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  1. I am interested in knowing this as well as we would like to do this cruise in the future. I've spent time in Budapest and Bucharest, and traveled through Romania, and I can say that a pre-cruise in Transylvania or the Danube Delta would be delightful, so one point for Bucharest to Budapest. A two or three day stay in Budapest post cruise would be nice too. I also know from experience that it's easier to fly home to North America from Budapest. When we flew home from Bucharest, it was three flights and an overnight along the way, depending on the time of year. Budapest will have nonstops to North America. I might look at flight schedules before I booked, and let that drive my decision, because it's different depending on where you live and the time of year. People also say that you can actually see the progression of Westernization traveling from Bucharest to Budapest if that matters to you.
  2. This is us too. We're Elite+ over at Celebrity, but so many itineraries on HAL are really really nice while Celebrity's seem repetitive and tired. HALs pricing is a lot better too, especially in the verandah category that we most often occupy. I also don't love how they've carved out so much public space just for use by suite passengers. I like the Neptune Lounge concept at HAL better for that. I find the food and service to be about the same, though the bar service went downhill fast at X once everybody on board had a beverage package and there was no hustling for sales and tips. I hope the same doesn't eventually happen at HAL. The only bars open during the day at all anymore on X are the one in the buffet and the one at the pool, and good luck finding a waiter. You just have to belly up to the bar and get in line. We have 10 weeks worth of cruises booked on HAL upcoming and only one cruise on X, and that's only because it's a transatlantic arriving in Tampa where we live. I always look, but I rarely find an itinerary at a price I like over there anymore. I do agree that you have to pick your ship though. We sailed on Rotterdam and didn't care for it at all. Very old and tired. 😞
  3. For that kind of money, take a look at the Azamara options for next Summer. We chose them for our Baltics cruise over Celebrity for the docking locations as well as the itinerary. In several cities (like Helsinki) we were the only ship in the city center while all the others were docked outside somewhere. In St. Petersburg we sailed up the river and docked in the middle of the city, which saved a lot of travel time for excursions. A balcony cabin for their July cruise is running about $4,699 per person. You earn status on Celebrity and Azamara concurrently, so it can be a really nice option when looking at cruises. Below are our docking locations in SPB and Helsinki:
  4. We chose Princess over X for this cruise in 2014 for the Falklands too, and I wouldn't trade the King penguins we visited for anything, but I also wouldn't choose Princess over Celebrity again if all other things were equal. Even though we didn't love the ship and food, it still remains a favorite cruise for us. It's one of the few I would repeat, and I would encourage anyone contemplating it to book it. We went from Santiago to Buenos Aires, and the glacier viewing day began at dawn with a naturalist speaking over the decks. Sadly, it was foggy and miserable outside, and the entire ship was up and crowding the decks and buffets, and the whole thing was over by mid-morning. Our favorite bartender, who had been doing the back and forth all summer, said that the glacier viewing was in the afternoon going the other direction (from BA to Santiago) and it was usually better. I might investigate that and see if it's the same on Celebrity if scenic cruising is important to you.
  5. I don't, sorry. I just have the price for our aft C1. I guess we won't really know until prices come out. Those aft cabins might be a lot higher than the rest because they're so desirable. Not sure why the cruise hasn't popped up yet on the X website.
  6. Here's a screenshot for anyone who hasn't been able to see it. Our rate was with two perks with a refundable deposit, but still too high IMO
  7. Okay, my TA was finally able to book us on the transatlantic this morning. It still isn't showing up on Celebrity's website, but I have a proper invoice. The price is outrageous, and if it doesn't drop we'll cancel. It's in the neighborhood of $3K per person for a C1 aft cabin. I have paid less than that for a Sky Suite on a transatlantic. I also asked if she could tell if there was a lot of availability or of maybe a group had some space and that's what took so long getting the cruise into the system and what was driving the high price. She said it didn't look like a group was booked and most of the cabins appeared available, so that's good news.
  8. Those look like Vionics to me, and they are a legit orthopedic shoe. They're not cheap, but if you've ever had plantar fasciitis or you'd know they're worth every penny, and you'd have at least five pairs in your closet. Lifesavers they are.
  9. It will be interesting to see what's really up with this cruise. Last week they told my TA it was 'with revenue' and she really felt like they were still working on the itinerary. The excuse that they still have to accommodate previous guests before we can book doesn't fly because all the cruises before and after were bookable with people on those previous cruises still blissfully unaware that they were cancelled. My only concern is that they're actually working with somebody to sell a large group on the cruise and that would mean that by the time it opens up for regular booking many of the choice cabins would already be allocated. As my father used to tell me when I was jumping up and down asking a million questions about something: "Be patient - in due time all will be revealed." Hard for me then, hard for me now. 🤣
  10. What is the Captain's Club Daily Coffee Lounge that I'm seeing on the list of benefits? Is that what the Elite Breakfast has morphed into? We used to love to go when they had a pretty good spread and a little menu with a couple of hot items, but the last two times we went it was just a small set up with pastries, fruit, and cheese, not even any cereal and yogurt.
  11. I had hoped today would be the day when the Celebrity Rep told my T/A "hopefully early next week" but surely by Wednesday??
  12. On the US site I can see a Venice/Venice Greek Isles and Turkey cruise departing October 12 and then a Venice/Barcelona Med cruise on October 22 to position it for the transatlantic on October 31. A CC poster got from Celebrity (?) and posted the transatlantic ports of Barcelona, Cartagena, Malaga, Cadiz (Seville), Lisbon, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Tampa. Of course that's not 100 percent confirmed until the cruise hits the books next week, but it's probably still correct. ETA: Ha, Cruise Junky, jinx 😃
  13. She heard back from her Celebrity Marketing Manger Rep person. The cruise is still 'with revenue' and will be available next week, but she couldn't get an exact day. So whether it's ports or pricing, it's not ready for prime time. The Venice to Barcelona is open, and the Caribbean cruises after it are open, so I guess it's just a matter of waiting and hitting refresh on our browsers!
  14. It was there, and then it wasn't. My T/A has been on the phone off and on all morning with her Celebrity rep trying to book it but it's not showing up at all. She can't even see the ports that we all knew about yesterday. So, maybe they're reworking the itinerary a bit, or maybe marketing got ahead of IT (more likely). Surely it will be bookable in the next couple of days?
  15. Here's the cabin as it was set up when my sister and I shared it. Each nightstand had two USB ports under the lamp (the silver squares), and there's a Euro style plug on the wall next to one of the beds. My husband and I had a cabin on the same ship, and the middle nightstand was moved to the outside of the bed on the right as the beds were pushed together. I don't think there were USB ports on the desk, just one Euro plug and another plug next to it with a dim lamp plugged in that we unplugged for all of our camera stuff. ETA: Come to think of it, the USB plug set on the left may have been one USB and one phone jack? I remember unplugging the phone and putting it away for the duration since there was also a phone on the desk and the nightstand was small.
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