our flights over and back also booked on points, just waiting for Singapore airlines to either cancel our flight or provide better cancellation options. My fridge is stocked with fresh food, for now we will eat fresh as much as we can. Life as we know it will change.
  13. gogo65


    We did Antarctica with Ponant on Le boreal, the same day we left Le Soleil (I think) also left, that was half tauck, where’s as ours was purely Ponant, I’m not sure if it was because 30% of the travellers were Aussie, 20% other English speaking and 50% French, but we had no issues, everything was fairly done, our landing group changed daily, so everyone got to go first, regardless of nationality. interestingly the cruise that left the same day was over $1000USD pp more expensive, maybe because people thought they would benefit from the Tauck brand?? Regardless we couldn’t fault it it, the French speaking had there lectures, we had ours. Maybe on a Tauck charter it wouldn’t have been so equitable? I had never heard of Tauck previously, obviously catering to the US market? Maybe that’s why our cruise was more Aussies?
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