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  1. I think the minimum amount to top up is $10 not $20 but you would have to do it online and not at a machine. Leigh
  2. Thanks to those posters who replied to my post about dams. I think I understand the value of desal plants now. Regional towns/cities were mentioned - wouldn't the cost of piping the water from desal plants inland be ridiculously expensive and would it be practical? Leigh
  3. Similar to Victoria's! What's wrong with dams that at least are harnessing rain water? Leigh
  4. I hope you all get the much needed rain Mic, including the Victorian fire areas. Our rain gauge recorded just over 16 mm from late Wednesday into yesterday and it has made our lawns go berserk! We'll have to pay for the lawns to be mowed next week as it will take longer to do. Leigh
  5. Thought that might have happened Les after looking at the radar over tha past few days. Is there any rain expected in the next week or so? Leigh
  6. Just looked at the radar on the Bom site, looks like some good rain for parts of the east coast of NSW. Did any of the south coast get any? Pity it hasn't reached further inland. Unfortunately most of the Victorian fire areas missed out. Leigh
  7. That's what we found when looking for excursions at Gisborne - none of the ship's ones interested us and we found none offered online. Leigh
  8. If I remember correctly, the officials are seated at a table just before or as you go around to the ship after customs. Leigh
  9. Chiliburn, you have created a monster by starting this thread! 😀 I’ve had enough of Rod’s ramblings so won’t read any more of his posts which make very little sense. Leigh
  10. I think most of us have those $2 ponchos - I’ve only ever used one for the AFL game we went to in Sydney! Much nicer conditions here in Melbourne today and little if any smoke. I hope you get some rain! Leigh
  11. Enjoy Cheryl, know some people who went to the Mt Dundas Estate one at the weekend and loved it. Pack your ponchos! Leigh
  12. The link you provided is for passengers who live in the Ballarat area of Victoria. The name of the company providing the service is called Ballarat Airport Shuttlebus. The service picks up at the places they list and drops off at Station Pier or picks up from Station Pier and returns them to the Ballarat area. Leigh
  13. Yes you could go mid afternoon to Manly but I wouldn't go much later as the peak travel time for workers will start not long after that. The last ferry back from Manly is, by the timetable that will be current in February, at 12.20 am from Mon-Thurs and 12.55 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Sundays it will be 11.40 pm. I love the trip across to Manly, probably my favourite thing to do when in Sydney. Leigh
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