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  1. Hope you are able to fix your chair Mr GUT. Enjoy your cruise. Hope Mrs GUT found some good buys at the Rocks Market, I usually do! Leigh
  2. Perhaps try the board 'Other Cruise Lines - there is at least one thread about Explorer Dream in there. Also try in Roll Calls - All Other Ocean Cruise Lines Roll Calls. Leigh
  3. You certainly are a proud dad! It's wonderful you feel this way about your daughter and I'm sure your son too. Leigh
  4. As an earlier post suggested, leave it to later to go onshore, that way the tenders shouldn't be too busy and there will more room for passengers. I usually try to sit near the door opening if possible or near an open hatch as I'm prone to seasickness but never felt unwell on the tender. The worst tender ride we had was at Benoa, Bali. The jetty is a long way from where the ship anchors. We were on an early tender as we had a ship's excursion booked so it was packed full of passengers. We unfortunately were almost the last passengers on board the tender and didn't have much choice of seating. We were at the aft of the tender and the back windows were open. As the seas were a little rough and the tender was going at quite a decent speed, there was a lot of bounce and the water was coming in the windows all over us. We were all quite wet by the time we landed! I didn't feel in the least seasick though. Leigh
  5. Wow, you’ll not let your your wife go? What an astounding statement to make at the end of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Doesn’t she have a say? I actually thought your post made some sense until the last sentence. That lost me completely! Leigh
  6. The OP doesn’t say her mother is in a wheel chair. She may be quite capable of walking on the coral sand. I think Mystery Island would be the best one to go ashore. Leigh
  7. Was the OP referring to the posts from international cruisers asking on here and on the Australia and New Zealand Ports board about bringing in medication and other things they have seen on the various government websites and our replies? If so most replies have been to do as the govt websites advise and declare all food and medications. The OP says they did as advised so they really shouldn't have had any problems coming into Sydney. I think the tone of their post read as if they were having a go at those who have taken the time to reply to other posters and offered their experiences when coming back into Australia. Hence the posts the OP thought were rude to them. I must say when I read the OP's original post, it sounded quite condescending. That said, I hope the OP enjoys their time cruising down under. Leigh
  8. Sorry I quoted the wrong amount - it is much lower with a maximum of about 1.5%.
  9. It is 5% in Victoria I believe but likely to decrease to 4% early next year after a review of surcharges the taxi industry are allowed to add to the cost of the fare when using non cash payments. In other areas where CCs are used, the acceptable surcharge is typically between 1.5% and 3%. Leigh
  10. The Brisbane Ferries page on the Transdev website states that the CityCats' maximum speed is 25 knots so about 46 km per hour (if my calculations are correct) so yes you are correct it would not take as long as I assumed. So the ferry trip sounds as if it would be a viable option for transport from Luggage Point. Leigh
  11. It would take a fair time to travel from Luggage Point to the city by ferry wouldn't it? We have taken the ferry from Brett's wharf to Southbank, while a lovely way to travel and see the sights it took quite a while, close to 50 minutes if I remember correctly. I don't know how much longer it would take to travel to Luggage Point - 30 to 40 minutes? It would be a little quicker for direct travel into Brisbane but still quite a long journey. Leigh
  12. We were away for the weekend and didn't hear how bad the fires were in your area Les until this morning. Stay safe and hopefully the fires can be brought under control soon. Leigh
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