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  1. We got off cloud on the 5th August, our first SS cruise, we too thought the service was patchy, excellent some times, waiting 30 minutes for menus or a drink other times. The food was generally good, but I did not get poached eggs cooked correctly the whole cruise. We didn’t feel the butler provided anything to our enjoyment of our holiday. Would we do another SS cruise? Maybe, but it will be based purely on itinerary and price, there was nothing to make us want to return, generally we found the staff to be good (like all ships), but there was a female server who was down right rude, I know a few complaints were lodged about her (not by me but by other passengers), we’d just laugh when we were allocated a table in her section.
  2. We just got off cloud and we did not have any issues with smell at all. interestingly our backpacks are different! careful with the water bottles, apparently they are new and plenty of people had issues with them leaking. We had Dom as well and he was great.
  3. I can tell you in a few hours, currently at Oslo airport waiting to board our flight to Tromso to meet the cloud.
  4. Ive been reviewing and comparing to Flora, for 2020, Silversea is cheaper!
  5. I’ll give you feedback when I’m on her next week!
  6. I just did a cruise on celebrity edge and had an infinity balcony, exactly the same as what’s on the origin and flora. I loved the concept, there are glass bifold doors that fold right back, which opens the area up completely between the balcony and room and an electric blind that covers the balcony glass. Once we opened our bifold doors they were not shut at all again for the rest of the cruise, instead the balcony was part of our room and we closed the glass of a night and opened it again in the morning, but you get a choice of having the balcony separate to the room or not. In saying that, the cabin I’ve currently booked on flora is a standard sky suite which does not have the infinity balcony, that decision was based purely on cost though. Theres plenty of debate about them on the celebrity boards.
  7. That’s very interesting...I just booked on board celebrity edge for celebrity flora, for the cruise after yours, arrive Quito 30th July. AS i booked on board I received an additional discount. I booked the 10night for $27400 AUD, approx €17000. with a discount of €800 if we elected for the 7 night only cruise. I wish I could book in euro..... Will compare prices to silver origin in 10 days when on board silver cloud.
  8. Thanks for posting this info. Hoping I can book on board in 2 weeks when I’m on silver cloud
  9. Oh no that’s terrible news, I hope you can get things sorted quickly
  10. Yes agree, ours were free with Ponant to Antarctica and just assumed it would be the same with Silversea,
  11. We bought boots on the weekend to take on our July cruise. $90usd ($130aud), to rent is ridiculous when they are probably less than that to buy. We bought ‘bogs’ (I believe they’re a good brand) on special for $100aud (around $70usd) and will put them in our luggage, they are extremely light. When we did Antarctica with Ponant, they rented them for free, I was a little taken back when I saw Silversea wanted to charge for them, unlikely we will use them again, but it’s savings us a bit and maybe I can donate them to charity when we get off the ship.
  12. Thanks Daveywavey, ill keep checking everyday....I dont really mind where I am, it is what it is, however it does play games with you when cabin availability changes so rapidly!
  13. Hello all, I hope you dont mind me joining in here. Its interesting to read about the many cruises being waitlisted on and off, we booked our cloud 22nd July cruise in February, at the time, guarantee vista suite was only available, and everything else was waitlisted. I check regularly but still no cabin allocated, however different categories continually come back as available, currently silver suite and deluxe verandah suite, but tomorrow will be nothing or something completely different. The not knowing is driving me crazy....
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