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  1. Has anybody that's booked on one of these temporarily disappeared cruises been able to book air once your reservation has been restored? We're now under 300 days for our cruise, so should be well within the air booking window, and I can see flights but the system won't let me book them. I can book the flights directly with the airline, but the price is the same so I'd really rather have the ability to 'pay later' that you get through the X website.
  2. I priced a sunset suite on a future cruise, the one next to the aft balcony we already have booked, and the price was $2500 more pp than the CS. The actual cabin is 271sf with a balcony of 242, and the CS is 467sf with a balcony of 85. Those FV cabins were wonderful and could often be snatched at a good price once they released them into general inventory for 2 people, but I can see how Celebrity felt they could get better revenue out of them by redesigning and changing the category. There's no way IMO that they're worth more than a CS since they're about the same size as the SS. Seems like they should price between the SS and the CS instead, but time and demand will tell I guess.
  3. I saw some talk on here about 'Sunset Suites' being a new category on the M ships and one of the S ships after they get revolutionized, and I suspect that they are going to refit the current FV cabins along the aft since they have such great balconies and location. Even though people were seeing these mysterious Sunset Suites mentioned on the X website and for sale, the deck plans didn't reflect where they were going to be. Maybe something to do with that? No idea why they'd still be up after April 2021 though if reconfigured categories is the reason the sailings have been pulled down.
  4. Is your cruise listed in your Planner after you sign in? I think everybody that's booked can probably still see their cruises on the Planner, but if you exit the planner and just try to search nothing shows up from about April '20 to April '21. I check individual cruises I'm booked on searching by ship, by date, by departure city - Nothing. Hopefully it's just a computer glitch, but it may well be something like what you said happened to you with Eclipse. Time will tell I guess.
  5. Our October transatlantic into Tampa is still showing on my planner, but it's not searchable on the Celebrity website as a cruise that's bookable. I was just starting to think about flights over, but I think now I'll hold off for a week or so.
  6. Are you on the 12/13 departure? We are on that one and Celebrity has given us a $100 cabin credit to cover the cost of transportation. Check with your TA or your Celebrity rep to make sure you also have this credit, offered if you don't want to avail yourself of their transportation options. I think somebody upthread mentioned the same thing. There will be taxis when we disembark that will take you to Miami Airport.
  7. It's been my experience that private guides really don't want to talk to you more than a year out from your cruise date, and some will wait until their tourist season is done before they can face the next year, so maybe January 1 to end of March 2021? I did most of the tours for our South America roll call in 2014, and I remember it being a more challenging area than Asia or Europe for getting tour guides to respond for some reason. Your best bet (I'm sure you know this) is to spend some time in the Ports of Call area and get some names there, or maybe peek into a current robust roll call on any of the cruise lines to see how they're doing.
  8. Interesting. I wonder if they're going to move the FV cabins into the Suite Class? Those cabins seem primed for it. Hard to tell though - if you look at the deck plans post 2020 after they've been revolutionized, they still show as FV and there aren't any cabins (yet) listed as sunset suites.
  9. I am interested in knowing this as well as we would like to do this cruise in the future. I've spent time in Budapest and Bucharest, and traveled through Romania, and I can say that a pre-cruise in Transylvania or the Danube Delta would be delightful, so one point for Bucharest to Budapest. A two or three day stay in Budapest post cruise would be nice too. I also know from experience that it's easier to fly home to North America from Budapest. When we flew home from Bucharest, it was three flights and an overnight along the way, depending on the time of year. Budapest will have nonstops to North America. I might look at flight schedules before I booked, and let that drive my decision, because it's different depending on where you live and the time of year. People also say that you can actually see the progression of Westernization traveling from Bucharest to Budapest if that matters to you.
  10. This is us too. We're Elite+ over at Celebrity, but so many itineraries on HAL are really really nice while Celebrity's seem repetitive and tired. HALs pricing is a lot better too, especially in the verandah category that we most often occupy. I also don't love how they've carved out so much public space just for use by suite passengers. I like the Neptune Lounge concept at HAL better for that. I find the food and service to be about the same, though the bar service went downhill fast at X once everybody on board had a beverage package and there was no hustling for sales and tips. I hope the same doesn't eventually happen at HAL. The only bars open during the day at all anymore on X are the one in the buffet and the one at the pool, and good luck finding a waiter. You just have to belly up to the bar and get in line. We have 10 weeks worth of cruises booked on HAL upcoming and only one cruise on X, and that's only because it's a transatlantic arriving in Tampa where we live. I always look, but I rarely find an itinerary at a price I like over there anymore. I do agree that you have to pick your ship though. We sailed on Rotterdam and didn't care for it at all. Very old and tired. 😞
  11. For that kind of money, take a look at the Azamara options for next Summer. We chose them for our Baltics cruise over Celebrity for the docking locations as well as the itinerary. In several cities (like Helsinki) we were the only ship in the city center while all the others were docked outside somewhere. In St. Petersburg we sailed up the river and docked in the middle of the city, which saved a lot of travel time for excursions. A balcony cabin for their July cruise is running about $4,699 per person. You earn status on Celebrity and Azamara concurrently, so it can be a really nice option when looking at cruises. Below are our docking locations in SPB and Helsinki:
  12. We chose Princess over X for this cruise in 2014 for the Falklands too, and I wouldn't trade the King penguins we visited for anything, but I also wouldn't choose Princess over Celebrity again if all other things were equal. Even though we didn't love the ship and food, it still remains a favorite cruise for us. It's one of the few I would repeat, and I would encourage anyone contemplating it to book it. We went from Santiago to Buenos Aires, and the glacier viewing day began at dawn with a naturalist speaking over the decks. Sadly, it was foggy and miserable outside, and the entire ship was up and crowding the decks and buffets, and the whole thing was over by mid-morning. Our favorite bartender, who had been doing the back and forth all summer, said that the glacier viewing was in the afternoon going the other direction (from BA to Santiago) and it was usually better. I might investigate that and see if it's the same on Celebrity if scenic cruising is important to you.
  13. I don't, sorry. I just have the price for our aft C1. I guess we won't really know until prices come out. Those aft cabins might be a lot higher than the rest because they're so desirable. Not sure why the cruise hasn't popped up yet on the X website.
  14. Here's a screenshot for anyone who hasn't been able to see it. Our rate was with two perks with a refundable deposit, but still too high IMO
  15. Okay, my TA was finally able to book us on the transatlantic this morning. It still isn't showing up on Celebrity's website, but I have a proper invoice. The price is outrageous, and if it doesn't drop we'll cancel. It's in the neighborhood of $3K per person for a C1 aft cabin. I have paid less than that for a Sky Suite on a transatlantic. I also asked if she could tell if there was a lot of availability or of maybe a group had some space and that's what took so long getting the cruise into the system and what was driving the high price. She said it didn't look like a group was booked and most of the cabins appeared available, so that's good news.
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