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  1. Charles (CCrain) We have fond memories of our cruise Shanghai to LA and the contact we had with you and Judy. It is so hard to read. We can't imagine your pain. I hope for you that time will help lessen the pain of losing Judy. We are forever grateful for the help booking tours, talking to us and being part of our memories. Barry and Heather Hong barheat at rogers dot com
  2. We don't have a smart phone. The Ocean Ready app is not compatible with my Android tablet. What are my options? Just arrive at the port with old boarding passes?
  3. Currently Princess uses an exchange rate of $1.30 when converting cruise prices and services into Canadian dollars. That rate applies to purchasing beverage packages, gratuities and casino credits until sailing date. Just learned that Princess is changing the exchange rate to $1.35 for all bookings on or after June 13. New rate will also apply if you re-fare your cruise AND get a new booking number.
  4. Thanks to all posters for feedback. The cruise is 28 days Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti with no segments. Will exchange our bar set up and only buy an additional card, if needed. We will grin and bear not having that aha Cappuccino the first morning at sea if the coffee card is not activated. Small inconvenience. Heather
  5. Coffee card issue is the longer cruises. Elite's get one bar set up for 28 day cruise plus. Coffee card is 15 specialty coffees only! I am worried if I buy one from home and call room service to exchange the bar, room service will see a coffee package exists and will not credit my account for the second package. I think the package will be more expensive if bought on the ship. Buying the card from home in Canadian dollars is cheaper than buying it onboard in US dollars due to the exchange rate of 1.30. Heather
  6. We will be on a long Medallion Cruise and want to buy more than one Coffee Package. However can only purchase one on the cruise personalizer. Do I have to wait and purchase the second onboard? We get a bar set-up and turn it in for coffee package. If we buy coffee package from home and then exchange bar set up for coffee, will we have both packages credited on our account? Comments, please.
  7. Contact your pacemaker company or pacemaker clinic you go to is the best advice. I will do this. If enough people who travel do this, maybe the pacemaker companies will do more research to make them good to travel. Boston Scientific and Medtronic are the only two pacemaker companies who make pacemakers and they have standardized them to replaced anywhere in the world. Heather
  8. I have had a pacemaker since 2010, so have gone through this type of info. I know to clear the automatic doors quick, and what does not affect my pacemaker versus what airport security scanners do to pacemakers. To answer the question what does the pacemaker and magnet in the Medallion do to each other. This question was not answered. I will go to Princess customer service.
  9. No one has answered the question about how the medallion interacts with pacemakers. I can't have a magnet near my pacemaker.
  10. You can buy a FCC (if bought after it is a FC Deposit) post cruise. However the OBD for credit is very reduced from what you get if purchasing it onboard. A Travel Agent will help you. You cannot apply a FCC to an existing booking. You need to rebook the cruise under the current promotions using the FCC with your deposit being transferred to the new booking. Unfortunately you will lose the original pricing any perks (including EZAir)associated with the original booking. You have to weigh all the costs before doing this.
  11. Whenever you book a cruise on a promotion you are locked in to the perks specified (eg sip and sail or 3 for free). To take advantage of the Come Back New promotion (OBC and reduced air) you have to get your cruise re-fared meaning that you lose all the previous promotion perks. We just went through this with our 2020 cruise and it was a savings for us to get re-fared. Our TA worked with Princess to keep the same cabin. She had to deal with two different reps as the first one couldn't do what we wanted.
  12. When trying to get a better deal after final payment date you are in effect cancelling the cruise and rebooking. The only time you get to keep your perks is if you get an upsell offer from Princess.
  13. As an older lady I am seeing change in dressing. Women are now wearing stretch leggings, jeans and elastic waist knit pants. Both my husband and I do not see any tuck in clothes anymore. Longer tops over some type of pant is the normal. I have finally changed my dress code to grannie pants (elastic waist band stretch) with really nice over tops and for winter longer sweaters. I am comfortable and can go anywhere and be appropriately dressed. For formal I have a longer jacket, (easy pack, washable and wrinkle free) and camisole from Laura and I get a lot of compliments. Yes, with knit elastic waist pants. Footwear, I wear Birkenstock sandals. and orthopedic boots, pants or long skirts hide the shoes/boots. Be happy, comfortable and enjoy the cruise.
  14. King: the thread is to deal with the chairs being taken away. Our opinion is take the chair away and then you have to sit on the bed = wearing out the bed faster. We are very experienced in dealing with mattress problems on ships. Only had worn out mattress issues on 2 out of 35 cruises. We have dealt with Housekeeping Supervisor and Executive Housekeeper in the past. One mattress was so worn out that the Executive Housekeeper said "This is the worst mattress he had seen in his career." The real problem is that the ships do not carry spare mattresses (or chairs for that matter). Our replacement mattresses are taken from other cabins. Carnival does not sail to the destinations of our next two cruises: Transatlantic and South Pacific.
  15. Have just read a few of the posts. One of the consequences of removing the barrel chair is that people will be spending more time sitting on the beds and they will wear out faster. Even the new Princess Sleep beds on the Coral were wearing out after 2 years. We went through 7 mattress changes (3 for me, 4 for my wife) before we got mattresses that allowed us to get a night sleep without pain. The mattresses were all compressed in the middle to the point that you could feel the metal frame beneath the mattress. My comment was that the memory foam had amnesia. With people, small and large, spending more time sitting on the beds they will wear out the mattress faster. I personally need a chair to put on my shoes for balance to not fall over!!! Yes my balance is off. I pay for a good bed to sleep in, clean functioning washroom, a chair to sit in. In a Hotel when I don't get what I pay for I book out and find another Hotel. When I book on a 28 day cruise I can't get off the ship and go down the dock to another ship to get what I pay for!!! I just cruised on Carnival and got the couch and stool. THE BED WAS GOOD.
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